Eclipses occur in pairs.  Solar and Lunar eclipses always come in pairs, with one following the other in a period of one fortnight.  This year Partial Solar Eclipse of 25 Oct 2022 (16:19 hours, New Delhi, India) would be followed with Total Lunar Eclipse on 8 Nov 2022 (16:31 hours, New Delhi, India).   Partial Solar Eclipse point would be at Libra (7deg 50min), Swati Nakshatra (part 1).   This area is controlled by Venus and Rahu.  This Point would get activated   between    10 May 2023 to 1 July 2023,  and becomes  extremely active around 23 May 2023.


Though I am referring to the  Eclipse Charts of  New Delhi, India, but some of the possible predictions would stand  valid for Global Events too. Eclipses cause Personal and Global Events. To my limited experience, sometimes the effect of Eclipse start coming even before the actual Eclipse occurred. I am expecting similar incidences due to this Eclipse too.


In Personal Level, the eclipses become of relevance to a person when they occur over the Nakshatra of Natal Lagna or Moon. This eclipse is especially troublesome for people with the Rising sign (Lagna, Ascendant) or Moon in Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra Scorpio and Pisces.  I believe,  Libra rising or Moon in Libra may be most affected.   


FOR GENERAL PUBLIC ( October  2022  –  October 2023)

In terms that are more easily understood by the general public, the partial eclipse of the Sun and the total eclipse of the Moon seem to have the following effects:

Effects of these Eclipses on various signs:  At personal level, if someone has Lagna or Moon in the following signs, he/she  may expect the following:

1.     Aries: There will be challenges posed by almost every facet of life. The most difficult challenges will be   health, financial situation, and interpersonal connections.

2.     Taurus: May get some opportunities; take advantage. As long as Venus is combust or say burning till end Nov 2022, you won’t have to worry about adversaries, diseases, or debts, but you should still watch your health. 

3.     Gemini: Manage your ego, otherwise  your money and relationships will suffer. Pay attention to your children’s problems. 

4.     Cancer: Unplanned Expenses may go up. Stress from family and property cannot be ruled out 

5.     Leo: Being fearless and bold helps.   Good time to seize opportunities. May encounter  terrible folks resulting in some tension

6.     Virgo: You may face opposition in your endeavours.  Beware of people who spread rumours.  Unexpected bills and bothersome relatives are possible. 

7.     Libra: Challenging time.  Save money and respect women 

8.     Scorpio:  Challenging time ahead.  It would be difficult to finds the root cause of the issues at hand.  Practise meditation for peace of mind and better sleep 

9.     Sagittarius: Possible unexpected gains. Be alert 

10.  Capricorn: Evaluate every opportunity with focussed mind. Elders health may deteriorate 

11.  Aquarius: Support from elders and friends cannot be ruled out. But do not take undue advantage 

12.  Pisces:  Communication issues may pop up. Circumstances may change.  Do not let this affect your health.


For Enthusiastic Astrologers 


1. Configuration of planets at Eclipse 

There are Ketu, Venus, Sun and Moon all in House (8) in sign Libra, Swati Nakshatra and aspected by Fallen & Stationary Saturn. Sun is Debilitated in Libra, Swati or in other words say it is totally ‘Drained’.  


2. Mars aspects Capricorn and just Fallen & Stationary Saturn (23 Oct 2022),  would afflict this area badly till mid-November 2022 pouring fuel to the fire triggering WAR to the next level.  


3. Mercury is in Virgo-Chitra nakshatra, just within  15 degrees from the Sun/Moon energies in Swati, therefore it has eclipse energy as well.


4. Rahu in the first sign of the zodiac, the First sign of the World Chart, in Aries,  and in Nakshatra Bharani Nakshatra, right opposite to Eclipse point is contaminated. Bharani is controlled by Venus which being close to Sun is combust and at Eclipse Point is extremely in bad shape  too.


5. Significations of Libra, Sun, Moon, Venus, Ketu, Rahu  with Uranus all are  bound to suffer in time to come, But what do they signify?


6.  According to Mundane Astrology The Sun is symbolic of the king, the governing body, those who hold the highest positions in society, the government that is now in power, higher authorities, etc. The Moon is symbolic of the Queen and of bureaucracy.


