//Finance, Wealth and Prosperity

Finance, Wealth and Prosperity
Financial Astrology is the practice of relating the movements of planetary movement with respect to financial markets, can be focused on short or long term economic cycles. Stock Market and//or marketing decision can be made based on proper astrological guidance.

In Mundane Astrology at individual level, the birth and/or horary chart may indicate the inherent strength of income, good times for investment possibilities and most importantly whether the person can hold the wealth and put into good and moral use.

At times the individual has much money but his greed drives him crazy and wishes to earn more and more and wishes to use Astrology for his personal such gain. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “There is enough in this world to meet the needs of everybody but there is not enough to meet the greed of even a single person.” I would refrain from entertaining such individuals astrologically.



General predictions from the blog has been put down.


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