//Love, Relationship and Marriage

Love, Relationship and Marriage
Some say Love, romance, relationship and marriage are the most popular topics in the history of mankind. The astrological chart indicates the possible relationship potential and sustenance of the two individuals. How would be the life together with the new partner? How compatible are two people with each other with respect to mental attitude, emotionally and sexually? The compatibility analysis is much more than just comparing the Zodiac Sun Signs between the two individuals. One may wonder why he gets attracted to a certain person. One may be repeating a pattern in relationships with repeated failures. That could be due to the Karmic influences. To assess true compatibility, the Vedic Astrology analyses on many factors, such as health, wealth, progeny, emotional love, sexual love, communications, temperament, possible chemistry between the two individuals and more importantly karmic influences affecting the two individuals. Sometimes Astral remedies are suggested to make life float smoothly together.



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