Aries (Mesha):  Vedic (Apr 15 – May 15),  Western (Mar 21 – Apr 20)

  1. Gloss: The Ram
  2. Ruling Planet for Sign: Mars
  3. Gem Stone: Red Coral, Jasper, Ruby, Blood Stones
  4. Represents: Self image, potential means of Self expression
  5. Parts of the Body: Head
  6. Keyword: Headfirst (acts first and then thinks)
  7. Characteristics: Forceful, Dynamic, powerful, Courage, Vitality, Physical Energy, Egoism, Strong Personality, Will Power
  8. Symbolism: New Beginning, Energy for Primal Initiation, Impulsive, Need for Personal actualization and Building of personality, Individuation.
  9. Basic Quality: I Am
  10. Life Quest: The Joy Of The Moment
  11. Secret Desire: To become a Leader
  12. Strength: Pioneering Spirit, Courage, Energetic, Confident, Adventurous, Bold
  13. Weaknesses: Overconfident, Stubborn, Aggressive, Impulsive, Short tempered, Impatient, Self Centred, Egotistical
  14. Lesson to Learn: Cultivate Patience. Develop true Leadership quality that is Idealism in Action.  Always Speak Softly and Lovingly.



Aries (Mesha) is the first sign of the Zodiac covering the arc of 30 degrees; starting point is at      0 deg 0 min to 30 deg 0 min. Within this first 30 degrees of the Zodiac, called Aries (Mesha), there are two full and a quarter Constellations (Nakshatras).  Full Constellations (Nakshatras) covers the arc of 13 deg 20 min each. The first Constellations (Nakshatras)  is Ashwini, starting at Aries 0 deg 0 min covering the arc of 13 deg 20 min, ending at Aries (Mesha) 13 deg 20 min. The second Constellations (Nakshatras)  is Bharani, starting at Aries (Mesha) 13 deg 20 min, covering the arc of 13 deg 20 min, ending at Aries (Mesha) 26 deg 40 min and the third Constellations (Nakshatras)  is Krittika, starting at Aries (Mesha) 26-40 min but covers only 3 deg 30 min, the quarter of it within the first Zodiac sign Aries (Mesha) but it continues to the next Zodiac sign, called    Taurus (Vrishabha), which starts at 30 deg 0 min of the Zodiac.


Mental Tendencies

Courageous, Aggressive Temperament, Pushy, Sensitive and Independent Thinking, worried about landed properties


Physical Tendencies

Middle stature, muscular, blood red complexion, long face & neck, head broad at temples and narrow at chin, bushy eye brows, sharp sight, mark on the head or temples, teeth well set and round eyes.


General Tendencies

Aries (Mesha) is the positive sign ruled by Mars, quality is Cardinal/Moveable (Char), element is Fire (Agni), symbolised by “A Ram”.  As the 1st sign of the Zodiac, it represents ‘The Head’ of the Cosmic Man.

This is the 1st stage of cosmic evolution, i.e., New Beginnings, Exploration and Adventure. That’s why the  Sun is exalted here, representing a Soul, which is so New And Pure; not yet have become contaminated by the process of earthly living.


Aries (Mesha), as sign number 1, gives attitude of self expression, action-oriented, extroverted people, natural leadership qualities with self confidence, becoming independent and a strong personal orientation in life.     People born under this sign signify leadership, dominance, a person in authority and responsibility. They are enterprising, ambitious, have ability to plan, do not like guided by others, stubborn and short tempered  at times, anger reflects on their face, believe in practical ideas, think scientifically, can become violent when excited due to lack of self control. They often react to given stimuli with over enthusiasm or unnecessary haste. They often live in their head, hence headstrong.

They like things to be simple and straightforward. They have impulsive personal power and high energy levels, but sometimes burn it out quickly.

Likes: Action, Coming In First, Challenges, Impulsiveness

Dislikes: Waiting Around, Admitting Failure, No Opposition, Dominated by others


Auspicious Days:

  1. Sunday: Good for self expression and speculations
  2. Monday: Significant for Domestic chores
  3. Tuesday: Good for sports
  4. Wednesday: Good for Short Travel
  5. Thursday: Good for Education, spiritual activities and long travels
  6. Friday: Auspicious for Finance and Family
  7. Saturday: Some obstacles and delays in professional related issues

Auspicious Numbers:

  1. Primary numbers: 9
  2. Secondary numbers: 1, 3, 4


Lessons to Learn:

Aries (Mesha) born people need to cultivate more patience. They must give a good thought before acting, as impulsiveness is in the core of heart.  Of all the good qualities a person can have, patience and forbearance rank at the very top. They need to control the tendency of trying to win the top position in everything. They wish to become Leaders, but must understand that Leadership is Idealism in Action. Before they command must themselves carry out what they expect others to do.  Control of tongue would be thousands time better than apologising later on. A slip of two and a half inches of boneless tongue can kill the six feet tall man, hence always avoid agreements. Adopt the golden rule for life, “Always speak softly and lovingly”.



Aries (Mesha) born have Sharp and straight forward handwriting without irregularities of the letters, though some letters may be tilted towards the right.  The lines would show upward trend usually. Commonly there would be a thick line below their signature.



Parts of the body assigned to Aries (Mesha) are ‘Head, Brain and Mind’.

Aries (Mesha) born may get problems or diseases such as,  head producing headaches, neuralgia, coma, trance, diseases of head, brain and cerebellum, insomnia, burns, indigestion, swelling, nervous diseases, migraine, bile diseases, pimples, haemorrhage. Tendency to inflammatory pains, cervical vertebrae cannot be ruled out either



Aries (Mesha) sign represents   ‘Leadership, Dominance and Great Activity’. 

Aries (Mesha) is a Moveable sign, Fire element, creates Dynamic and Energetic people who are capable of fighting to the finish.   They are able to stand alone, decide for themselves and carve out their own way of life. Their destiny is largely of their own bringing about; for they are enterprising, adventurous and pioneering. They may take up career/profession related with planet Mars.

The occupations governed by Aries (Mesha) are: Government Job, Police, Military Service, Defence Services, Fire Services, Machines, Explorers, Doctors, Surgeons, Working with Machines, Explorers, Doctors, Sports, Engineering Industry, Iron Factory, Boiler Plant, Brick Chamber, Pottery Work, Mining, Cooking, Agriculture,   Union Leaders, Dentists, Carpenters, Mechanics, etc



Due to inherent tendencies, Aries (Mesha) born people are hot headed, youthful sign so young behaviour,  ‘Love to Lead’ and ‘Hate to Follow’; in other words, they wish to control and have an upper hand in any relationship.  Also due to inherent intense passion and impulsive attitude, they rush into relationship/marriage without any much through thought. Consequently, such relationship turns into bitterness that may cause separation.

They cannot stand slow companions; always wish to fasten up everything in marriage/relationship.  In fact, they need partners that can match them without fuelling the fire and creating explosive situations. They are honest open, charming, direct, enthusiastic, and adventurous, have high sex drive and are passionate in relationships. Their conjugal energy is more expressed through the mind than through the body. They love to experience every possible ‘Art of Love Making & Sex’ under the Sun. In fact, high sex drive & strong sex urges may lead to early relationships; that may end in some failure.


Some Other Features:

  1. Vibration: Enthusiastic
  2. Colour: Red
  3. Direction: East
  4. Element: Fire (Aagni) – Fiery Effects, Vital, Forceful, Independent, Will power and Leadership
  5. Modality: Cardinal/Moveable (Char) –  action orientated, extrovert,  leadership, confidence
  6. Quality:  Action, initiative, great vitality
  7. Harmonious signs: Leo (Simha) and  Sagittarius(Dhanu)  
  8. Time of Day: Strong at night

Nature: Always challenged and once the objective is achieved, move to the next project, Rash

Taurus (Vrishabha): Vedic (May 16 – Jun 15), Western (Apr 21 – May 20)

  1. Gloss: The Bull
  2. Ruling Planet for Sign: Venus
  3. Gem Stone: Diamond
  4. Represents: Personal resources, possessions, land & material values, procreation & nurturing
  5. Parts of the Body: Face
  6. Keyword: Dependability  & Practical
  7. Characteristics: Stable, Patience, Sense For Values and Material life, Tradition, Steadiness Sensuality, Quadruped Nature, practical orientated, cautious,
  8. Symbolism: Willpower to achieve goal and ability to materialise it, Practical Ambition, Productiveness, Basis of Self-Consciousness
  9. Basic Quality: Patient & Reliable
  10. Life Quest: To have a secured & good life
  11. Secret Desire: Security (Emotional, Financial and Matrimonial)
  12. Strength: Patience, Even Tempered, Sensible Outlook On Life
  13. Weaknesses: Once Ignited Difficult To Control, accepting Less Than Potential, Slow to act, dislikes any changes
  14. Lessons to Learn: Material world is temporary. Go within


Zodiac Description:

Taurus (Vrishabha) is the 2nd sign of the Zodiac, extending from 30 to 60 degrees of arc in the Zodiac from the starting point, i.e. Aries (Mesha).  The Taurus (Vrishabha) sign comprises last three quarters Krittika, whole of Rohini and first half of Mrigasira   Constellations (Nakshatras) as follows:

  • Kritika (0º0ʹ 0ʺ – 10º0ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Sun
  • Rohini (10º0ʹ 0ʺ – 23º20ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Moon
  • Mrigasira (23º20ʹ 00 – 30º00ʹ 0ʺ)  ruled by Mars


Mental Characteristics: 

Taurus (Vrishabha) born people are Strong & Determined, Proud, motivated, Ambitious, Accessible To adoration, Affectionate and Loving, Sometimes difficult, Prejudiced and Stubborn,  often nurtures of old traditions and taboos. Their desire for material and physical needs is very strong


Physical Characteristics: 

Taurus (Vrishabha) born people possesses charming physique, Stature middle to short, handsome, beautiful, attractive shape, at times tending towards chubbiness, square face and build of the body, broad forehead, prominent neck, bright eyes, thick lips and nostrils, black hair


General Characteristics:  

Taurus (Vrishabha) is the negative sign ruled by Venus, Fixed (Sthir) sign, Earth element, symbolised by “A Bull”.  As the 2nd sign of the Zodiac, it represents ‘The Face and Neck’ of the Cosmic Man.

This is the 2nd stage of cosmic evolution i.e., Procreation and Nurturing that is the need to procreate is part of the soul’s mission


Taurus (Vrishabha), as sign number 2, gives a strong sense of relationship and communication of feeling.  They need to achieve some form of concrete success through the projection of oneself upon the.  Therefore, no matter what the inner motivations, one drives would be extremely expressed with caution and circumspection.  Generally, people born in this sign seek balance and harmony in individual relationships and in their organization of their immediate environment. They would be strong and determined are capable of enduring hardships and physical sufferings.  They would be slow but steady and hence would reach their goals. Generally they have abundance of patience   but once they lose their temper they may explode as volcano.  As said, Taurus (Vrishabha) born people love of harmony and beauty; they are affectionate and romantic but they always have some fear of loss. This feeling makes them very possessive, jealous and stubborn.


