//Karmic Astrology

Karmic Astrology
The astrological chart reveals the evolution of the soul from past lives to the present life. Possible karma done in past lives and its possible consequences and challenges in this life. Once, one understands the concept of Karmic patters involved and the resultant energy blockages, one may understand the motivations and unconscious forces acting in this life, then the question ‘Why Me?”, may become the Gateway to evolve in this life time and improve the quality of life with proper understanding of own deeds that design your destiny. This may give an insight into one’s own personality. One can choose the area of focus from Strength and weaknesses, karmic challenges on health, finance, relationship, karmic challenges, any remedies or gem stone prescription. It’s time to understand self more and learn to exhaust your karma with pure qualities. Ask Now for building your better future



General predictions from the blog has been put down.


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