//Brief Analysis

Brief Analysis
It is a brief or snapshot reading; bird’s eye view of the astrological chart that would be constructed based upon the native’s birth details (Date, Time, Place and Country of birth).. This chart would indicate the inherent potential of the native in various aspects at seed level. Just as a seed has, the potential to become a fully developed fruit-giving tree provided nurtured properly otherwise, it may not give the best results. Please note, the seed cannot give more than its potential. It is same with the astrological chart, if nurtured properly it would give the best possible results.

It’s difficult although not impossible to answer a specific question using this method which demands very accurate time of birth. The drawback is that not many people have the accurate time of birth.

This astrological chart gives insight to person’s life, may reflect general weaknesses and strengths, favourable and challenging time ahead. As every astrological chart is different, the astrologer at his liberty might throw some light on one or more spheres of the life that he thinks would be useful for the native to know at the time of analyzing the chart. Sometimes he may talk about Karmic disturbances, matrimonial challenges, health issues or may be any other area. He may point out some challenging times of your life.

This reading may give some idea of self exploration and self understanding that may open up the possibilities for change in personality and behaviour. If satisfied, one may further go for consultation on various chosen areas. Ask Now with confidence



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