If they are not listened to attentively, people born in this sign will act like a bull. They are self-reliant, have their own principles and ways and a piercing intellect, and have a great deal of endurance, latent power and energy.  They always put their ideas into practice. Their physical powers and mental endurance are indeed noteworthy.  They are fond of pleasure; they love beauty and music and have inherent potential to become artist or poets. They possess a magnetic personality.  They think they are born for exercising authority. They are usually of sacrificing and forgiving nature and capable of enduring hardships and physical sufferings. They usually have regulated habits coupled with remarkable tolerance power. Many of them are attached to the ground, often work with their hands; leave their mark of form on their practical environment.

Likes: Stability, Material Comforts & Pleasures, Being Attracted, Natural Things, Agriculture

Dislikes:  Disruption, being pushed too hard and rushed and being indoors

Auspicious Days:

  1. Sunday: Average
  2. Monday: Good for Travelling
  3. Tuesday: Incur Expenditure
  4. Wednesday: Food for Financial activities
  5. Thursday: Average
  6. Friday: Best for all activities
  7. Saturday: Lucky after disappointments and Delay


Auspicious Numbers:

  1. Primary Numbers: 6
  2. Secondary Numbers: 5, 8


Lessons to Learn:  

Taurus (Vrishabha) born people need to understand that material world may give some joy but may also bring along grief. They must give up the pursuit of sensory objects if they seek lasting peace and joy. All material happiness is temporary and is fleeting. Bliss comes from within not from outside.  “Put Ceiling on Desires and utilise savings for the service of mankind”. Go within.



Parts of the body assigned to Taurus (Vrishabha) are ‘Face, Eyes, Nose, Tongue, Ears, Fingers, Navels, Teeth Bones and Flesh’.


Taurus (Vrishabha) born may get problems or diseases such as, diphtheria, croup, apoplexy, goitre, cold, cough and diseases of face.  They generally suffer from nervous problems one or the other time and diseases of cerebellum, cervical vertebrae, piles, fistula and constipation cannot be ruled out either



Taurus (Vrishabha) sign represents   ‘Finance and Businessmen’

Taurus (Vrishabha) is a Fixed (Sthira) sign, Earth element signifying Treasury, and creates stable, determined, reflective and Practical & Patience orientated people.  In one line Taurus (Vrishabha) born people are suited for a practical orientated life style.  But Fondness for agriculture related field cannot be ruled out.  They are capable to sing and speak softly as well. As businessmen, they can make money work related with fixed element, such as cement industry, property, etc.    They would have many opportunities for gain of money. They would neither be mean nor lavish.  They are apt to financial enjoyment.


The occupations governed by Taurus (Vrishabha) are Agriculture, Nursery & Flowers Related Cosmetics & Jewellery Industry, Banking, Finance & Economics Industry, Entertainment & Amusement Industry, Property & Building Related, Administration & Civil Service, Brokers, Accountants, Auditors, Mining & Timber Industry, etc.



Due to inherent tendencies, Taurus (Vrishabha) born people are content with their relationship/marriage. Normally, they have a stable and happy domestic life, as inherently, they are family and children orientated people.


They value their relationship/marriage and always try to maintain the balance & harmony in it through love, good attitude and mutual understanding and adjustment. ‘Understanding first and then Adjustment’ is their motto in marriage/relationship.  They would always demonstrate high standard and honesty in love affairs and prefer to keep it very long.  Sometimes they are called Romeo amongst the 12 signs.  Sexually, they are straight and down to earth. If malefic planet is associated with this Sign then the native would show a high desire for sex.


Some Other Features:

  1. Vibration: Determined Energy
  2. Colour: White
  3. Direction: South
  4. Element: Earth (Prithvi) – Solid Things, Practical, Stable, Endurance, Loyal and Sensuous
  5. Modality: Fixed (Sthira) – Thoughtful, Stable, Reflective and Determined.
  6. Quality: Resistance to change, great willpower
  7. Harmonious Signs: Virgo(Kanya) and Capricorn (Makara)
  8. Time of Day: Strong at Night
  9. Nature: Sensual, Possessive, Passionate,  Steadfast, Loyal, Grounded, Stable, Smart Without Being Very Intelligent And Well Balanced

Gemini (Mithuna)   Vedic(Jun 16 – Jul 15), Western (May 21 – Jun 20)

  1. Gloss: The Twins
  2. Ruling Planet for Sign:  Mercury
  3. Gem Stone:  Emerald
  4. Represents: Personal ideas, Communications, Socialisation, Conceptualization, short journeys, relatives
  5. Parts of the Body: Neck, Throat, Shoulder & Hands
  6. Keyword:  Inherent Communication Ability & Multitasking
  7. Characteristics: Analytic & Intellectual thinking, Duality, Communication
  8. Symbolism: Impartial Self Introspection, Younger Siblings, Learning, Relationship with Environment, Short Journeys, Writing, Neighbours
  9. Basic Quality: Mental Gymnastic
  10. Life Quest: Desire to know little bit of everything
  11. Secret Desire: To be ahead of others
  12. Strength: Multitalented, Adaptable, Intelligent, Curiosity, a social butterfly
  13. Weaknesses: Lack of Focus, Inability to Concentrate, Restlessness, incosistent
  14. Lessons to Learn: Improve on Decision making ability. Become Focused.


Zodiac Description:

Gemini (Mithuna) is the 3rd sign of the Zodiac, extending from 60 degrees to 90 degrees of arc in the zodiac from the starting point, i.e., Mesha -Aries.  This sign comprises of the latter half (3rd and 4th quarters) of the Mrigasira, whole of Aardra and the first three quarters (3/4th) of the Punarvasu Constellations (Nakshatra) as follows:

  • Mrigasira (0º0ʹ 0ʺ – 6º40ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Mars
  • Aardra (6º40ʹ 0ʺ – 20º00ʹ 0ʺ)  ruled by Rahu
  • Punarvasu (20º00ʹ 0ʺ – 30º0ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Jupiter


Mental Characteristics: 

Gemini (Mithuna) born people have a moon like wavering mind. At times their mind   blooms like a Full Moon; at times they get depressed. Generally speaking, they have a pleasing nature with scholarly tendencies. They are intelligent and very intuitive. They are fond of writing and reading, at times they are ingenious and quick-witted, vivacious and in consistent, nervous and restless. There is a speculative side of their minds, however, and they can pursue ideas for their own sake or get caught up in their own unrealistic fantasies or worries. They usually love knowledge.


Physical Characteristics

Gemini (Mithuna) born is generally medium to tall proportionate body, black eyes, curly hair, prominent nose, at times slim, erect figure and active in motion. Face is well developed.


General Characteristics:  

Gemini (Mithuna) is the positive sign ruled Mercury, Mutable Air, symbolised by ‘Twins or a Couple”. As the 3rd sign of the Zodiac, it represents ‘The Lower Neck and Shoulders’ of the Cosmic Man.

This is the 3rd stage of cosmic evolution, where Intellect is born. “Twin or a Couple” represent the unification of material realty and the universal consciousness. And it may be said as the union of male and female that produces Ego or “I”ness.  Due to Ego man recognises himself different from Divinity.


Gemini (Mithuna) as sign number 3 gives the desire to express in many ways through a great sense of versatility, energetic nature, looking for of change and interchange, invention and motion. Those in whom the influence of Gemini predominates are often nervous, restless and agitated. They possess quickness and adaptability of body and mind but can exhaust themselves through excessive activity. They have good intellects, along with excellent powers of speech and communication and a good command of language. They are very clever and possess inherent conversational and literary ability. They must be cautious in moving with the opposite sex  

Likes:  Talking, novelty, variety in life, multiple projects, reading

Dislikes:  Feeling tied down, learning, mental inaction, being alone

Auspicious Days:

  1. Sunday: Average
  2. Monday: Good for income
  3. Tuesday:  Some disagreements
  4. Wednesday: Good for all activities
  5. Thursday: Good for fortune
  6. Friday: Best for all activities
  7. Saturday: some obstacles


Auspicious Numbers:

  1. Primary Numbers: 5
  2. Secondary Numbers: 6 and 8


Lessons to Learn:  

Gemini (Mithuna) born people need to improve on decision making ability and becoming more focused. In other words due to lack of clarity they are unable to make quick decisions. Why? In fact, it is not only due to lack of clarity but due to disharmony in thoughts as well. One thought pulls them on one side and another to another way, resulting in confusion and

NOT making any concrete decision. By the way, who is the decision maker?  Where are the thoughts stored?  In realty, Mind is the bundle of thoughts and if the thoughts are NOT in purity, harmony and unity, they cause Dilemma.  If two thoughts are arguing with each other, who is the third one who observes this?  Of course it is the Atma (Soul) and/or the Intellect (Buddhi)!  If the Soul (Atma) and/or the Intellect (Buddhi) become the decision maker then there would not be a problem at all.   One carries the types of thoughts depending upon the intense desires from past lives and keeps on entertaining them and never goes deeper enough to listen to the Soul (Atma) and/or Intellect (Buddhi).   IN order to listen to the Inner Voice i.e., the voice of the Soul (Atma) and/or Intellect (Buddhi), one must do the Impartial Introspection every day with the disciplines manner; even two minutes of practise daily would cleanse the Mind and thoughts.



Gemini (Mithuna) born may be inclined to write a little above the line and the writing would not be disfigured.  They generally write fast and at times just drag the pen.



Parts of the body assigned to Gemini (Mithuna) sign are ‘Neck, Throat, Collar Bones, Breathing, Shoulder, Arms, Hands, Ears and Bodily Growth’.


Gemini (Mithuna) born may get problems or diseases such as, pulmonary disease, eosonophillia, dry cough, pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy, asthma, inflammation of pericardium and tuberculosis.



Gemini (Mithuna) sign represents ‘Intellect, Communication and Commercial Activity’


Gemini (Mithuna) is a Common/Dual (Dwi-swabhava) sign Air (Vayu) element, stands for Intellectual professions, Communication and some business tendenciesGemini (Mithuna) born like to be involved in dual professions simultaneously and enjoy intellectual gymnastic and communication.  They are best in occupations where there is much activity.  Writing could be there passion coupled with inherent poetry skills.  In modern day we can say all Computer related jobs fall within this category. Gemini born people have inherent communication skills and mental temperament.   Dance, music, travel, dealing, arbitrators or communication industry may also be helpful area to make a fortune. They are good with information and statistics and may be scientists.


The occupations governed by Gemini (Mithuna) are Literary Field, Such As Information Technology, Communication, Journalism, Information & Broad Casting, Space Department, Education Department, Telecommunication, Desktop Publishing, Writing, Reading, Poetry, Mathematics, Accountants, Auditors, Law And Order Councillor, Ambassador, etc



Due to inherent dual nature tendencies, Gemini (Mithuna) born people may be ‘two faced’ or   ‘split personality’ that tend to get into multiple relationships/marriage.  In fact, they are as mobile in relationship/marriage as they are in mind. They love variety and change. Extramarital affairs cannot be ruled out. Some of them are the victims of their dual nature and split personality; they lose the values in relationships/marriage.


The way to their heart is through the head, i.e. through mental gymnastics. They have the inborn art of attracting and influencing opposite sex and start flirting without the intention of getting serious in it, may be just for fun. And subsequently they get emotionally involved but intensity of emotions and love dies out slowly


They are experts in the art of joyful sex, but must be careful as their vital energy is not always as high as their imaginations. Due to their changeable nature they are always on the go, until their energy fails them.  They are indecisive and find hard to bring things to fruition.  But once they turn inwards, i.e., become spiritual, they can do wonders;  can realise the Divinity within.


