Prediction (15 Oct 2003): The astrological configuration indicates that you will be able to find a stable tenant around 24 Oct 2003.

Feedback: Tenant signed tenancy agreement at 20:00 hours on 22 October 2003 and moved in the house on Thursday morning, 23rd October 2003. Till today March 2013, the tenant is continuing living at the said premises

Prediction (9 June 2006): The astrological configuration indicates that you will be able to find a stable tenant between 12 June 2006 and 14 June 2006

Feedback: Tenant signed tenancy agreement at Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Missing Person

History (28 Aug 2007): I received communication that some person was supposed to arrive by train at one particular station. The train had arrived but the person in question was missing. The question was about the where about of the Missing person.

Prediction (28 Aug 2007): I replied as follows: “It seems the person in question have received injuries in chest by four people or so. Chart is discouraging showing his death…”

• (28 Aug 2007): Received another communication on the same day after a few hours saying that “Police has found some body near railway track en route to the destination. Relatives of the missing person were asked to go and identify the body if it’s the same person in question”
• (29 Aug 2007): Received another communication, ”Your prediction was stunningly correct; the person was killed and thrown out of the moving train near…”

The saddened mother approached me on 4 Feb 2010. Her second son has left home with a note for some reason and she was deeply hurt. Hence she asked the above question.

Prediction (5 Feb 2010): For some reason I used natal birth chart of the son, Time chart of the moment and as well the chart based on number KP 66; and then declared that ‘The present configuration of the chart indicates your son would return home after July 2010”.

Feedback: The mother contacted me a several times, she went into deep depression and her health started deteriorating. I recommended her a few Astrological remedies. At end, with the Mercy of God, her son returned home on 5 Aug 2010


Prediction (ddmmyy):
• The culprit is the known person who resides in the same compound or house.
• She/he could be a servant who frequents the house regularly.
• His name begins with alphabets ‘P, B, N, K,G Ng’.

Feedback: After a sometime the culprit was identified and surprisingly, all the points mentioned above were 100% accurate

Change of Residence

Prediction (11 Dec 2002): “Winding up from here and moving to India permanently is NOT advisable. The astrological configuration indicates ‘Difficulties and Loss’. You may return between Monday, 21 July 2003 and Wednesday 23 July 2003

Feedback: The querent wound up everything from the country of residence and moved to India in Jan 2003. The querent faced many difficulties and finally decided to return the country of residence. The querent finally returned to the country of residence on Monday 21 July 2003.

Note: Please DO NOT expect me to pin point the exact dates of the event. I am only putting some successful cases

Disease, Recovery & Longevity

A gentleman came to me and said that his wife fell down for some unknown reason and is in the hospital. Doctors have conducted many tests and could not find out anything wrong with her. ‘Can you please tell me what’s wrong with my wife…?”

Prediction (25 Apr 2010): “The present configuration of the chart indicates multiple problems, starting with the Disease of the head, possibly Brain, Head and Cerebral Hemisphere and danger is also in another parts of the body cannot be ruled out, e.g., Spinal Cord, Bowels, Liver, and Intestines. Lower part of the body under serious danger, paralytic stroke like scenario is foreseen. Please take all necessary medical precautions seriously. Recovery and survival may be possible but with remedies and Gods Grace. Urgent action would be required”.

While discussing this, the gentleman received a phone call from the hospital to take his wife away to home as there was nothing wrong with her. He gave me an annoyed look and walked away.

30 April 2010: The gentleman returned to ask the same question again as his wife was admitted in the hospital again and I was told, Doctors could not pin point the problem.

Prediction (30 Apr 2010): “The present configuration of the chart indicates the similar problems as told earlier. 11 May 2010 at 23:30 hours may be very critical. Death like scenario is in progress. Chances of lower part of the body getting worst affected.” I downloaded one Power Point Presentation from the internet on Brain and tried to explain to the gentleman where the problem was. “I am sure; your wife could be saved if she is provided all necessary medical treatment straight away on that day”. To avoid any further damage some remedies were recommended.

• The gentleman took that power point presentation report to the hospital and Doctors conducted further test and found out some problem with the ‘Cerebral Hemisphere’.
• The patient STOPPED breathing on 11 May 2000 sharp at 23:30 hours in the hospital and she was revived by the Doctors.
• Then her lower part of the body got Paralyzed
• Doctors gave some training to the gentlemen in how to look after the Paralyzed person as per Doctors she WILL NOT recover from paralyses
• We carried on further remedies as the astrological chart did give some hope of recovery
• As on 1 Feb 2011, she, the patient, started walking slowly and is recovering

Prediction (22 Sep 2005): The longevity of your mother in law seems to be challenging. I guess some difficult time would be there from 7 Oct 2005. Please take appropriate Medical treatment and some Astrological remedies may be performed as well. Fridays and Sundays seem to be very difficult days ahead.

