//Nurturing Plan

Nurturing Plan

Every person has the astrological chart pregnant with certain Karmic Debt to pay with inherent strength & weaknesses that sets the limits to how far one can develop the talents, this may be termed ‘Nature’ (the innate seed)’ of the chart. This astrological chart can be said “map of the psyche” which can point to character traits which have not yet become conscious. Seed has the potential to become fruit laden tree provided its nurtured properly, Also the growing child needs the proper nourishment to grow mentally and health wise strong. Similarly we endeavour to develop a nurturing plan for the specified years. We try to develop a plan to dilute the evil effects of the challenging planets and increase the effect of the favouring planets coupled with a few more things so that one can live a satisfied life.

The astrological chart gives insight to person’s life, may reflect general weaknesses and strengths, favourable and challenging time ahead. As every astrological chart is different, the astrologer at his liberty might throw some light on one or more spheres of the life that he thinks would be useful for the native to know at the time of analyzing the chart. Sometimes he may talk about Karmic disturbances, matrimonial challenges, health issues or may be any other area. He may point out some challenging times of your life.

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