Some Other Features:

  1. Vibration: Mental Energy
  2. Colour: Green
  3. Direction: West
  4. Element: Air (Vaayu) – Gases, Social, Independent, Communicative, Intellectual, Changeable and Philosophical
  5. Modality: Mutable/Dual (Dwi-Swabhava) – Dual natured, Changeable, Thinkers, Communication, Quick and Introvert
  6. Quality: Adaptability
  7. Harmonious signs:  Libra (Tula) and  Aquarius(Kumbha)
  8. Time of Day: At night
  9. Nature: Simultaneously involved in more than one thing. Always looking for intellectual gymnastic

Cancer (Karaka): Vedic (Jul 16 – Aug 15), Western (Jun 21 – Jul 22)

  1. Gloss: The Crab
  2. Ruling Planet for Sign:  Moon
  3. Gem Stone: Pearl or Moonstone
  4. Represents: Adaptability, Psychological foundations, domestic issues, endings and parents
  5. Parts of the Body: Breast & Chest
  6. Keyword: Emotion, Compassion, Sensitivity, Adaptability
  7. Characteristics: Feeling For Support & Maintaining Developed Feeling Nature, Traditionalism, Love For Family, Nurturance of Others, Introversion.
  8. Symbolism: Basic conditions and material support for achieving the goals, yearning for security and endurance, womb, ground of personality.
  9. Basic Quality: Feelings
  10. Life Quest: Reassurance  and  closeness
  11. Secret Desire: To Feel Safe (Emotional, Spiritual and Financial)
  12. Strength:  Power of nurturing others, ability to bring people together
  13. Weaknesses:  Letting past effect present & future
  14. Lessons to Learn:  Nurturing without smothering and Becoming Alone not Lonely


Zodiac Description:

Cancer (Karaka) is the 4th sign of the Zodiac, extending   from 90 to 120 degrees of arc in the Zodiac from the starting point, i.e.  Aries (Mesha). This sign comprises the 4th quarter of Punarvasu as well as the whole of Pushyam and Ashlesha Constellations (Nakshatras) as follows:

  • Punarvasu (0º00ʹ 0ʺ – 3º20ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Jupiter
  • Pushyam (3º20ʹ 0ʺ – 16º40ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Saturn
  • Ashlesha (16º40ʹ 0ʺ – 30º00ʹ 0ʺ)  ruled by Mercury


Mental Characteristics: 

Cancer (Karaka) born people are extremely sensitive, musical, skilful, fond of social contacts and publicity, curious and restless.  Their life would be with irregular rise and fall, honour and dishonour, like waxing and waning moon. Adaptability is the key, they can adopt according to environment and they can bring others to their fold. They have psychic tendencies, are receptive to new ideas and adapt themselves to environment.


Physical Characteristics:

Cancer (Karaka) born people have a magnetic personality, pleasant face, lustrous eyes and sometimes the body might be a bit bulky.


 General Characteristics: 

Cancer (Karaka) sign is ruled by the Moon, quality is Cardinal/Moveable (char), Element is Water (apas), symbolised by ‘The Crab’.    As the 4th sign of the Zodiac, it represents “The Breast and Chest” of the cosmic body.

This is the 4th stage of cosmic evolution that stands for the Continuity of the Soul through its various incarnations as the soul is still absorbed in universal consciousness but is learning to live a practical reality


Cancer (Karaka) as sign number 4, represents Adaptability and also shows a need for Mental and Emotional Stability and Happiness. People born in this sign are usually, friendly, open, sympathetic, caring and nurturing due to being under the sign of mother, have deep wisdom and taste for women.  They have an extremely sympathetic and sensitive approach to life but with the tendency to take all initial impressions personally. They are very much attached to their house, family and country. They like having friends and family at home and are very good hosts. They are familiar with history of the heroes of dramas, films, etc and take pride in identifying self with these heroes.

Likes:  Artistic media, Hobbies, Romance, Children, Parties

Dislikes:  Aggravating situations, Failure, Being advised

Auspicious Days: 

  1. Sunday: Good for financial gains
  2. Monday: Good for Self introspection
  3. Tuesdays: Good day for overall success, especially in love and work
  4. Wednesday: Good for travelling
  5. Thursday: Good for education purpose and foreign assignments
  6. Friday: Good for Overall gain
  7. Saturday: May bring obstacles, delays and disappointments


Auspicious Numbers:

  1. Primary Numbers: 2 and 7
  2. Secondary Numbers: 9


Lessons to Learn: 

Cancer (Karaka) born people are good in nurturing and caring others but need to learn how to do this without smothering.  Also they need to learn how to be Alone, i.e., ‘exclusive of anything or anyone’ or complete by himself but Not Lonely.    Lonely is the absence of someone in life but Alone means one is complete without any external association, rather complete by himself.


Cancer (Karaka) born people are extremely emotional at heart and flow very fast where ever they are directed, especially downwards. Just Like all the creeks flow downwards wherever they find the path but that not necessarily means they reach their Goal, i.e., sea. Some get gathered in   lake or ditch and may get contaminated.   Those emotions must be converted into Love and directed towards God.  Being Alone would help to achieve this.  The fact is, whenever one is surrounded by people, his/her mind becomes part of the group mind.  It is better to be Alone or by yourself than to be in the wrong company, who would not add value to your life.



Cancer (Karaka) born people do not have a steady handwriting. Different letters would be of different types. The letters should show a gradual increase in size.  They have tendency to draw a line below their signatures.



Parts of the body assigned to Cancer (Karaka) are   ‘Breast, Stomach, Heart, Lungs, Chest and Blood’.


Cancer (Karaka) born may get problems or diseases such as, pains in the stomach, gas trouble, indigestion, cough, dropsy, melancholia, hypochondria, hysteria, jaundice, gall stones. Cancer (Karaka) born usually are not very healthy in childhood but it improves at later age. The channels of the blood supply to the heart and the digestive system are the usual spots.



Cancer (Karaka) sign represents ‘Housekeeping and Preceptors’


Cancer (Karaka) is a Moveable sign, Water element, produces people having capability in Housekeeping and Giving GuidanceCancer (Karaka) born people can become very good teachers and advisors. At times they also possess psychic ability that may be used to get fortune. They can best take up occupations of a fluctuating nature. They would shine in hospitality industry, historians, and archaeologists.

The occupations governed by Cancer (Karaka) are Ocean & Water Related Industry Such As Deep Diving, Distillery, Mineral Water, Sea Products, Chemical Industry, Corals and Pearls, Merchant Navy, Teachers, Mentors, Preachers, Explorers, Shipping Departments, Naval Officers, And Marine Officials, Home necessities industry such as Home Appliances, Home Furnishings, Interior Decorators, etc



Due to inherent emotional tendencies, Cancer (Karaka) born people are attracted towards someone who could understand their emotions & creativity.  They look for meaningful interaction and respond through emotions.

If everybody around is happy then they would be pleased too.  For them Life is ‘Love & Romance’. They value human relationships on an intimate level. If romance is in the air, they feel on top of the world and can produce magic in Love.  If their expectations are not met in love affair, then due to disappointment they fall into depression. Simply, as Moon waxes and wanes every fortnight so is their Mind, making them sentimental, emotional and unpredictable.

Their weakness is they fall into trap fast if someone just pays a tiny attention towards them.   At heart, they are always looking for mental, emotional and physical union with the partner.  It is very much like as water merges with other liquids and loses its identity so the Karaka-Cancer born are ready to merge in Love.  They need to learn how to give direction to their ever flowing love to God and merge in Divinity


Some Other Features:

  1. Vibration: Moody
  2. Colour: White, Pink & Yellow
  3. Direction: North
  4. Element: Water (Apasu) – Liquids, Reflective, Intuitive, Emotional, Nurturing, Psychic, Moody, Compassionate and Secretive
  5. Modality: Cardinal/Moveable (Char) –  action orientated, extrovert,  leadership, confidence
  6. Quality: Action, Initiative, Great Vitality
  7. Harmonious signs:  Aries (Mesha), Taurus(Vrishabha ),  Leo (Simha ) , Libra(Tula), -Scorpio(Vrischika )  and  Pisces(Meena)
  8. Time of Day: at night
  9. Nature: Moody, changeable personality

Leo (Simha): Vedic (Aug 16 – Sep 15), Western (Jul 23 – Aug 22) 

  1. Gloss: The Lion
  2. Ruling Planet for Sign:  Sun
  3. Gem Stone: Ruby
  4. Parts of the Body:  Heart
  5. Represents: Self worth, Authority & Power, Children, personal creativity, romance
  6. Keyword: Enthusiasm; Drive to Express Self; Faith
  7. Characteristics:  Egocentrism, Courage, Desire For Dominance, Self-Consciousness, Self-Realization,  creativeness and  energy
  8. Symbolism: achievement of goals, self-consciousness and self-realization, building of personality
  9. Basic Quality:   I Will
  10. Life Quest: To Lead the Way
  11. Secret Desire: To be a centre of attraction
  12. Strength: Playful Nature, bold, loyal
  13. Weaknesses: Sudden and thoughtless action, bigger than life attitude
  14. Lesson to Learn:  Go within and focus on Self evolvement


Zodiac Description:

Leo (Simha) is the 5th sign of the Zodiac, extending   from 120 to 150 degrees of arc in the Zodiac from the starting point, i.e. Mesha –Aries. Leo (Simha) sign   comprises whole of Magha, whole of Poorvaphalguni and the first quarter of Uttaraphaalguni Constellations (Nakshatras) as follows:

  • Magha (0º0ʹ 0ʺ – 13º20ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Ketu
  • Purva Phalguni (13º20ʹ 0ʺ – 26º40ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Venus
  • Uttra Phalguni (26º40ʹ 0ʺ – 30º00ʹ 0ʺ)  ruled by Sun


Mental Characteristics:    

Leo (Simha) born people are generally, ambitious, materialistic, lovers of art, literature and music, Warm-hearted, fond of power.  They are cheerful and impulsive.


Physical Characteristics:    

Leo (Simha) born people are magnetic in appearance with tough looks,  generally tall, large bones and muscles, broad cheeks, face and shoulders, flowery complexion, light hair, oval faced, thoughtful expression and the upper part of the body is generally better formed.


General Characteristics:  

Leo (Simha) is the sign ruled by the Sun, Fixed (sthira) sign, Fire (Agni) element, symbolised by ‘The Lion’. As the 5th sign of the Zodiac, it represents ‘The Breast and Chest’ of the cosmic body.  

This is the 5th stage of cosmic evolution that represents Individuality.  This sign allows the inner being to express itself through its virility and independence.  It’s necessary for the soul to experience life on Earth and to have ideals taking its consciousness beyond it

Leo (Simha) as sign number 5, they demonstrate a need for command and harmony around a central will and character influence.  People born under this sign people possess a strong sense of self and are authoritative.  They know who they are and they want others to recognize it. They want to attract the attention of others, shine in social situations, dominate others and ultimately desire to be the centre of attentionThough noble at heart but love to hear others praising them thus fall victims to flattery and ego is crashed.   Generally, they would be showing affection and trust excessively on their friends and relatives.  Due to strong character they are generally misunderstood by their superiors and bosses.   They would freely mix with people of all levels without any reservation. They are forgiving and do not hold a grudge against anybody for too long.