Feedback: The mother in law passed away on Friday, 7 Oct 2005.

Prediction (10 Sep 2008): The astrological configuration indicates His life span can go up to some time, but only GOD can say for certain when the person would breath his last. I am sorry; I cannot reveal the date of death of your father in law. Please seek proper medical advice and go accordingly. Please serve him to best of your capacity. If you wish I can recommend some Astrological cum Spiritual remedies. All I can say is that his health conditions would be very challenging around 13 Sep 2008.

Feedback: The father in law of the person passed away on mid September 2008


“I have gone through 4 cycles of IUI (Intrauterine insemination) using Clomid. In January 2003 I am supposed to start super-ovulation. Doctors are NOT sure either; they say chances are very little for me to become pregnant. I am not sure I should go through with this since it costs a lot of money. If it won’t work yet then I might as well wait. Please guide me.”

Prediction (3 Jan 2003): “The proposed treatment may NOT work for you. Please try some Alternate Medicine/Treatment and the Astrological Remedies. After alternate treatment, the chances of getting pregnant would be good. I can see you carrying a child in your lap in near future or in couple of year’s time. God Bless.” (Note: Astrological remedies are not given here)

• The young lady DID NOT go ahead with the proposed treatment
• She went for some acupuncture (alternate) treatment for three months in April 2003
• She conceived in April 2004 and delivered a female child on 21 Jan 2005.


A student was having some problems with her education. She wanted to change the course as well as the college. In order to do that she needed to make a fresh application for ‘Student Visa’ to do this new course.

Prediction (19 Apr 2012): “At present the planetary configuration indicates that you would have Difficulties in obtaining ‘Student Visa’ for the new course.

Feedback: I think, she was NOT satisfied with my answer. The next day she consulted the Immigration Lawyer to help her to get the ‘Student Visa’. The lawyer assured her that she would get her ‘Student Visa extended’. Hence the question on her subsequent visit to me

Prediction (27 Apr 2012): “At present the planetary configuration indicates that you would have to return to your home country. The grant of student visa is doubtful”.

Feedback (25 Mar 13): I was told by the querent friend that her student visa was not extended and she has returned to her home country on 28 Feb 2013

13. Politics: “The Ayodhya Verdict” – Whether the verdict would go in favour of Hindus?” KP 174 (1-249)
Prediction (29 Sep 2010): Note: I was not too clear about the entire issue. I understood that was Land title dispute NOT totally religious dispute
• Decision in favour of Hindus, Muslims and Education system.
• Decision would be diplomatically in favour of Hindu/Ram Mandir (Rama Temple) .
• The verdict may be challenged at later date

Feedback: The Allahabad High Court on Thursday ruled by a majority verdict that the disputed land in Ayodhya be divided equally into three parts among Hindus and Muslims and that the place where the makeshift temple of Lord Ram exists belongs to Hindus…


Note: It would be unethical to help a person get away from punishment if he is guilty or committed crime.

Before going ahead, I followed somewhat the followings steps:
• Asked the querent the real facts
• Checked whether the person is speaking Truth?
• Checked whether the allegations are False?
• Using Horary astrology checked what would be outcome of his Legl case
• Tried to understand the gravity of the problem
• Tried to understand the Karmic role
• Took permission from my ‘Inner consciousness’ whether to work on this case
• Etc

Prediction (March 2006 to Nov 2007): The astrological configuration indicates ‘No Imprisonment’ but a huge legal battle and complications. The querentt was provided with a few subsequent readings with Astrological Remedies. Surprisingly, day by day, the legal case, which as per lawyers was very difficult to win, start getting solved.

Prediction (16 Nov 2007): “Now you go home and sleep. You will win the case undoubtedly’

Feedback (28 Nov 2007): The querent rang me after the court hearing and thanking me for all the help over a few years of legal battle. He has WON the case unconditionally the opposition party has withdrawn the legal case and did not turn up


Prediction (31 March 2011): The Astrological Analysis indicates the following points:
• Initially India will be ‘Over Confident’ due to ‘Illusion’ that it can make ‘Big score’ or beat the opponent ’Easily’
• India will have to put ‘Extra Effort’ effort to win this match.
• Opposition middle order batsmen would show some fighting spirits
• Very strong competition starting with heading towards fulfilling of desire but India puts ‘strong effort and fights back at end’
• Overall astrological configuration favours India marginally.
• I expect a tight game. India gets 10 points and the opposition gets 8 points.
• At end India WILL WIN the ICC WCC 2011 title.

