New Zealand – Take Precautions and Save your resources (29 July 2022 – 11 Aug 2022)


Note:  This is based on my continuous research in Astrology. This is my effort to foresee the astrological influence of planets on New Zealand between 29 July 2022 – 11 Aug 2022.


The astrological chart was constructed  using the following parameters:

Date:  29 Jul 2022, Time: 5:55 hours, Place: Auckland, New Zealand


I anticipate the following occurrences beginning from 29 July 2022:

  • Global Recession would be evident on the surface level

  • Resetting of Interest Rates (possible hikes between 29 Jul 2022 and 23 Nov 2022)

  • There is a possibility that the economy will continue to contract, and that the rate of national growth will also decelerate.

  • Impact on State Treasury, Unexpected troubles and Signs of Instability are on cards

  • There may be a lot of worry about Public health, Diseases (old and new) and the spread of the viruses

  • Possibly there would be a great deal of concern for public health, diseases (both old and new) and the proliferation of viruses.

  • The death rate may climb due to Diseases, Infections, or Viruses

  • Concern over cost of Living (anticipate food prices to go further up due to Global food shortage)

  • Violence in the country may increase

  • Possible Death and/or accident of the Leader

  • Natural Calamities, accidents, suicides related issues on cards

  • The general state of affairs in the cabinet and/or nation and Internal Turbulences/Events

  • Water elements may play a big role (possibly heavy/stormy weather or floods)

  • Some corps may suffer a loss

  • Educational institutions, financial institutions and/or Students may struggle



Ravinder Grover


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Ravinder Grover

Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.   My understanding of astrology is completely based on the principles and practises of astrology, some of which were taught to me by the Sages and/or Astrologers of the highest degree. I provide my perspective to the field of astrology based only on these. These forecasts are provided only for the purpose of serving as a guide. Regarding the accuracy of my calculations and analyses, I make no assurance whatsoever. These forecasts are made in no way with the intention of being harmful to anybody. I specifically and unequivocally renounce any and all guarantees, whether they are explicit, implicit, or contingent, for the use of these forecasts, for the occurrence of any damage, loss of profit, or in any other way. There will be no responsibility of any kind incurred as a result of any notification or advice given by anybody.