7.  The above configuration of Planets indicate

·      Some  Threat/Death to the Senior leader

·      Governing Body may resign or lose its position. As at today, British PM  is likely to lose her position and I will not be surprised Rishi Sunak takes over the office at very high level as his chart has been much stronger than Liz Truss.

·      The governing body may quit or be removed from its post. Since of right now, the British Prime Minister is quite likely to lose her job, and I will not be astonished if Rishi Sunak steps us to the higher role or takes over the office at a very high level as he has a far better chart than Liz Truss has.

·      Problems due to Rain/Water

·      Danger of diseases to cattle cannot be ruled out

·      For India,  Sun, Moon, Venus, Ketu in House 8 in Libra, Swati Nakshatra indicate some ‘major action against corruption’    may shake the country



8.   In Mundane Astrology,   the subconscious impulses are represented by Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is symbolic of gases, radio and nuclear activities, Islam, terrorism, unexpected areas, thinking outside the box, the direction of desire, the source of attraction, danger, and delusion. Uranus is a symbol for disobedience, revolution, riots, sudden blows, and other like things.


9. Rahu is Bharani Nakshatra, controlled by Venus, which is contaminated being at Eclipse Point and Combust also shows the subtle desire at root level to end things but that may not happen all at sudden or randomly.  I would expect the followings incidences:

·      At root level, there seems to be a desire   to end things but that may not happen all at sudden or randomly. This is the repercussions of Karma

·      Extreme occurrences, followed by disorder and disarray, are to be anticipated.

·      The world may see an increase in the number of terrorist attacks worldwide

·      Terrorism would be at the top of the agenda once again on each and every platform.

·      Some activities and/or Explosion of Gases, Acids, use and/or Threat Nuclear weapons,  would be there with very high intensity

·      Sudden Blow and Events may upset the world

·      Rebellious activities on rise

·      Some activities and/or Explosions of Gases, Acids, use and/or Threat Nuclear weapons, would be there with very high intensity


10.  Mars aspects Capricorn and just Fallen & Stationary Saturn (23 Oct 2022),  would afflict this area badly.   From 30 October 2022, Mars would get in Retrograde motion and  would enter the previous sign Taurus on 14 Nov 2022.  I would say:

·      Till Mid Nov 2022, Mars may cause Havoc in the world. This may result in  ‘Triggering the war further with more intensity’


11.  In Mundane Astrology due to the affliction of Venus  and being at Eclipse point, its signification  would suffer the most. Some of the expected incidences are listed below:

·      Relationships, Marriage, Partnership, Diplomacy:  At Personal & at Global Level, any sort of Partnerships, may it be Relationship, marriage, Relations between countries, Diplomacy Partnerships, Relationships, Marriages, and Diplomacy would take a dip.   True love birds would struggle to cope with this. Intimate bonds would crack and/or experience an emotional upheaval.

·      Finance and Resources:  The currency would become even less valuable, the economy would contract, and instances of money laundering or the inappropriate use of money or funds would come to light. The trading process would become more difficult.

·      Recession: There are clear indications that a deep recession is on the horizon. The financial markets seem to be taking a further turn for the worse beginning on 22 April 2023.

·      Real Estate:  The real estate market is going to struggle for the next TWO years. A possible collapse of the housing market. The rise in interest rates might cause many homeowners to lose their ability to make their mortgage payments, which could result in the homes being put back on the market.

·      Food: Grains, Fruits, Flowers, Perfumes,  materials indicating  pleasure of senses may go up. Lack of food grains and a war-like scenario cannot be ruled out in Europe.

·      Women Power: In light of the present state of circumstances, an escalation of the women’s protest against the hijab cannot be ruled out, and it has the potential to become nasty, and/or Women may be humiliated

·      Transport Industry: It is possible that autos and other forms of transportation may experience some dips and difficulties.

·      Entertainment industry: There will be difficult days ahead for celebrities, performers, movies, and the entertainment business. There will be casualties among certain celebs.

·      Culture and Cultural activities: Some setback is seen



12.  As per Koorma Chakra, Swati Nakshatra signifies   South-West  directions, hence any cities in S-W direction in India and from India may suffer


13.     As per the Brihat Samhita   if an eclipse occurs in Libra, then it may

·      Hurt Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Sindh (in Pakistan now) and some areas around them

·      Business class may encounter heavy losses

·      Problems due to Rain/Water

·      Danger of diseases to cattle



God Bless


 Ravinder Grover


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