A farmer lost his watch with some sentimental value in the hay shed. He searched for it for a long time but in vain. He asked for help from the children playing nearby and also declared some reward for the child who would find his watch. The children jumped inside the hay shed but they could not find either. A little, charming and content looking boy who was standing still and seemed to be in deep thoughts asked for the second chance alone. The farmer approved. After a short while, the little boy came out of the shed with the watch in his hand. Everybody exclaimed and asked the child how he found it. The boy replied, “All I did was that I sat down in one corner in SILENCE and tried to LISTEN WITHIN carefully. After a while I heard the ticking sound of the watch coming from one direction and searched there. And here it is”

Message and Moral of the story is that a peaceful mind can think better and do wonders provided it has practised enough to listen to the ‘Inner Voice’ in ‘Silence’.

You can hear the footsteps of God when SILENCE reigns in the Mind’ – Sathya Sai Baba

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