Astrology Highlights  including  Coronavirus Timeline



  1. 11 Sep 2019 – 20 May 2020: (Keyword for this period is ‘Teardrops’, which symbolises  sorrow, renewal, cleansing and transformation  after going through intense lessons and clearing old habits).  Sudden unexpected Hidden, water related issues, inner & outer storms, turbulent challenges, unrestrained forces of nature cause damages, big waves, electrical surges, some hidden (terror attack/underwater) activities  may wipe away lives or places, bringing major transformation in the world through deep suffering and that may be advantageous for the growth


  1. From 5 Apr 2019: Corona Virus(Covid-19) related issues  may have popped up at the backdrop at Wuhan/China
  2. From 11 Sep 2019: It shall come into surface, but was NOT declared and/or hidden
  3. From 5 Nov 2019: The Virus started spreading
  4. 8 Dec 2019: ‘Officially’ first case of new and fatal Virus, (Wuhan-Virus or Covid-19) was recorded   in China
  5. 31 Dec 2019: World Health Organisation was officially notified/updated
  6. From 12 Feb 2020: Deep& intense suffering would continue
  7. From 18 Mar 2020: “Some relief” may come to some people through ‘Alternate medicine’ and/or development of antidote of this Virus


  1. 28 March 2020 – 30 June 2020:
  • Government’s hard work would flourish
  • Business ethic will dwindle


  1. From 29 Mar 2020: More restrictions on place worldwide, call for Divine intervention rises


  1. Mar 2020 – May 2020: Unpredictable   number of cases worldwide,  Possibly more problematic time,  Coronavirus would be at its peak, may spread it further causing  more distress and mental tension world wide


  1. April 2020: This month would be full of confusion. Unexpected outcomes may come but with little clarity


  1. From 5 April 2020: Government/Authorities may hold united meetings or talks; Agenda would include –
    • New ways of solving such issues
    • Financial budgeting/planning for the forthcoming years
    • Immigration issues
    • Ethics, Abortions, where to draw the line for freedom, etc.
    • Bailing out countries or helping Europe
    • Terrorism
    • Rebuilding new social structure




  1. 7-24 April 2020:
    • Communication failures at peak,
    • Wrong communication may confuse people
    • False rumours will fill the sky, some media may play active part in this
    • Mental worried would increase


  1. 14-26 April 2020:
  • Government would start easing lockdown restrictions, but improvement would come gradually
  • People would start having more faith in their leadership
  • Virus wise situation can also get worst in some countries, more cases would be reported
  • Some medicine/treatment may be developed for Covid-19 but with some restrictions
  • Government/Authorities would start taking bold and better decisions, and will gain further strength from 26 April  2020 possibly till mid-May 2020


  1. 14 Apr 2020 – 14 May 2020:
  • Great leadership may emerge
  • Confidence level of Government/Higher authorities would rise
  • More support and powers would be provided to Medical practitioners
  • Coronavirus at peak by mid-May 2020


  1. 8-18 Apr 2020:
  • Global Event – Some significant challenging, malefic or disturbing  event, incident or announcement  may take place  on  8th and 16th  of April 2020
  • Mass tragedies and this entire episode of Coronavirus would have serious effect upon Governing bodies and economy


  1. 21-26 Apr 2020:
  • Mass tragedies and this entire episode of Coronavirus would have serious effect upon Governing bodies and economy.
  • Possibly on 22 April 2020, Terror like incident may take place, possibly in India
  • Some sort of explosion on Government/authorities


  1. 22 April 2020 – 10 Nov 2020: Challenging time for India


  1. 4-5 Apr 2020,   27 Jun-1 Jul 2020,  12 Nov 2020-3 Feb 2021,    21 Dec 2020:
    • Deeper insight/understanding to this disease would come in every subsequent dates, progressively leading towards some possible solution
    • Important/Significant event may take around these dates, possibly leading towards some Solution, Cure, Treatment plan intensified  or Relief.
    • Isolation would continue
    • Some solution for the virus may come up but may not be complete solution, it may give some relief
    • Number of cases and death would increase
    • Sharp fluctuations between inflation and deflation. People are advised to control their finances
    • Call for divine intervention. The world would turn towards spirituality for Divine Intervention through holy books, Vedantic Scriptures, Sages and Saints.  Spiritual activities would increase manifold worldwide but confidence and faith would be tested time and again. Meditation schools would get busier
    • Government will help poor workers and masses around the Globe
    • Confidence would be tested time and again
    • On personal level people would start going within
    • Some exposure of False Gurus/Leaders would come up
    • Media would cause confusion
    • Economic setback and difficulties would continue for some time
    • Re-building of new social structure begins. Re-drafting of laws and policies
    • Dramatic transformation/change in Political sphere, either stunning success or extreme downfall
    • Some scientific discovery may take place, at micro or macro level, from microscopic to telescopic level
    • India: Re-structuring of Government, Economy, Business and Society begins. Time for big transforming the institutions that are no longer needed


  1. 11 May 2020 – 30 Sep 2020:
  • Coronavirus at peak by mid-May 2020
  • Call for Divine Intervention would be on rise and/or a Spiritual person may provide some relief