Likes:  Speculative ventures, fancy living, children and drama

Dislikes:  Doing things safely and ordinary living


Auspicious Days: 

  1. Sunday: Good for Self Introspection
  2. Monday: Good for investments related issues
  3. Tuesday: Good for domestic purposes, education purpose and foreign assignments
  4. Wednesday: Good for Financial Gain
  5. Thursday: Auspicious for Spiritual Activities
  6. Friday: Good for travel and profession
  7. Saturday: Challenging  for partnership and business


Auspicious Numbers:

  1. Primary Numbers: 1 and 4
  2. Secondary Numbers: 3 and 9


Lessons to Learn:

As all the planets revolve around the Sun, so does the attitude of the Leo (Simha) people, always desire others to revolve around them. Self importance is not revolving around the self, but this MUST be transformed into SELF evolvement. They must go within and identify with the Inner Self not the mind, body or the world

Leo (Simha) born people give very much importance to self that makes them more egoists and self orientated. Easy remedy to come out of this is ‘Surrender’, yes, ‘Surrender’ to the will of God.  Let him lead.  Surrendering to God is surenderign all thoughts, words and action to HIM and not wishing any fruit of the actions.  Surrendering also means to realise that all is God.  When one sees God in everyone then there would be no question of Ego or expecting people to revolve around one.



Usually have round hand writing, large letters without tilting either side. Lines would be fairly straight and equal spaced.



Parts of the body assigned to Leo (Simha) are ‘Heart, Back, Higher Abdomen and Mind’.


Leo (Simha) born may get problems or diseases such as, heart problems, palpitations due to irregularity of blood circulation, meningitis, giddiness nervous trouble, swelling, fainting, sun stroke, laziness, epilepsy, angina malarial fever, aneurism, spinal meningitis, curvature of the spine,   anaemia and hydraemia, etc



Leo (Simha) sign represents ‘Authority and Power’


Leo (Simha) is a Fixed (Sthira) sign, Fire (Agni) element,   royal sign, produces people who always try to have some sort of High Authoritative and Secure Jobs with steady income. They tend to have the ability to undertake professions of hard work and responsibility or high profile jobs.


Leo (Simha) born people do not wish to involve themselves in small endeavours.  They prefer to regulate these small things to others and take up the leadership role. Usually have good time in early ages but seems to slow down in finance matters as the age catches up with them.

The occupations governed by Leo (Simha) are Leaders, Ministers, Civil Servants, Government High Officials, Ambassadors, Professors, Managers, Surgeons, Especially Heart Surgeons, Top Executives, CEO, High Officials with Music and Theatre Industry, etc



Due to inherent leading tendencies, Simha-Leo born people want to be leaders in Love too. They need too much attention from the others and would like others to turn into satellite. They like moving around more with opposite sex and are often misunderstood by their partners

By nature, they are open, trustworthy, compassionate and dependable in relationship/marriage.  When in love, they become very affectionate and are sincere.  . They show Romantic Expressions in love & relationships by showering expensive material things.  Good thing about them is that they would try hard to hold the esteem of the partner.  They are easily heartbroken if someone betrays.  On the other hand they have multiple love affairs/flings and get infatuated easily that may affect matrimony. They have a strong sex drive and find it hard to be steady


Some Other Features:

  1. Vibration: Radiant Energy
  2. Colour: Brown
  3. Direction: East
  4. Element: Fire (Aagni) – Fiery Effects, Vital, Forceful, Independent, Will power and Leadership
  5. Modality: Fixed (Sthira) – Thoughtful, Stable, Reflective and Determined.
  6. Quality: Resistance to change, great willpower
  7. Harmonious signs: Aries (Mesha) & Sagittarius (Dhanu)
  8. Time of Day: Daytime
  9. Nature: Maintaining a sense of individuality

Virgo  (Kanya):   Vedic (Sep 16 – Oct 15), Western ( Aug 23 – Sep 22)


  1. Gloss: The Maiden
  2. Ruling Planet for Sign:  Mercury
  3. Gem Stone: Green Emerald
  4. Represents: Commercial & Business Community, Jobs, personal service, health, employees, pets, techniques
  5. Parts of the Body:  Abdominal a& Umbilical regions
  6. Keyword: Perfectionist, Practicality, Caution, Detail orientated
  7. Characteristics: Practicality, Thoroughness, Perfectionist, Criticality, Analytic
  8. Symbolism: Analysis of Achieved targets, Gut feeling for Questioning Achieved
  9. Basic Quality: Analysis and  Practicality
  10. Life Quest: Always maintain right attitude and conduct
  11. Secret Desire: To Love and be Loved
  12. Strength:  Focussed, power of observation, organised
  13. Weaknesses:  Being too Perfectionist cannot enjoy Life
  14. Lessons to Learn: Perfection is NOT the ultimate goal of life.   Use ‘Perfection’ and ‘Determination’ to explore Divinity within


Zodiac Description: 

Virgo (Kanya) is the 6th sign of the Zodiac, extending   from 150 to 180 degrees of arc in the Zodiac from the starting point, i.e. Aries (Mesha).  The Virgo (Kanya) sign comprises last three quarters Uttaraphalguni, whole of Hasta and first half of Chitra Constellations (Nakshatras) as follows:

  • Uttra Phalguni (0º0ʹ 0ʺ – 10º00ʹ 0ʺ)  ruled by Sun
  • Hasta (10º0ʹ 0ʺ – 23º20ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Moon
  • Chitra (23º20ʹ 0ʺ – 30º0ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Mars


Mental Characteristics:

Virgo (Kanya) born people lack self-confidence, impulsive, possess good mental ability, emotional, systematic, inventive and have apt for learning.  They love music and fine arts.


Physical Characteristics:

Virgo (Kanya) born people have average height, medium body, round face, dark hair, eyes and completion,   prominent chest    when afflicted,   a straight nose, massive cheeks    moderately plump.


General Characteristics:

Virgo (Kanya) is ruled by Mercury, Moveable (Dwi-swabhava), Earth (Prithvi) element, symbolised by ‘The Virgin’, (The Virtuous Maiden i.e., the Pure Female.)  Please note this is the ONLY sign symbolised by human As the 6th sign   of the Zodiac, it represents   ‘The Intestines and around area’ of the cosmic body.

This is the 6th stage of cosmic evolution represented by the perfection and purity of the pure female, indicating this is what the Embodied Soul (Jeevatma) is yearning for.   Past Karmas (Purva Karma) and Intense desires (Vaasnaas) of numerous life times have brought the Embodied Soul (Jeevatma) to this material plane. The material craving can only give temporary happiness but bondage as well; but if the Embodied Soul (Jeevatma) learns the Art Of Joyful and Spiritual Living in this material world, does not get entangled in it and continue the Spiritual journey the Bliss (Ananda) may be obtained.  That may be obtained by key words, ‘Purity, Unity and Divinity

As sign number 6 symbolises “The Need for Balancing Energy between Body and Mind”. It is also known as the ‘Caretaker’ of the zodiac. People born under this sign, demonstrate evidence of their intelligence when quite young.  By nature, they get easily carried away by impulse. They acquire much power and influence over others. They possess good intellects, command of the language and nervous sensitivity. They are absolutely trustworthy and honest. Generally they are cordial in their relationship to others. They hardly lose their temper; but once they lose their temper then they find very hard to forgive the other person easily.

They are more physical orientated. They are very good at details. Their knowledge is rarely theoretical but more practical or informational orientated.  They are often fussy, discriminating and exacting about details and like cleanliness and order. At times, their discrimination has spiritual and philosophical orientations that are built on purity and discrimination. They   possess an excellent memory.  They have the rare capacity to talk about these subjects. They have special ability to put philosophical thoughts into practice. Their body-mind coordination may fall short of balancing.   Sexually, at young age, they are shy   but get prone to excessive sexual drive & activity when older, though it is seldom freely expressed.

Likes:  Health foods, Lists, hygiene, order, wholesomeness

Dislikes:  Hazards to health, anything sordid, sloppy workers, being uncertain


Auspicious Days: 

  1. Sunday: Good for investments
  2. Monday: Good for Overall Gain
  3. Tuesdays: Good for travel and negotiations
  4. Wednesday: Good for travelling
  5. Thursday: Good for profession and political related issues
  6. Friday: Good for Higher Education, Finance and Spiritual things
  7. Saturday: good for speculations and legal matters


Auspicious Numbers:

  1. Primary Numbers: 5
  2. Secondary Numbers: 6


Lessons to Learn:

Perfection is NOT the ultimate goal of life.   It is the journey only. Inherent tendency ‘Determination’ must be used to explore Divinity within.  Love for minute Details in everything must be taken a step further towards to find purity, unity and harmony in body mind coordination.  Virgo (Kanya) born people have the capacity to make an inward journey to explore the workings of MBA (Mind Body and Atma (Soul)



The writing is between lines using thin letters, the upper part of the letters is be better formed and would like to use sharp pen



Parts of the body assigned to Virgo (Kanya) sign are ‘Nervous System, Solar Plexus, Bowels, Lower Abdomen, Naval, Bones, Flesh and Mental Faculties’.


Virgo (Kanya) born may get problems or diseases such as, Tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, malnutrition, peritonises, cholera, kidneys, appendicitis, Vitamin B deficiency, loose motion, typhoid, etc.  Kanya-Virgo born people often suffer from a nervous system one or the other kind



Virgo (Kanya) sign represents ‘Commercial & Business Community’


Virgo (Kanya) is a Mutable/Dual (Dwi-swabhava) sign, an Earth (Prithvi) element, relates to commercial activity, association with business community and most importantly with practical base.   People born in this sign have practical business prudence. They like working with people such as servants, partners, business associates, etc. They have the capacity to do multiple work at a time but not necessary very beneficial.  They can adapt new jobs very fast.

They normally enjoy their own earned money but hardly parental wealth. There is always possibility of getting wealth from wife/husband.  They are subject to get benefits from finance industry but one getting into any trade, the chances of loss would be there. At the end of life, they may have multiple landed properties at two or more different places. During travelling they would keep their finance in multiple paces too.

They can make good teachers and have a strong sense of the facts. Depending upon the configuration of planets, they   can make good doctors, healers and can be good at yoga. Whatever work they do, they try to do in a systematic way.. They have the habit of thinking and weighing every action hence delaying in undertaking any concrete work. They can become   good craftsmen, draftsmen or artists, as they have a strong sense of form, line and detail. They may become actors, as they can easily learn how to discipline their expression and project their emotions.  They are helpful and service oriented. They are good workers but can suffer from overwork or lack of recognition in what they do. They have a special ability to coordinate the work of their subordinates effectively.

