1. Aries (Mesha Rasi) (14 April – 15 May)

You may feel there a need to re-try ventures as you return to past choices. From 13 Oct 2020, some unforeseen events or  astounding news that has something to do with past events are on cards. Many would fail to think rationally for the time beings. Must read the fine prints and make sure you do understand the consequences before you sign any legal or financial documents. Sudden heavy expenses are expected around end of the month, possible some money need to be spent on health services. Keywords for the period would be  “Staying positive”


2. Taurus (Vrishabha Rasi) (15 May – 15 June)

Time to put your artistic ideas into action.   Must take care of your health and make sure your keep your  incoming income tidy and steady. Some misunderstanding in relationship may come up, maybe it’s better to  resolve the issues  before they pop up. Basically you are struggling in maintaining balance between personal and professional life.  From 12 Oct 2020, anything you negotiate may be required to renegotiate after some time.  Total control and purity of speech would be highly beneficial. Keyword for the period would be ‘Effective Communication’  


3. Gemini (Mithun Rasi) (15 June – 16 July) 

From 12 Oct 2020,  whatever you have to do, must do it with full awareness. Aoid buying any electronics good for the time beings. All communications tools need to be handles with extreme care. Some unexpected news are on their way to become open in public. If single, there seems to be some sort of deadlock in relationship;  and the good news is that you may find someone worth considering within the two hours of travel  from your residence. Healthwise, take care of your lungs.  Keywords for the period would be “Be Mindful”.


4. Cancer (Karakata Rasi) (16 July – 17 August)

Your hard work would produce yield in time to come, have patience.  From 13 Oct 2020, communication devices may give some problems, better back up your data in time. Avoid picking up any arguments or fight, especially with partners of any sort. Amy relationship that been nurtured with Love and faith, that would do wonders. Some  upsetting news that has something to do with children or with love affair may pop up; staying calm would indeed help. Keywords for the period would be “Control your emotions” 


5. Leo (Simha Rasi) (17 August – 17 September)

From 12 Oct 2020, some challenges at work may upset you, backbiting may be at peak, subordinates may try to crush your ego.  You may feel that the people who  you have helped to rise in life are the one ready to bit you at their convenience. Avoid long distance travelling. Avoid signing any new contracts till mid of next month.  If thinking of doing any renovation at home, review the cost involved before you start. You are encouraged to go through your cash reasonably by making an appropriate spending plan. Keywords for the period would be “Watch your Finances”


6. Virgo (Kanya Rasi) (17 September- 17 October)

From 12 Oct 2020, there is a high chance of picking up argument or fight with your spouse, especially on forthcoming Full Moon day. A lot may go in your mind, you may even get annoyed due to some activities taking place at your neighbourhood. For next few months your expenses my go a bit high than usual; budgeting would be advantageous. Communication is the another area need to be looked after; backup your al communication devices.  Keywords for the period would be “Watch your mental noise but do nothing”


7. Libra (Tula Rasi) (17 October -16 November)

From 12 Oct 2020, nature is giving you the  opportunity to explore your décor talents and create beauty.  You may put your head, heart and hands together to redecorate your house.  For one or other reason, you would always end up arguing with your closest friends, giving you the feeling that you  are misunderstood, though it may not be the case.  This is due to the fact that you may hear your comrades but fail to listen them effectively. Relationship may go through  a roller coaster ride.  Keywords for the period would be “Listen carefully before reacting”


8. Scoprio (Vrischik Rasi) (16 November – 16 December)

From 12 Oct 2020, you may feel there is a need to re-try ventures as you return to past choices you had made. It would be beneficial  to delay signing any legal documents for a while. Relationship and/or partnership may flourish to next level; here is the time to step-up relationship/partnership, of course subject to some conditions.  For next two weeks, you may find hard to discriminate the difference between  the facts and fiction. Some financial losses are anticipated during this period. If you set goals and desire to achieve them, then you need to continue to work hard and invest your efforts into it. No shortcuts would work.


9. Sagittarius (Dhanu Rasi) (16 December – 14 January)

Career may slow down further a bit. If in business, clients may change their minds at the last minute. Deal them tactfully especially around 19 Oct 2020. Review your business goals and make and make a workable business plan. Communication devices may hiccup. This is not so productive time to start any new relationship and/or partnership. You would yearn to be with your god friends, but be careful, too closeness with them may backfire next month or so. Health may play up till end of the year


10. Capricorn (Makara Rasi) (14 January – 13 February)

Here is the good opportunity to spend a quality time with the special one. Direction may be given to the new relationship further to commitment. Some family matters may take a back seat till mid of Nov 2020. Control your frustration and anger. Your career would demand more time from you for a while, possibly leading you  to some achievement. Read your emails twice before clicking the send button. Financially it is better to create a risk profile keeping in mind your preferences and capacity, instead of following blindly.


11. Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) (13 February – 14 March)

Long distance business deal may have the potential to give a good yield.  Shrouded rivalry could be an issue, so be prepared for them.  To gain a good profit, you may start planning now. At the same time, there are high chances that your communication may be misinterpreted. Hence take all appropriate precautions whereas communication is concerned. Keep healthy and do not let stress and strain lower your self-confidence.  This is just passing clouds.  You may be  required to  motivate yourself.   Message for this period is  “Self-improvement is best success trick”


12. Pisces (Meena Rasi) (14 March – 14 April)

Time may force up your expenses. Save your wealth against future calamity;  when riches begin to forsake one even the accumulated stock dwindles away. Do not lend money to anyone during this period, as its return cannot be guaranteed. Relationship with spouse and/or business partner  may take a difficult turn due to communication gap. Someone at home may get mild sickness due to nervous system or lungs. Career plans may succeed if worked upon them diligently, but take care of minute details. You may call people from past to join your business venture.


Ravinder Grover

Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.  I offer my insight to Astrology solely based on my learnings of astrology principles and techniques,  some  of them learnt from the Sages of the highest order. These predictions are offered for guidance purpose only.   I offer absolute no guarantee on my calculations and analysis. These predictions are not intended to harm anyone by any means.  I expressly disclaim all warranties, implied or contingent, for making use of these predictions, for incurring any loss, loss of profit or in any manner. No notice or advice from anyone  will create any liability whatsoever.