  1. From 20 May 2020:
  • Wuhan would have deep impact on domestic business and feel humiliated
  • Virus wise, things may settle down a bit, but its momentum would continue till end January 2021


  1. 21 May 2020 – 20 Sep 2020:
  • Spiritual attempt to calm down things/groups of people
  • Improved medicine/treatment on cards from 21 May 2020, but still not fully affective


  1. 21 June 2020:
  • More restrictions may be removed
  • Covid-19 or another Virus or any side effect of the treatment may can hit back
  • Spiritual attempt to calm down things/groups of people
  • Improved medicine/treatment on cards from 21 May 2020, but not fully affective


  1. 29 Jun 2020 – 29 Aug 2020:
  • Significant Political changes in major countries
  • A mature person with spiritual/ethical background take lead the world with better ideas
  • Financial crisis likely between 29 June 2020 – 25 Jul 2020
  • Covid-19 or any other disease could expand exponentially


  1. From 15 July 2020:
    • Immune system at risk.  People would be advised to work on their immune system
    • Natural and/or Ayurvedic medicine would help.
    • There will be a call for Divine Intervention


  1. From 23 July 2020:  Healing in progress


  1. From 24 Sep 2020: Further positive outcome of work carried by Medical Scientists 


  1. 12 Nov 2020: Further improvements


  1. 21 Dec 2020:  Many would start believe in spiritual/ethical values


  1. 24 Dec 2020: More relief


  1. 27 Jan 2021: Life becomes normal with respect to CORONA Virus, COVID-19


  1. 30 June 2020 – 31 Dec 2020:
  • New laws would be drafted
  • Trade agreements with countries would be reviewed and changed accordingly
  • Country’s polices would be reviewed


  1. Nov 2019-2020:
  • Frustration and Irritation would increase worldwide
  • Some great advances in scientific research could take place
  • Huge under earth/water activity; test for structural strength
  • Possible assassination of the religious leader that may bring chaos in the world
  • Difficult changes in life that have outlived their usefulness
  • Changes in Education structure/Immigration laws in Australasia, USA & Canada
  • Some spiritual leaders attempts to soften global aggressive conflicts


  1. 2019-2021:
  • War like situations in Europe/Middle East
  • New leader to bring transformation


  1. 2020:
  • If the major countries like USA, England, India, China, etc do not have their  debt levels in order, they would face very serious consequences with the world
  • A fall in US stock market could affect other countries in the 1st quarter of year 2020
  • Unrest and/or protests in France, South America and Hing Kong would escalate
  • Until Sep 2020: ‘Politically Controlled Media Houses’ would tell distorted and/or fake and/or manipulated  news
  • From 31 Dec 2020: Most governments (especially China) would make massive changes in governing systems. Things may become ugly in few countries


  1. 8-25 Jan 2020:
  • One may wish to act but multiple obstacles may create frustration resulting in anger
  • Desire to act would be blocked, hence creating frustration
  • Avoid being hasty, avoid over working and avoid accidents


  1. From 17 Jan 2020:
  • The spiritual orientated leader would extend wisdom to sort out the problem. He/she would advise Muslims (people/nation) to exercise some patience  and resolve the issue in good spirits
  • India, Russia, China and alliances would prevent something major about to happen in the world


  1. 19 Nov  2020 – 24 Apr 2021:
  • Confidence/Faith in Religion, Prayers and Spirituality would dwindle
  • Stock Market shakes
  • False assurance may be given to people, may be in different words or manner, poor judgments may be made and wrong decisions may be made
  • People with existing medical conditions with Diabetes, Lungs, Liver, Kidney and Back problems MUST take extra precautions
  • Economy would further go through roller-coaster ride


  1. From 21 Dec 2020:
  • The belief that Spiritual practices can Nurture the world would rise
  • People with existing Medical Conditions with Diabetes, Lungs, Liver, Kidney and Back problems MUST take extra precautions
  • Global Recession; that may change the way economies are run
  • Resetting financial system due to economic recession


  1. 2020-2023:
  • Worldwide financial crisis
  • Under Earth/Water activity/volcano eruptions
  • Serious fluctuations for real estate/stock market
  • Changes in tax structures & financial restrictions, especially in USA major cities


  1. 24 Jan 2020 – 24 Jan 2023:
  • Challenged China may get some resolution to get out of debt ridden economy
  • From 31 Dec 2020, Governments (especially China) shall bring massive changes in its governing system and bring the corrupt people down.
  • China may start rising into power
  • Big cities in USA, such as New Jersey, Illinois, etc may bring changes in tax structures to avoid ugly situation


  1. 25 Jan 2020 – 6 Mar 2039:
  • Major Transformation for Generations begins from Jan 2020
  • Business models of the world would change
  • China: Major Overhauling & change the way people live life in China


  1. From 2024: Financial crisis, that would lead to inevitable major financial restructuring in USA, subsequently affecting most of the world


“Samstha Lokah Sukhinbo Bhavantu”

Ravinder Grover





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