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Pregnancy Problems?

Potency of the native, however, does not ensure child birth.  Whether the person is destined to have a child or not  may be seen here. At times, one has to adopt the child first in order to have his/her own child.  Sometimes the raising of the child is ensured but not the having of child. At times we have noticed the abortive planets are blocking the child birth, hence the person gets very frustrated as the lady just cannot hold on to pregnancy  till  child birth.  There are times when we notice the lady is NOT conceiving due to the lack of potency and procreative power of the other partner.  The issues can be many fold, it can be due to Past karma, lack of procreative power, low sperms count, blockage of the Fallopian tube, endometriosis,  infertility, etc.  We try to help you astrologically by analyzing  your birth chart to best of our knowledge and device remedies too.  We would expect you will share your medical condition w.r.t  pregnancy honestly with us so that we can look at the astrological chart keeping your condition in mind.

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