The occupations governed by Virgo (Kanya) are Drugs & Medicines, Accounting, Auditing, Bookkeeping & Taxation, Inspection, Mathematics, Writing & Proof Reading,   Business & Retail Shops, Engineering, Teaching, Nursing, Psychiatrists, Computer & Software Experts, etc



Due to inherent tendencies, Virgo (Kanya) people want perfect and organised partner with clear mind.   They would hardly take the first step in relationships. At heart they may like the person and may be dying to know him/her but due to inherent tendency of analysing everything in the world may become the hurdle in love.   They are emotional people who would like to commit in love and marriage but cannot ignore the practical aspects in it. They want to be committed in totality and wish to raise family but expect the same from the partner   too. If hurt then the multiple relationships cannot be ruled out


They are faithful in their relationships/marriage. They are not comfortable sharing their innermost feeling with anyone. They are affectionate, genuine and make good married partners. Due to their inherent Practical & being Perfect attitude, they want ‘Love & Sex’ to be absolute perfect technically rather than enjoyment or expression of love. Sexually, they are shy when young but are prone to excessive sexual activity as they grow old. Multiple relationships cannot be ruled out


Some Other Features:

  1. Vibration: Compassionate and Caring attitude
  2. Colour: Green
  3. Direction: South
  4. Element: Earth (Prithvi) – Solid Things, Practical, Stable, Endurance, Loyal and Sensuous
  5. Modality: Mutable/Dual (Dwi-Swabhava) – Dual natured, Changeable, Thinkers, Communication, Quick and Introvert
  6. Quality: Adaptability
  7. Harmonious signs: Taurus (Vrishabha)  and Capricorn (Makara)
  8. Time of Day: Daytime
  9. Nature: Service orientated

Libra (Tula): Vedic (Oct 16 – Nov 15), Western (Sep 23 – Oct 22)

  1. Gloss: The Scales
  2. Ruling Planet for Sign: Venus
  3. Gem Stone: Diamond
  4. Represents: Service, Balancing, Partners, spouse, open adversaries, others
  5. Parts of the Body: Lumbar Region & Kidneys
  6. Keyword: Communication, Socialisation, Conceptualization
  7. Characteristics: Intense desire for harmony, pleasure, partnership and balance
  8. Symbolism: Relationship with others, their goals and characteristics
  9. Basic Quality: Balance and steadiness
  10. Life Quest: To live a smooth and comfortable life
  11. Secret Desire: To be consistent in balancing inner and outer life
  12. Strength: Admirable in helping others, idealistic, peacemaker
  13. Weaknesses: Ignoring your own needs, indecisive
  14. Lesson to Learn: Improve decision making based on Inner Voice rather than based on material realm


Zodiac Description: 

Libra (Tula) is the 7th sign of the Zodiac, extending   from 180 to 210 degrees of arc in the Zodiac from the starting point, i.e. Mesha –Aries.  The Libra (Tula) sign comprises last two quarters Chitra, whole of Swati and three quarters of Vishaka   Constellations (Nakshatras) as follows:

  • Chitra (0º20ʹ 0ʺ – 6º40ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Mars
  • Swati (6º40ʹ 0ʺ – 20º0ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Rahu
  • Vishaka (20º0ʹ 0ʺ – 30º0ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Jupiter


Mental Characteristics:

Libra (Tula) born people generally have good mental abilities, learned, idealistic, quick witted, interested in legal affairs, impartiality is the key, also tending more in the direction of arts. Music, poetry, painting than learning or scholarship, they are idealistic, quick-witted, forceful and positive. Mental fantasies & sexual affairs cannot be ruled out.  They try to maintain the balance of mind in all circumstances.


Physical Characteristics:

Libra (Tula) born people are generally tall, well formed body, smooth hair, round face, good complexion, often good looking,    phlegmatic constitution, handsome appearance, fine eyes, broad chest and regular features. Their appearance will be generally youthful.


General Characteristics:

Libra (Tula) is the positive sign ruled by Venus, Cardinal air, symbolised by ‘The Scales or ‘The Balance’. As the 7th sign of the Zodiac, it represents ‘The Lower Abdomen’   of the cosmic man.

This is the 7th stage of cosmic evolution representing the shift, movement and intention to transform self from material desires to spiritual desires. Libra (Tula) is the only inanimate sign of the zodiac, all the others representing either animals or humans. In fact, the spiritual quest begins here.  ‘The Scale or The balance’ symbolises the balancing of inner urges by uprooting the inner enemies. The time has come where the Jeevatma (Embodied Soul) needs to do regular impartial introspection who has won the war, the war between material urges and spiritual urges, war between bad and good qualities within.


Libra (Tula) as sign number 7 represents leadership, command of ideas and power. People born   under this sign generally have a sensual nature.  They love sexual affairs and will remain active in it. They love to have beauty around them. As the sign indicates ‘balance’ this is what they do, weigh the consequences before taking any further mode of action.   They love justice, peace and order in every aspect of life.  They are specialist in impartial criticism.   Their approach in life is   more idealists than realists or practical.  Being born in Air sign, day dreaming or building castles in the air is their inherent nature too. Being too idealistic, they dream to see heaven on earth. They are hardly bothered what people say about them. They keep moving on with their life.   They cannot survive without Music, Love and Sex, as these three work as a Tonic to them.

Their charismatic potential has the power to influence the masses.  They like fame and recognition.  They have a strong   sense yearn to have listeners for their ideas.  Normally they do not lose their temper easily, but if they do, they come back to normalcy very fast.  If they fail in any public activity, they will continue work till they regain success in it.

They often like to live in the clouds. They are easily connected to the higher plane and have the ability to transcend the world.  They often try to maintain balance between his inner conscience and material.

Likes:  The finer things in life, sharing and gentleness

Dislikes:  Violence and injustice


Auspicious Days:  

  1. Sunday: Significant for overall Gain
  2. Monday: Important for profession related issues
  3. Tuesday: Health issues but finance can improve
  4. Wednesday: Important for higher and spiritual education and investment
  5. Thursday: Good for travel and communication
  6. Friday: Auspicious for important decisions
  7. Saturday: Auspicious for domestic, property and children related issues


Auspicious Numbers:

  1. Prime number: 6
  2. Secondary numbers: 1,4, 5, 8


Lessons to Learn:   

Libra (Tula) born people need to improve decision making capability but based on ‘Inner Voice’ rather than based on material realm. Inner voice is the voice of the Consciousness or Soul (Atma).  As soon someone tries to listen to the Voice within for decision making, two voices would be heard giving pros and cons.  In fact, with a little bit of practise, one can identify from where the Voices are coming from.  One would be the voice of the Mind (Manas) and another Inner Consciousness or Soul (Atma).  By the way, what is Mind?  It is a bundle of desires; and Intense Desires would speak loudly and try to take upper hand to win the Inner Battle.  On the other hand, voice of the Inner Consciousness or Soul (Atma) would always lead towards the absolute Right Direction. One needs to do the Impartial Introspection daily to learn this skill.  Mind you, Libra (Tula) born people have all the capacity to turn inwards; just needs to start with discipline and determination



Libra (Tula) sign represents ‘Service and Balancing’

Libra (Tula) is a Moveable sign, an Air element, relates to Balancing of Acts.     Libra born is easily influenced by other people.  He can make fortune through partnerships, beauty products, music, etc, in other words anything which pleases the senses.

The occupations governed by Libra (Tula) are Legal Services, Justice Related, Management, Diplomats, Consultants, Art Relates Such As Music, Cinema, Theatre, Singing, Poetry, Modelling, Interior Decorators And Photographers, Beauty Related Such As Beauticians, Perfumes,   Beauty Products, etc



Parts of the body assigned to Libra (Tula) are ‘Kidney, Ovaries, Groins, Semen, Female Organs and Breathing’. 

Libra (Tula) born may get problems or diseases such as, polyria, suppression of urine, inflammation of the uterus, backache, lumbago, rheumatic pains, eczema, and skin disease, affection of the vasomotor system, kidney, appendicitis, and hernia.



Due to inherent tendencies, Libra (Tula) people are the icon of love and relationships who wish to experiment anything under Sun to make relationship loveable.


Libra (Tula) is synonym of Love.  Generally they have a good married and domestic life and are always looking for love and harmony in relationship/marriage. As their inner nature is harmonious so they want harmony and balance in every aspect of marriage and relationship.  Due to their lovable nature, they are willing to bend to resolve any issue related with relationship/marriage.

They are weak in opposite sex affairs, they fall in love fast. They can live without basic necessities of life; but find hard to live without love and sex.  They feel complete if their partner gives Love & Sex and let them explore further. They need to transform their sexual energy into Divine Love and let it flow towards every living being and nature.


Some Other Features:

  1. Vibration: Unsteady
  2. Colour: Multicolour
  3. Direction: West
  4. Element: Air (Vaayu) – Gases, Social, Independent, Communicative, Intellectual, Changeable and Philosophical
  5. Modality: Cardinal/Moveable (Char) –  action orientated, extrovert,  leadership, confidence
  6. Quality: Action, Initiative and Great Vitality
  7. Harmonious signs: Gemini (Mithuna) & Aquarius (Kumbha)
  8. Time of Day: Daytime
  9. Nature: Beauty & Harmony  Lover

Scorpio (Vrischika) :  Vedic : (Nov 16 – Dec 15),   Western: Oct 23 – Nov 21)

  1. Gloss: The Scorpion
  2. Ruling Planet for Sign:  Mars
  3. Gem Stone: Red Coral
  4. Represents: Resourcefulness, legacies, death, sex, regenerative influences
  5. Parts of the Body: Generative Organs
  6. Keywords: Secretive, mysterious
  7. Characteristics: Deep mystical personality, strong emotions, transcendental drive, attractiveness of beyond and death, passion and depth, penetrability
  8. Symbolism: attraction  to self-destruction and transcendence of limitation of physical Existence; goal is transcendence of corporal and material self-consciousness.
  1. Basic Quality: Desire to Survive Against All Odds
  2. Life Quest: courage to carry on against all opposition
  3. Secret Desire: To Triumph
  4. Strength: Passion for Self
  5. Weaknesses: Too Secretive to share
  6. Lessons to Learn: To experience intense emotional transformation by Transforming sensual Love to Divine Love and by adopting the attitude of Forgiveness.


Zodiac Description:

Scorpio (Vrischika) is the 8th sign of the Zodiac, extending from 210 to 240 degrees of arc in the Zodiac from the starting point, i.e. Mesha –Aries.  The Vrischika – Scorpio sign comprises last fourth quarter of Vishaka, full of Anuradha and full of Jeyshtha Constellations (Nakshatras)  as follows:

  • Vishaka (0º0ʹ 0ʺ – 3º20ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Jupiter
  • Anuradha (3º20ʹ 0ʺ – 16º40ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Saturn
  • Jyeshtha (16º40ʹ 0ʺ – 30º0ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Mercury


Mental Characteristics: 

Scorpio (Vrischika) born people are secretive.  That’s what you hear.  This is partially correct.  They possess a subtle mind who is interested in secretive elements. They like to explore the depths of the mind reveal the secretive nature of the universe.   Tendency of mind may be go to the bottom of hidden things and to unearth then to material frame. They have a good capacity for Yoga, Tantra, research and inquiry.


Physical Characteristics: 

Scorpio (Vrischika) born people are generally good looking and handsome in appearance. They are tall, curly hair, broad forehead, broad eyes, and prominent brows. They have good muscles and like to exercise


General Characteristics:  

Scorpio (Vrischika) is the negative sign of Mars, fixed water, symbolised by “A Scorpio”.  As the 8nd sign, it represents ‘The Sexual Organs’ of the Cosmic Man.