Advice: Heart patients should avoid watching the match

Feedback: India WON the ICC Cricket World Cup Final 2011

Note: The above is just to show that one can make predictions for such short term events. I am Sorry; I will NOT entertain such questions through this website service as I have noticed that many people use Astrology for betting, etc.

Prediction (1 Apr 2011): The Astrological Analysis indicates the following points:
• India will be very competitive
• India will get some disturbing results initially
• India’s Self effort will fluctuate , but it would favour India
• Sri Lanka will put their Life into this, hence more competitive than India
• Favours Sri Lanka initially but melts down towards India at end.
• The desire of the querent will get fulfilled and India will win the match

Feedback: India had setback by losing two ace batsmen at the beginning. Need extra effort to play intelligently. Sri Lanka did put its every effort but at end India won the Final match against Sri Lanka

Note: The above is just to show that one can make predictions for such short term events. I am Sorry; I will NOT entertain such questions through this website service as I have noticed that many people use Astrology for betting, etc.


Prediction (9 July 2010): The astrological configuration indicates some disturbing results to Netherland. Spain will win the FIFA World Cup Final

Feedback: Spain WON the FIFA World Cup Final on 11 July 2010

Sell Property

Prediction (30Aug 2007): “The astrological configuration indicates the property would be sold by 9 Nov 2007”

Feedback: The Real Estate agent got the contract subject to some conditions on 1 Nov 2007 and it became unconditional on 9 Nov 2007. Technically the property was SOLD on 9 Nov 2007 but the new owner moved into the property a few days later.


Prediction (11 May 2011): For some reason, I looked at the birth chart too and advised some Astrological Remedies. The possibility of getting job would be around 22 July 2011.

Feedback: The querent informed me on 21 July 2011 that he had got the desired job on 19 July 2011 and would be starting from 25 July 2011

For some reason (reasons withheld), this gentleman was suspended from his job. The board/managers were supposed to have a meeting in next couple of days and decide the future of his job status. The gentleman was looking forward to get his job reinstated. Hence he asked the above question.

Prediction (8 March 2012): The astrological chart indicates
• You will NOT be REINSTATED in your job, You will LOSE this job
• But you there is some Change in Job too
• Getting of new job is guaranteed Within No Time but length of new job cannot be guaranteed.
• Better start applying for another job today
• I am sorry, the Reinstatement of this job would NOT happen.
• Recommended some remedies based on the astrological birth chart

Feedback (15 Mar 2012 and 15 June 2012):
• 8 March 2012: The gentleman started applying for another jobs
• 9 March 2012: The board /managers decided Against Re-instating the job
• 12 March 2012: This news of ‘Loss of Job’ was communicated to him
• 12 March 2012: Stunningly, on the same evening, he got another job somewhere else.
• 15 June 2012: He lost this new job


Sir, I have Hybrid car, Toyota Prius 2000. It is running but giving some trouble. I took it to the mechanic two days ago, but he could not figure out the problem. He did the diagnostic test and erased all error codes. But the problem has returned. Yesterday, the mechanic and another expert have changed the 12V battery but still no change, but the Problem is reoccurring. Could you please help me to find out what’s wrong with my car? When that will be fixed…?

Prediction (5 Feb 2010): “By applying different systems of astrology, I conclude that the car is suffering from some mild Battery/Power/Energy supplying problem. Possible some cells of the Battery needed to be fixed. It would have to be taken to Garage for treatment. It will be fixed by end of next week, causing some expense; it should be diagnosed by Monday or Tuesday next week

• 8 Feb 2010: The car was taken to the different Garage and the mechanic identified the problem indicating two cells were playing up in the Hybrid battery. But he could not fix it. HE advised to take the car to another Auto Garage.
• 9 Feb 2010: The Auto Garage confirmed the replacement of two cells required from the Hybrid Battery
• 12 Feb 2010: The car was fixed costing some expense


Prediction (15 Dec 2004): It’s unlikely that you would clear your exam tomorrow

Feedback (16 Dec 2004): The person had FAILED the exam


Prediction (5 June 2004): ‘It seems that you will get into Medical college but with difficulty and may be away from here. Fruitful time for getting admission is between February 2005 till March 2007.

Feedback (2 June 2012): The questioner completed his MBBS in 2011 and also at overseas


Prediction (26 Nov 2002): You will get the loan but much less what you are looking for. It seems that you would have to try another financial institution next month or so and you will get the desired loan by mid January 2003

• 9 Dec 2002: Loan was approved but 21.3 % of what he applied for.
• Dec 2002: The questioner Applied for Loan in another Financial institution
• 27 Dec 2002: Loan was approved as per the amount desired
• 15 Jan 2003: Loan money was transferred to his account