Bird’s Eye View Analysis


Those who are following Indian Politics are well aware of the hot media report /debates on Swati Maliwal Assault case.


Just now, (18 May 2024, 23:20 hours, Auckland, New Zealand)   I had a sudden  urge to check Swati Maliwal’s astrological chart.   


I searched Google and could only find her Date of Birth as 15 Oct 1984 and Place of Birth as Ghaziabad, UP, India.  No time of birth could be found.


I casted Vedic Astrological Chart based upon 15  Oct 1984, and noted the following:

   1. If she was born before 17:30 hours IST then she has

  • Moon and Rahu in Taurus

  • Mars and Jupiter in Sagittarius and in 8th house from Moon

  • This also shows her ‘violent and difficult childhood’


  1. If she was born after 17:30 hours IST then she has

  • Moon in Gemini and Rahu in Taurus in 12th house from Moon


3. Transit of Uranus: I am just looking at Transit of Uranus (w.r.t natal Moon) which would move into Taurus on 1 June 2024 after 84 years. Uranus orbits the Sun in 84 Earth years, spending an average of 7 years in each sign. Due to its extensive retrograde cycles, it would spend longer period in Taurus sign.

Uranus signifies ‘sudden blow, rebellious activities, revolution, innovation,    shocking revelations,  invention, independence, shock and overturning of traditional, conventional, or orthodox beliefs that it deems outdated’.

At Mundane and Global level,   Uranus   in Taurus represents the ‘transformation of our ideas about what is valuable, what is secure, and what would be successful


Let us now look at only one outer Planet Uranus how it may impact  Swati Maliwal’s Chart.

If Swati Maliwal was born on 15 Oct 1984 before 17:30 hours then  Transit of Uranus in Taurus would energise natal Moon and Rahu this would indicate the followings:

  • Expect ‘Sudden blows, shocking revelations, Revolution and Rebellious’ acts/incidences from her.  

  • Potentially  she could become more problematic and dangerous for AAP party 

  • Uranus has not yet moved, but the   ‘Angarka Yoga’ that is emerging on 19/20 May 2024 may spread its fires all over.  She would spill the beans and AAP may land   in severe jeopardy at any point beginning on 19 May 2024.

If Swati Maliwal was born on 15 Oct 1984 after 17:30 hours, IST then Transit of Uranus with Rahu in 12th  house from Moon may bring

  • ‘sudden disappearance, confinement, expenditure, hospital treatment, etc’   to her.

  •  She may land up in more trouble and suffer more in time to come

I f I also look into Arvind Kejriwal’s Vedic Astrology chart  then No matter what time Swati Maliwal was born, on the 24-25 May 2024 Transit Mars would transit the Solar Eclipse point that occurred on the 8 April 2024, which would bring more challenges for AAP and  make Arvid Kejriwal’s legal difficulties much more severe.


I will write more if I get more time and able to find Swati Maliwa’s  time of birth.



Ravinder Grover