This is the 8th stage of cosmic evolution indicating challenges while moving to the Spiritual sphere from the pull of the material attractions.  Here all the emotions get in turmoil.   These challenges are product of their own designed Karmas/Deeds from the past that no longer give satisfaction in material world.  Hence, this opens the avenue towards Spiritual understandings. Number 8 in numerology and house & Sign 8 in Astrology deal with Death like scenario.  People born in this sign experience some sort of Loss, may be Death, in one way or the other. Death has many meanings here.  It may be the passing away of near and dear ones; it may be the end of the relationships, end of the material illusion, end of the false understandings, etc

Scorpio (Vrischika) as sign number 8 represents need for balance and stability on a deeper or psychic level.  This is a very thoughtful, complex intense, deeply emotional and mystifying sign.


Scorpio (Vrischika) born people’s unconscious mind is more in control than their conscious mind.  They lose all sense of judgment under criticism and find hard to forgive a person. People born under this sign often experience a lot of health problems. The war goes on within for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They are in continuous battle within. They do not express themselves quickly. Though very perceptive but due to their caution approach, they prefer to remain behind the scenes. They are very much interested in hidden sciences. They have the capability to see through the person.  All human beings have latent sexual energy that can be used to awaken the Kundalini Shakti.  People born in this sign are not satisfied by physical relationship and have the opportunity to use this sexual energy to awaken Their Kundalini Shakti   with proper and disciplined training.  Good sign to be born to get into occultism and hidden sciences.

Likes:  Truth, hidden causes and being involved and influential

Dislikes:  People taking advantage and superficial relationships

Auspicious Days: 

  1. Sunday: Good to influence people and for professional sphere
  2. Monday: Good for travel and higher education
  3. Tuesdays: Good for competition and legal matters
  4. Wednesday: No agreement should be signed and challenges due to friends
  5. Thursday: Good for marriage and finance
  6. Friday: Financial challenges but some investment possible
  7. Saturday: Indeed difficult at domestic front


Auspicious Numbers:

  1. Primary Numbers: 9
  2. Secondary Numbers: 1,2,3,7,9


Lesson to Learn:   

Scorpio (Vrischika) born people, in deep bottom of heart always look for sensual pleasure.  Remember that the sensual love is never true or lasting but a passing infatuation, a fleeting passion.  They need to transform this sensual love into Divine Love.

Secondly they find very hard to forgive anybody.  Only a person who has this attitude of Forgiveness can be considered to be endowed with Divine Love.  Must understand one basic principle that this act of forgiving would bring about a change in the person and also in the one who forgives too. Forgiveness is Truth, Righteousness (Dharma).  It is the essence of Vedas, it is Nonviolence and it is sacrifice.  By adopting and practising ‘Forgiveness’ the Scorpio (Vrischika) born people would evolve very fast and their life would become full of Joy.



Parts of the body assigned to Scorpio (Vrischika) are ‘Bladder, Sex Organs, Urine and Blood’.

Scorpio (Vrischika) born may get problems or diseases such as, affections of the Bladder,  Trouble in Urethra and Generative Organs, Rectum, Colon, The Prostate Gland, nasal catarrh, Trouble in Womb, Ovaries, Venereal Disease, Irregular Menses, Renal Stones, Rupture, leucorrhoea, Etc



Scorpio (Vrischika) sign represents ‘Secret and Hidden’

Scorpio (Vrischika) is a Fixed sign, Water element, signifies a Mysterious and Secretive activities.  This sign portends well for hidden sciences. They are best suited for jobs related that has to do with finding the truth about life.


Scorpio (Vrischika) born people are normally suffers ups and downs in financial matters. The first half of the life is not that prosperous. But during the next half, there is every possibility of getting or making wealth through matrimony, relationships and from faraway places. They may earn more money through unrelated professions.

The occupations governed by Scorpio (Vrischika) are Occultists, Chemical Industry, Detectives, Philosophers, Navigators, Mystics, Astrologers, Occultists, Scientists, Chemists, Surgeons, Occultists, Defence, Firemen, Engineers, Priests, Dealers in Sea Food,   Police, Defence, etc



Due to inherent tendencies, Scorpio (Vrischika) born people are enormously moody, sensitive, emotional, stubborn, dominant and impatient.

They are one of the most loyal partners. They understand their partner on profound spiritual & psychic level. They are very passionate and energetic where sex is concerned. They like to hear praising words from the   partner and wish him/her to show love & affection openly; but in any disagreement they might become quarrelsome.  That’s why, occasionally, they get into violent romances, relationships and marriages. There is every possibility that they may get involved in secret love affairs. Due to their inherent capability, they must try to divert their Divine Love to Supreme Divine God.


Scorpio (Vrischika) born people are more compatible with those in Scorpio (Vrischika), Cancer (Karaka), Virgo (Kanya) and Pisces (Meena); but the eighth sign Gemini (Mithuna) is not favourable


Some Other Features:

  1. Vibration: Flexible
  2. Colour: Red
  3. Direction: North
  4. Element: Water (Apasu) – Liquids, Reflective, Intuitive, Emotional, Nurturing, Psychic, Moody, Compassionate and Secretive,
  5. Modality: Fixed (Sthira) – Thoughtful, Stable, Reflective and Determined.
  6. Quality: Resistance to change and  great willpower
  7. Harmonious signs: Cancer and Pisces
  8. Time of Day: Night time
  9. Nature: Charismatic, Good speakers, Have an unquenchable desire for knowledge

Sagittarius  (Dhanu):  Vedic: (Dec 16 – Jan 14), Western: (Nov 22 – Dec 21)

  1. Gloss: The Archer
  2. Ruling Planet for Sign:  Jupiter
  3. Gem Stone: Yellow Sapphire
  4. Represents: To explore & expand horizons, Higher education, philosophy and religion, long distance travels, in laws
  5. Parts of the Body: Hips & Thighs
  6. Keyword: Enthusiasm, Drive to Express Self, Faith
  7. Characteristics: Philosophical, Spirituality, Mysticism, Consciousness, Religion, Optimism
  8. Symbolism: Higher Learning, Spiritual, Ecstasy, Transcend, Consciousness Beyond Personal
  9. Basic Quality: Power of Perception
  10. Life Quest: To live a good and moral life
  11. Secret Desire:  To make a difference and mark in the world
  12. Strength: Optimistic
  13. Weaknesses: avoiding difficult situations, revellious
  14. Lesson to Learn: Improve concentration for higher learning


Zodiac Description:

Sagittarius (Dhanu) is the 9th sign of the Zodiac, extending from 240 to 270 degrees of arc in the Zodiac from the starting point, i.e. Mesha – Aries.  The Sagittarius (Dhanu) sign comprises whole of Moola, whole of Purvashada and the first quarter of Uttarashada Constellations (Nakshatras)as follows:

  • Moola (0º0ʹ 0ʺ – 13º20ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Ketu
  • Purvashada (13º20ʹ 0ʺ – 26º40ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Venus
  • Uttrashada (26º40ʹ 0ʺ – 0º0ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Sun


Mental Characteristics: 

Sagittarius (Dhanu) born people’s mind is very much bent towards higher sciences, Philosophy, Religion, Spirituality, Occultism and Mysticism.    Anything related with Yoga, Mantra, Tantra & Yantra attracts them. Mental attitude is kind, charitable, truthful, at times impulsive but with motive orientated temperament


Physical Characteristics: 

Sagittarius (Dhanu) born people are generally very soft, good looking,  with tall body, evenly set teeth,  brown hair, blue or hazel eyes, fresh complexion,


General Characteristics:  

Sagittarius (Dhanu) is the positive sign of Jupiter, mutable Fire, symbolised by “A Horse, Centaur or Archer”.  As the 9th sign of the Zodiac, it represents ‘The Hips’ of the Cosmic Man.


This is the 9th stage of cosmic evolution symbolising the shedding of animal qualities and becoming of Divine; goal towards releasing the inherent divinity.  Why?  Look at the symbol for Sagittarius (Dhanu).  It is a Centaur or Archer. Centaur, as per mythology it is a creature with the head, arms, and torso of a man joined to the body of a horse at its neck, i.e., ‘Half Man, Half Horse’. This symbolises one can transform his animal qualities into Divine by having Self Control over Lower Impulses.

Sagittarius (Dhanu) can be said as the philosopher of the zodiac who likes to explore the mental realm through higher education, the physical realm through travelling and the spiritual realm through intense spiritual practices. In fact, all spiritual practises start with the Control of senses that is the Highest Sadhana (spiritual practise) in this age. Now, look at the Archer, somebody who uses a bow and arrow.  Archery is an ancient art of self development through discipline, dedication, devotion, discrimination and duty in body, mind and spirit. The further one moves in Self discovery the harder the path would become.  But Jupiter that controls this sign signifies the need of Guru (Preceptor), who could give direction towards Self Realisation.  This is the sign of cosmic evolution by embracing spiritual discipline and austerity.


Sagittarius (Dhanu) as sign number 9 represents manifestation of Divine will and Grace. This sign signifies deep thinking, dignity, optimism, positive attitude, the expansive spirit, a moral, religious or philosophical disposition, Grace, Beneficence, Completion and complete Harmony and the manifestation of the will in action.

They are of indifferent temperament, prompt and conservative.  They enjoy good foresight, very kind & compassionate, at times restless & anxious. They do not like any sort of hypocrisy.  Most of them are God fearing but must become God loving instead.  They are disciplined with respect to food, drinks and relationships. Due to this, a many times people misunderstand them.  They easily become actively involved in social service.

They are enterprising and enthusiastic.  Even in unfavourable circumstances they follow the right path, would be steady and continue dedicatedly with their efforts to achieve the objective of life.  They would take decisions on any matter after careful analysis of pros and cons as they have a strong sense of principle, morality, law and justice.  Regardless of how successful they are in material world but they would remain inclined towards spiritual life too.

They can inherit much from father or family. They usually do not like to stay in one place for too long

Likes:  Travelling, Freedom, Laws and Meanings

Dislikes:  Off The Wall Theories, Being Constrained and  Do not like much details


Auspicious Days: 

  1. Sunday: Would give progress and is good for travelling and higher education
  2. Monday: Day of anxiety
  3. Tuesdays: Good for learning and investment but be careful of wasteful expenditure
  4. Wednesday: good for partnership and profession related issues
  5. Thursday: Good for overall activities
  6. Friday: Auspicious day
  7. Saturday: Good for agreements and finance matters


Auspicious Numbers:

  1. Primary Numbers: 3
  2. Secondary Numbers: 5,6,8


Lessons to Learn: 

Sagittarius (Dhanu) born people have love for higher learning but avoid difficult situations due to lack of concentration.  They must welcome difficulties by saying that these are their best friends as they give the opportunity to grow.  They do have the inherent potential to elevate themselves from the level of below the senses to above the senses.    Without concentration nothing can be done properly. Moreover, concentration is difficult in spiritual matters because the mind is outward tuned and by desire the mind clings to objects.  But the mind can be trained to concentrate inwards and the heart can be cultured to grow with Love for God.



Parts of the body assigned to Sagittarius (Dhanu) are ‘Hips, Thighs and Limbs’.

Sagittarius (Dhanu) born may get problems or diseases such as, affection of  the hips, thighs, tumour, strokes, diabetes, hearing troubles, defective eyesight, Ilium locomotors, ataxia, sciatica, rheumatism, pulmonary troubles, fracture of collar bones, varicose veins.  In late years of life, problems with lungs cannot be ruled out.



Sagittarius (Dhanu) sign represents ‘Fighting Tendency’


Sagittarius (Dhanu) is a Common sign, Fire Element; a Royal sign gives the Fighting Tendency.  People born in this sign love adventure and they like to keep themselves busy and are full of energy.

