Is Education for Living or Education for Life? What exactly is education? Is it to acquire stack of degrees to find some employment for living, getting high status and for living luxurious life? In olden days, education was imparted for Life not for living only. Educated person is the one who practices human values such as Sathya (Truth), Dharma (Right conduct), Shanti (Peace), Prema (Love) and Ahimsa (Non violence). Educated person is the one who is the Master of his own senses. But where are such institutions that imbibe such values in an individual; may be just a few. Even though the child may be given such education, but would he sustain this, would he have enough courage and determination to follow this for lifetime? Astrology helps one to understand the Inherent weaknesses from human values point of view so that one can try to improve its mental attitude for better quality of life regardless of what one does for living. Astrology also identifies the inherent strength and mental inclination which helps one to choose the appropriate direction for the nature of higher education to pursue. Please keep in mind, Astrology may identify the education potential of the individual but indeed needed to be nurtured properly to get the maximum result. Ask Now to get the honest answer to best of our knowledge



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