DOJ: 8 July 2019, 23:00:46 hours, Auckland, New Zealand, KP (1-249) 185



  1. Self-Effort, CSL(1) = Sun S(11,6,1-4,9) in sub Sat-R S(6,12,6-11,2-3) èFavours India
  2. Competitiveness, CSL(6) = Rahu S(11,6,1-4) in sub Sat-R S(6,12,6-11,2-3) èFavours India
  3. Desire, CSL(11) = Ven S(6,6,-,6-11) in sub Sat-R (6,12,6-11,2-3) èFavours India

Sat R conj Ketu (6,12,6,11)èfavours India


New Zealand

  1. Self-Effort, CSL(7) = Ven èFavours India
  2. Competitiveness, CSL(12) = Rahu èfavours India
  3. Desire, CSL(5) = Mon S(6,9,9,8) in sub Ven S(6,6,-,6-11) èFavours India


Ruling Planets

RP = Sat, Jup, Sun (Rahu), Merc, Mon

Jup S(7,11,7-10,1-4) èequal strength

Merc (12,7,2-3,7-10) èFavours NZ, but Rahu in Merc sign favours India

Sat, Sun, Mon èfavour India


Note: Most of the planets are in sub  SatR conj Ketu and that favour India


Conclusion: As per my little knowledge of astrology, India wins this match convincingly  and comfortably


Ravinder Grover