The occupations governed by Sagittarius (Dhanu) are Advisors, Lawyers, Priests, Jurists, Financial Advisors, Magistrates, Archaeologists, Foreign Exchange Experts, Publishers, Philosophers, Physicians, Healers, etc.



Due to inherent tendencies, Sagittarius (Dhanu) people love to hunt and aim high in relationship/marriage. They are very sincere in love, relationship and marriage. They crave for admiration and praise flavoured with respect. They are forgiving and would never betray their partners. They might establish close relationship with those whom they have difference of opinions previously.  Generally their partner is very good and gives full support in life though children may have different opinions.

They have good control on their sexual urges but times give in. For them, sex & love making is not as important as talking about intellectual topics. They look for spiritual values in love that is why they prefer partner with low sex drive but more inclined towards learned subjects.  Sometimes career takes over married life.  .


Some Other Features:

  1. Vibration: Too Expressive
  2. Colour: Yellow (Golden)
  3. Direction: East
  4. Element: Fire (Aagni) – Fiery Effects, Vital, Forceful, Independent, Will power & Leadership
  5. Modality: Mutable/Dual (Dwi-Swabhava) –  Dual natured, Changeable, Thinkers, Communication,  Quick and Introvert
  6. Quality: Loyalty
  7. Harmonious signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
  8. Time of Day: At Night
  9. Nature: capable of doing things on their own

Capricorn (Makara): Vedic (Jan 15 – 14 Feb)  Western ( Dec 22 – Jan 20)

  1. Gloss: The head of a stag and lower body of crocodile and some consider goat
  2. Ruling Planet for Sign:  Saturn
  3. Gem Stone: Blue Sapphire
  4. Represents: Hardships, Structure &  Social acknowledgment, Public image, social contribution,  profession, parents
  5. Parts of the Body: Knees and Joints
  6. Keyword: Practicality, Caution, Material World
  7. Characteristics: Yearning for peaks and ultimate realization, ambition and eagerness for renouncement to achieve something
  8. Symbolism: Next step toward absolute, personal boundaries are transcended, sense of

Community, universal values

  1. Basic Quality: Pride of achievements
  2. Life Quest: Proud of achievements
  3. Secret Desire: To be well-liked by everyone
  4. Strength: ability to overcome obstacles, patience, hard worker
  5. Weaknesses: Work, work and work  and argumentative
  6. Lesson to Learn: Convert work into worship


Zodiac Description:

Capricorn (Makara) is the 10th sign of the Zodiac, extending from 270 to 300 degrees of arc in the Zodiac from the starting point, i.e. Aries (Mesha) and is governed by Saturn.  The Capricorn (Makara) sign comprises last three quarters Uttarashada, whole of Shravana  and first half of Dhanishta  Constellations (Nakshatras)  as follows:

  • Uttarashada (0º0ʹ 0ʺ – 10º0ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Sun
  • Shravana (10º0ʹ 0ʺ – 23º20ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Moon
  • Dhanishta (23º20ʹ 0ʺ – 0º0ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Mars


Mental Characteristics: 

Capricorn (Makara) is one of the most stable and (mostly) serious of the zodiacal types. People born people are tolerant to the miseries of life. They are full of sympathy, generosity, compassion and determination. They are patient, good grasping power, thoughtful; mind is tunes to systematic way of working, self possessed and steady. They are fond of old traditions and lover of history and historical novels.

Physical Characteristics: 

Capricorn (Makara) born people have stature average to short, sometimes bony and tin,  prominent nose,  broad to thin  face, receded eyes, hard straight hair,  reddish-brown in colour with prominent nose, stiff hair on the eye-brows and the chest. The head is big and the face fairly broad. They have large teeth, a big mouth, and are inclined to stoop. The body is thin and fleshy.

General Characteristics:  

Capricorn (Makara) is the negative sign ruled by Saturn, moveable, cardinal Earth, feminine, symbolised by “A Crocodile”.  As the 10th sign of the Zodiac, it represents ‘The Knees’ of the Cosmic Man.

This is the 10th stage of cosmic evolution representing the bridge between universal spirituality and the physical constitution of man.  People born in this sign are always facing problems as it seems their own Karma is bouncing back. Facing problems after problems, challenges after challenges, they seem to develop the attitude of renunciation and self-sacrifice

Capricorn (Makara) as sign number 10 represents responsibility and completeness of work. This sign gives a strong sense of the state of power, responsibility, order, complete organization and the practical realization. People born under this sign are usually lucky, hardworking, ambitious, industrious, adamant, and firm. They can easily adapt themselves to any circumstances.  They always prefer having friends and partners with them.

They   have the power to achieve great accomplishments, but nothing would come without hard work. From the material achievements point of view, they can get all pleasures of worldly gains sometimes even by becoming selfish. But from spiritual point of view they have the capacity to manifest human values in day to day life.  They must learn to appreciate and value everything that comes through their own self effort and hard work.  Where business is concerned, they could be very shrewd and would not hesitate to do any immoral deeds.  On the lower side of Capricorn (Makara), they always over estimate own potential and tackle more that they could accomplish, resulting in incomplete work.

Likes:  Reliability, professionalism, purpose, foundations

Dislikes:  Wild Schemes, fantasies, ignominy, ridicule

Auspicious Days:

  1. Sunday: Challenging
  2. Monday: Significant for Legal matters
  3. Tuesday: Gain after Pain
  4. Wednesday: Good for long journeys, higher learning and service
  5. Thursday: Discuss agreements and investments
  6. Friday: Best for all activities
  7. Saturday: Good for self efforts and finance


Auspicious Numbers:

  1. Primary Numbers: 8
  2. Secondary Numbers: 5, 6

Lessons to Learn:

Capricorn (Makara) born people keep working till they achieve the goal.  They work so much and find no time for anything else.   In fact, there are three types of work one must do in life.  One is to work for the good of the self sustenance & family, second one work for the good of the world and the third one is to work for the liberation of self.   The aim of human birth is to get back to God by realising Self and that goal must not be forgotten.  But Capricorn (Makara) born people do not find time for Spiritual upliftment.  Ok,  then why not to dedicate all work as an offering to God, in this manner, work would convert into worship.


Parts of the body assigned to Capricorn (Makara) are ‘Knees, Spleen, Bones and Flesh’.

Capricorn (Makara) born may get problems or diseases such as, affection of the skin, problems with kneecap and the knee, stomach, eczema, leprosy, digestive disturbances, rheumatism, chills gout, neuralgia, melancholia, blood disorder, crusipelas, leucoderma



Capricorn (Makara) sign represents ‘Hardworking and Finishers’

Capricorn (Makara) is a Moveable sign, Earth Element that produces hard working people who are capable of moving from one place to another. This sign gives professions involving considerable Movement and Activity.  They are the major Finishers of most projects started by the ‘Pioneering’ signs.  They are the people to hire who plan carefully, are economical and are able to achieve the end result with minimum effort and without meanness. Because of their organizing ability they are able to work on several projects simultaneously. They quickly become the back bone of any company they work for. They have the ability to become the top politicians. They are suited for public life, public appointments, politics and businesses. They are More fortune and successful in middle age and later.

They have the special ability to manage finance matters.  They always save for the future. Income by investments cannot be ruled out.

The occupations governed by Capricorn (Makara) are work related with Petroleum, Metal, Mining, Chemical Industry, Building Industry, Agriculture Industry, Aeronautical Industry, Animal Products, Water Features, Geologists, etc


Due to inherent tendencies, Capricorn (Makara) people are shy, slow, and careful starters in any relationship.

They are cautious with the people around that they do not know well. They do not to interfere with others and also do not   allow others to interfere in their business. Thus they attract people who do not understand them.  They feel lonely hearted and are often misunderstood. They test the waters of love & affection before judging the temperature right for marriage. Once they are confident with the person, they would give their life for the person. Once committed, they are very loyal to relationship/marriage, though at times; they are inclined to envy & jealousy, but are married for life.   They are perfectionists where domestic life is concerned; but often they cannot get on well with husband/wife.

Some Other Features:

  1. Vibration: Determined Energy
  2. Colour: shades of Black  and  violet/purple
  3. Direction: South
  4. Element: Earth (Prithvi) – Solid Things, Practical, Stable, Endurance, Loyal and Sensuous
  5. Modality: Cardinal/Moveable (Char) –  action orientated, extrovert,  leadership, confidence
  6. Quality: Action, Initiative, Great Vitality
  7. Harmonious Signs: Taurus (Vrishabha), Virgo (Kanya) and Capricorn (Kumbha)
  8. Time of Day: At Night
  9. Nature: Diplomacy

Aquarius (Kumbha):  Vedic (Feb 15 – Mar 14), Western (Jan 21 – Feb 19)  


  1. Gloss: The Water Bearer
  2. Ruling Planet for Sign:  Saturn
  3. Gem Stone: Blue Sapphire and Amethyst
  4. Represents: Humanity, Ideals, friends and associates, social values, aspirations
  5. Parts of the Body: Ankles & Feet and blood circulation
  6. Keyword: I Know
  7. Characteristics:  Originality, humanitarianism, progressiveness, freedom lover,   intellectual and spiritual
  8. Symbolism:  Next step toward absolute, personal boundaries are transcended, sense of

community, universal values.

  1. Basic Quality: Understand mysteries of Life
  • Life Quest: Understand mysteries of Life
  • Secret Desire: To Be Exclusive

12.Strength:   Your eclectic way of seeing things

13.Weaknesses:    Egoistic, rebellious, argumentative, impractical, stubborn

  • Lesson to Learn: Fight disappointments and develops tolerance power


Zodiac Description:

Aquarius (Kumbha) is the 11th sign of the Zodiac, extending from 300 to 330 degrees of arc in the Zodiac from the starting point, i.e. Mesha –Aries.  The Aquarius (Kumbha) sign comprises second half of Dhanishta, whole of Shatbhisha and three quarters of Purvabhadrapada     Constellations (Nakshatras) as follows:

  • Dhanishta (0º0ʹ 0ʺ – 6º40ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Mars
  • Shatbhisha (6º40ʹ 0ʺ – 20º0ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Rahu
  • Purva Bhadrapada (20º0ʹ 0ʺ – 0º20ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Jupiter



Mental Characteristics: 

Aquarius (Kumbha) born people are reserved, Studious, generous have philosophy orientated mind and have a strong intuitive ability.  They are thoughtful people who are cautious and careful in their behaviours. Intelligence is their second name, possess good memory and capable of dealing with facts. They could be categorised thinkers of the highest order. At low level, they might have tendency to do unaccepted deeds and then keep this as a secret.


Physical Characteristics: 

Aquarius (Kumbha) born people have camel like Long neck, prominent nerves and protruding, plenty of rough hair, tall body slightly abnormal in size for feet and thighs, backside and waist, tendency for defective hearing and dental diseases


General Characteristics:  

Aquarius (Kumbha) is the positive sign of Saturn, fixed air, symbolised by The Pot or the Water Bearer”.  As the 11th sign of the Zodiac, it represents “The Lower Legs” of the Cosmic Man.

