How Astrology can help you?

It is a brief or snapshot reading; bird’s eye view of the astrological chart that would be constructed based upon the native’s birth details (Date, Time, Place and Country of birth)… This chart would indicate the inherent potential of the native in various aspects at seed level. Just as a seed has, the potential to become a fully developed fruit-giving tree provided nurtured properly otherwise, it may not give the best results. Please note, the seed cannot give more than its potential…

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How this year will be for you?

Many ask such question to Astrologers or may be read astrology daily column in local paper. Millions of people are born in different Sun sign; do you really think that all would face the similar destiny? Not possible. Every individual is different. In fact, every individual is born with different karma in hand for this life time, hence different destiny.

‘Brief One Year Guidance’ endeavours to analyse how would be this year from health, finance and relationship…

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Still Suffering from Past Life Karma?

The astrological chart reveals the evolution of the soul from past lives to the present life. Possible karma done in past lives and its possible consequences and challenges in this life.

Once, one understands the concept of Karmic patters involved and the resultant energy blockages, one may understand the motivations and unconscious forces acting in this life, then the question ‘Why Me?”

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Struggling with Bad Career Phase?

Everybody wishes to either have a good business or handsome profession of choice. But how many even get there? Astrology helps one to understand the inherent professional potential. It indicates ones inclinations and possibility of success in career and profession. Shall one get into service or get into business is the burning question, astrology helps to understand this.

Get advice on new business ventures…

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Struggling with Loss & Huge Debts?

Financial Astrology is the practice of relating the movements of planetary movement with respect to financial markets, can be focused on short or long term economic cycles. Stock Market and//or marketing decision can be made based on proper astrological guidance.

In Mundane Astrology at individual level, the birth and/or honorary chart may indicate the inherent strength of income, good times for investment possibilities…

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Struggling with Bad Luck & Curses?

At times person finds that nothing works for him regardless of how hard he works and tries to get the favorable results. Sometimes one suffers on account of the children born with certain medical conditions.

Of course it’s due to child’s karma but it also due the karma of the other family members’ too. One may marry a many times but never gets satisfaction and happiness from the marriage.

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Want Happiness in your Family Life?

Family and Domestic Life are very important features of life.  Sun, Moon and other stars & planets are blueprint/DNA of your personalities.  Brief Analysis of your horoscope gives insight to your mutual understandings and relationships with other members of the family. This may also indicate the auspicious and inauspicious…

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Suffering with bad Relationship?

It’s believed that Love, Romance, Relationship and Marriage are the most popular topics in the history of mankind. Many wars have been fought for Love. Love plays the most important part in our life, but to get your true soul mate, sometimes it’s challenging. Yet we dream for the dream girl/man. 

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Suffering with bad Health?

Health is Wealth. One cannot enjoy wealth if the health is not sound.   The Astrological chart helps one to identify/diagnose the potential illnesses, health problems and duration of disease that one may suffer in his lifetime. The weaker areas of the body and mind may be identified, sometimes pinpointed, where one may need…

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