Saturn Retrogradation (11 May 2020 – 29 Sep 2020)

 “Life is a Challenge – Meet it” – 


  1. What does Saturn represent?
  • Saturn represents Rules, Restrictions, Limitations, Structures, Setting up Boundaries, Responsibilities, Commitments, Foundations, Karma, “Lord of Time”, Death, Traditions, Karmic Debts, Self-Control, Discipline, Delays, Frustration, etc.
  • Saturn also stands for elderly people, Diseases, land-owners,  farmers,  mines, coal, and the produce of the earth
  • Saturn controls Diseases related with Joints, Legs, Bones, Muscles, Hair, etc


  1. What is Retrogradation/Retrogression?

Retrograde/Retrogress motion is when a planet appears to be going in reverse direction when observed from Earth.  It is not real, but this happens due to an optical illusion caused by differences in orbit.  In other words, it just appears to do so because of the relative positions of the planet and Earth and how they are moving around the Sun


  1. What does Saturn Retrogradation mean to a Layman?
  • “To go backward”, so it is the powerful time to reflect on parts of your life that maybe what you have lapsed, avoided or ignored.
    • Basically Saturn is discouraging you from doing something that does not serve your purpose of evolvement. Hence obstacles. Review your life
  • Review and accomplish any pending commitments
  • Review and reorganize important life matters
    • Saturn is offering you the opportunity to make necessary changes in your  life style with respect to Karma by challenging Come on!, Take the challenge. “Life is a Challenge – Meet It” 


  1. Why Me?
    • It’s a million dollar question people ask, “Why Me?”. Well, can I ask something, “Why NOT You?” 
    • Saturn, the planet of Karma, Time, Structure, Discipline, Maturity and Responsibility  simply  thinks that now you are ready to “Step Up” to the next level.  It wants you to go into  a Rewindmode, review your  life and then renew your life;  ultimately  become Hero not
    • Would you let this Golden opportunity go in vain?


  1. Alert: Retrogressing Saturn can be very frustrating
  • It’s just like you are driving the Sports car on a road which has many speed breakers and road blocks. How would you feel? You are just forced to either go slow or take a longer route. Is in it?
  • Retrograde Saturn is NOT a bad thing. It makes you more matured, responsible  and wiser person. It teaches maturity, time management, better planning for future. In fact after the Saturn becomes direct, you would discover that you have become a better manager 
  • Please note, Saturn Retrograde will Not change everything for you by sitting idle.  You would have to  make use of this time by putting some  good    Self -Effort.   I would say, when a planet  retrogrades, it is a great time to reflect on how you can best become its partner.
  • Saturn would retrograde from 11 May 2020  – 29 Sep 2020.  But some Extreme challenges would be felt  between   7 to 15 May 2020  and 25 Sep 2020 to  3 Oct 2020  


  1. Steps to Introspect

This is the opportunity given by Nature to Rewind, Review and Renew  yourselves. Here are the steps:

  • Rewind: Go back in the past in your thoughts
  • Review: Introspect the situation impartially by going inwards by communicating with the Real Self. Get the proper Guidance by reviewing the options/directions to take;  there seems to be some unfinished business to attend to or say going back to complete the unfinished work, if any
  • Renewed Action: Come up with the Renewed approach to move forward with much more Self-Awareness  


  1. Challenges while Introspecting
  • Your mind will always confuse you. Mind is a trick master.  It would joggle you with all sort of arguments and then give you ‘clever justification’  why you should take  this particular action that fulfils your latent desires.  After all, mind is the bundle of desires, nothing less nothing more. It’s trying to fulfil your Inherent intense desires latent  within
  • Here lies the REAL problem. Saturn does not want you to listen to the mind but it wants you to have the consultation with your Buddhi-Intellect, that is, the discrimination power and that is  situated very close to the Atma -Soul, the ‘Inner Voice”
  • Whenever you are indecisive, Let your intuition make the call


  1. Areas of Life that need to be Reviewed

What are the areas of life that you should Review? Well, every individual or say, customised Astrology Chart  based on Birth details, would reveal different  area of life and many other factors need to be taken into consideration.  For example, Each planet signifies  a different component of life, a different type of energy, say a different aspect of day-to-day life.  Some planets govern more personal aspects of life and some shape the trends of entire generations. Meaning of each planet changes in different Lagna (Rising Sign), Zodiac Sign, House, Nakshatra (Constellation), Pada (Part), Dasa (Periods) running, Vargas (Divisional houses), Effects of other Planets on it, etc.  There are  so many combinations & permutations to look at before coming to the conclusion what would be the outcome of certain planet at certain place and at certain time.

If you desire  to find out about yourself,  then you are  most welcome to consult me professionally through my website ( for customised charts.


But Generally speaking, by looking at the Astrology chart of the World, the following are the Themes of Life to Rewind, Review and Renew:

  • Taking Responsibility for your actions, e.g., becoming more responsible w.r.t Covid-19, taking appropriate actions by not leaving any avenue to spread the Virus
  • Structuring the career/business, Re-Planning and Implementation
  • Becoming more matured and wiser with life
  • Time Management
  • Service – Finding time to serve the society with your inherent/special talents that you most love to use


  1. Timeline for Review

For how long you should keep reviewing various aspects of life?

Review time: 11 May 2020 to 29 Sep 2020.

Alert/Extreme Challenging time: 7-15 May 2020  &  25 Sep 2020 to 3 Oct 2020 


  1. When is the right time to put Renewed plans into Action?

Generally  speaking, you are free to implement your well planned Renewed options into action;  may be making some adjustments  a multiple times even after putting renewed plans into action especially during this Retrogradation period; that’s how you get to perfection.  Ideally speaking more fruitful period would be between.    4 Oct 2020  to  4 Jan 2021 


  1. What does it represent for Government?

Governing authorities would make decisions to sort out Industrial,  Labour, Structures, Employment, etc.,   issues throughout Saturn Retrograde period.

But   from  7-15 May 2020, 25 Sep 2020 – 3 Oct 2020 would be  the Time for Extreme Challenges  for

  • Industrial & Labour issues are on cards
  • Virus may spread further causing more anguish
  • employment and structure issues, if lockdown is relaxed it must be done properly in systematic and Planned manner
  • Economy would be reviewed, rebuilding of structure  begins
  • The world would sink into deep depression, some plans need to be put into place to revive it


  1. Conclusion

Retrogradation of Saturn is the ideal  time  for rewinding,  reviewing and renewing your  above said general theme and that would indeed make you much more wiser and would help you to Step-up in life. 



“You have a FREE WILL to do any Karma that pleases you but you are NOT FREE from the consequences of Karma”


“Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu”


Ravinder Grover