This is the 11th stage of cosmic evolution representing the merging of the individual ego of the universal life force by surrendering to Divine. People born in this sign have the attitude of sacrifice for humanity and are capable to surrender their Ego to Divine


Aquarius (Kumbha) as sign number 11 represents the need to understand what individuality really is.  People born under this sign have fixed opinions that cannot be altered easily. Before they do anything they always consider pros and cons of the situation. In spite of failures they would continue their efforts till they reach their goal. They are not susceptible to flattery.  These natives like to remain informed on everything under the Sun. They are very intelligent but more hardworking in nature. They prefer work that is challenging and provides some mental stimulation.   That’s why It is difficult for them to attach  emotionally with someone as their head overrules their heartThough they are little slow to grasp any new idea but once they grasp it, it remains with them in memory for very long. They feel shy to exhibit their talents before new audiences. They have good understanding about their environment and are very helpful to keep the environment in a positive frame of mind. They have ability to unite people at the cost of their own interests. They like to act instead of preaching.   They normally do what they are told not to do and as a result their energy can be blocked or dissipated.

They   inherently understand the true purpose of life. They are usually attracted into some kind of service to humanity.  On the positive side, they may sacrifice themselves for humanity and have capacity to surrender their Ego to Divine. And on the negative side, they may accept the degrading role in life and dismantle themselves totally towards the demands of their Ego. 

Likes:  Fighting for Causes, dreaming and planning for the future, having fun

Dislikes:  Full of Air Promises, loneliness, Imitations, The ordinary


Auspicious Days: 

  1. Sunday: Challenging for partnership and business
  2. Monday: Good for service, competition and legal matters
  3. Tuesday: significant for short distance travelling and profession
  4. Wednesday: Good for children and learning new arts
  5. Thursday: Auspicious for financial issues
  6. Friday: Auspicious for higher learning and spiritual activities
  7. Saturday: Challenging  for investments


Auspicious Numbers:

  1. Primary Numbers: 8
  2. Secondary Numbers: 5,6


Lessons to Learn:

Aquarius (Kumbha) born get disappointed very easily and lack tolerance.  To avoid disappointments, the primary aim should be to become Master of Self, to hold intimate and constant communion with the Divine.  This Divine pervades the entire universe of which they are the part of.  They must welcome disappointments for they toughen them and test their fortitude.  Be fixed in the consciousness that they are the immortal souls that cannot be destroyed, are pure and divine.  That would give courage and strength. Then develop the mutual love and respect for all, tolerance power would increase gradually. In a nutshell, Face the challenges by following the Inner Voice, Fight till end and Finish the Game.



Parts of the body assigned to Aquarius (Kumbha)are ‘Ankle, Distribution of the Body Fluid, Shanks and Breathing’

Aquarius (Kumbha) born people may get problems or diseases such as, problem with ankles, calf muscles, the limbs, varicose veins, and sprain in the ankle, dropsy, irregularity of the functioning of the heart, skin and eye diseases.  They are also subject to blood circulation problems



Aquarius (Kumbha) sign represents ‘Mystique, Advisors and Research Orientated’

Aquarius (Kumbha) is a Fixed sign, Air Element; a, Intellectual sign and is exclusively associated with researchers and advisors.  In one line Aquarius (Kumbha) born people are well suited to work in the public domain holding a responsible position. Generally they are suited for desk based profession than field based. They are research orientated people and could get fame due to this.  Scientists come within this sign. This sign is favourable for those who are born to advise others. They shine very well as authors and writers

The occupations governed by Aquarius (Kumbha) are Public Relation Officers, Consultants, Advisors, Philosophers, Astrologers, Computer Hardware Experts, Automobile And Aeroplane Mechanics, Engineers, Medicine, Social Service, Petroleum Industry, Building, Chemicals, Metals Minerals Crime Investigations, Psychology, Philosophy, Religion, Teaching, Research And Development, etc



Due to inherent tendencies, Aquarius (Kumbha) born people are social, open minded, tolerant and always looking for security in love, romance, relationship and marriage.

Their approach to love, romance, relationship and marriage is more of intellectual and logical.  They must love the person with mind as well as with eyes.  They prefer to stay with the same partner lifelong.  They are very tolerant in any relationship/marriage. Their Sex drive is normally low. They do not exhibit their love and are often misunderstood. In family life, normally they do not have enough happiness.   They are good indentifying the partner’s needs and as lovers they can be full of surprises.


Some Other Features:

  1. Vibration: High frequency
  2. Colour: Ash Colour or Electric blue
  3. Direction: West
  4. Element: Air (Vaayu) – Gases, Social, Independent, Communicative, Intellectual, Changeable and Philosophical
  5. Modality: Fixed (Sthira) – Thoughtful, Stable, Reflective and Determined.
  6. Quality: Resistance to change, great willpower
  7. Harmonious signs: Gemini(Mithuna) and Libra (Tula)
  8. Time of Day: daytime
  9. Nature: Responsibility and duty

Pisces (Meena): Vedic ( Mar 15  – Apr 14), Western (Feb 19 – Mar 20)

  1. Zodiac Gloss: The Fish
  2. Ruling Planet for Sign:  Jupiter
  3. Gem Stone: Yellow Topaz or Sapphire
  4. Represents: mysticism, mystery, spiritual life, hidden thing, secret activities, confinements
  5. Parts of the Body: Feet & Toes
  6. Keyword: compassion, renunciation, sacrifice, confinement, sympathy
  7. Characteristics: spirituality, idealism, mysticism, spiritual awakening, psychic, sacrifice
  8. Symbolism:  Liberation, Salvation, Moving away from material life, union with Higher Consciousness, subconscious mind
  9. Basic Quality: I Believe
  10. Life Quest: To feel connected to Spiritual Life
  11. Secret Desire: To Live Dreams
  12. Weaknesses: confused, lack of self confidence & initiative, Self-pitying, over Sensitive
  13. Strength: Kind, compassionate, Selfless ,Adaptable, Devoted, Imaginative
  14. Lessons to Learn: One can be spiritual while living in the material world


Zodiac Description:

Pisces (Meena) is the 12th sign of the Zodiac, extending from 330 to 360 degrees of arc in the Zodiac from the starting point, i.e. Mesha –Aries.     The Pisces (Meena) sign comprises last quarter of Purvabhadrapada, whole of Uttrabhadrapada and Revati Constellations (Nakshatras) as follows:

  • Purva Bhadrapada (0º0ʹ 0ʺ – 3º20ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Jupiter
  • Uttara Bhadrapada (3º20ʹ 0ʺ – 16º40ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Saturn
  • Revati (16º40ʹ 0ʺ – 30º0ʹ 0ʺ) ruled by Mercury


Mental Characteristics: 

Pisces (Meena) born people are psychically receptive, intuitive, imaginative, timid, stubborn, truthful, innocence, logical thinker, emotional, expansive, intuitive, imaginative highly religious, patient, dogmatic and God-fearing. They have a tendency to be more emotional than rational. Hence Lack leadership qualities.


Physical Characteristics: 

Pisces (Meena) born people are fair, have stature from middle to short, full eyes, tendency to double chin, short limbs, and vital temperament and inclined towards corpulence


General Characteristics:  

Pisces (Meena) is the negative sign of Jupiter, mutable water, symbolised by “A Pair of Fish”.  As the 12th sign of the zodiac, it represents ‘The Feet and Lungs’ of the Cosmic Man.

This is the 12th and the last stage of cosmic evolution where Individual Consciousness is merged with the Infinite Consciousness, i.e., Individual merges with God

Pisces (Meena) as sign number 12 represent   the complete show of all possibilities but not necessarily their proper integration.   People born under this sign are very enthusiastic in thought and action but not always wise. Generally they are more emotional than rational and analytical. They find hard to  flourish in highly disciplined environments. They are open to new ideas. They like simple living.  Inherently they are equipped with a good grasping power. They are diversely social and friendly people who can communicate at ease. Generally they would like to influence others but instead get influenced them. They are emotional at heart, compassionate and sensitive in nature, get moved by the feeling without discrimination and as a result people take advantage of their kindness. That’s why, sometimes, they are called emotional sponge of the zodiac, just soaking emotions from everywhere.  At times lose faith in them and need motivation to stand up again. They prefer to work for spiritual orientated work than the material orientated world. Highly evolved may live an aesthetic life on a very basic diet cannot be ruled out.

They may inherit property but may face legal problems. They may get unexpected opportunity to earn large sums of money.

Likes:  Solitude to dream in, mystery, the ridiculous

Dislikes:  criticism


Auspicious Days: 

  1. Sunday: Good for service and legal matters
  2. Monday: Good for speculations and children
  3. Tuesdays: Good for financial matters, travel and higher learning
  4. Wednesday: Important for domestic, business and relationship  issues
  5. Thursday: Good for personal, political and profession related issues
  6. Friday: Significant for travel, inheritance and    some challenges
  7. Saturday: Good for Investment related


Auspicious Numbers:

  1. Primary Numbers: 3
  2. Secondary Numbers: 2,7,9


Lessons to Learn:

Pisces (Meena) born people are prone to some addiction/indulgence in drugs/alcohol or misunderstood practices due to wrong perception that these drugs/alcohol/misunderstood practices could help them to climb up the ladder in spirituality and get liberation in no time.  Though they might have high interest in spiritual life but one may need to give up material and family life in order to do elevate self in spiritual life.  In fact, spirituality means seeking to realize the oneness of all beings.  There is only ONE and all came out of this ONE only. In a nutshell, Pisces (Meena) born people need to learn that spirituality refers to the state beyond all attachments and hatred, and understand the unity and oneness in mankind.  And that can be achieved while living in the material world.



Parts of the body assigned to Pisces (Meena) are ‘Feet, Blood and Psychic faculty’.

Pisces (Meena) born people may get problems or diseases such as, diseases related with feet and toes. Deformities of the feet, dropsy, delirium treatments due to drugs, addiction to drinks cannot be ruled out. As a mutable and emotional sign, they tend towards emotional disorders and may have sensitive digestive and nervous systems



Pisces (Meena) sign represents ‘Conventional and Religion’

Pisces (Meena) is a Common sign, Water Element, gives a fondness to pursue old, traditional and ancient studies beside regular profession.  This sign gives rise to religious and spiritual activities.

The occupations governed by Pisces (Meena) are Doctors, Layers, Religious Leaders, Teachers, Surgeons, Prison Officials, Historians, Charity Organisations, Helpers, Healing, Nursing, Soil Dealers, Gurus, Etc.



Due to inherent tendencies, Pisces (Meena) people are known as ‘Love Bugs’.

They live for Love. They are emotional, receptive and very affectionate to their relationship/marriage. They are devoted and family orientated people. They are never egoistic in their relationship and give much more than expected.  They love from heart and head has no role to play.  They are very delicate where sex is concerned. They often suffer in relationship due to fear of rejection or exploitation. They remain calm and cool in very tense conditions.


Some Other Features:

  1. Vibration: Erratic energy level
  2. Colour: Purple, red, yellow, orange
  3. Direction: North
  4. Element: Water (Apasu) – Liquids, Reflective, Intuitive, Emotional, Nurturing, Psychic, Moody, Compassionate And Secretive,
  5. Modality: Mutable/Dual (Dwi-Swabhava) – Dual natured, Quick, Changeable, Thinkers, Communication  and Introvert
  6. Quality: Adaptability
  7. Harmonious signs:  Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn
  8. Time of Day: Night
  9. Nature: Live in two worlds, Material and Spiritual