Note:  TheVedic Sun Signdescribes your Public Self, the Moon Sign(Janma Rashi)describes your Emotional Personality(the way you interact with others, not necessarily how you are inside) and the Rising Sign(Lagna)describes your true Inner Self(how you are inside and how you face the world unconsciously)


  1. 2019-2021: War like situations in Europe and Middle East may arise
  2. Soon: Changes in immigrations laws in Australasia, New Zealand, USA and Canada, Spiritual leaders WILLattempt to soften global aggressive conflicts
  3. Mar 2019 – Sep 2020: Significant changes in Education related structures
  4. May 2019-June 2019: Increase of frustration, aggression and tension in the world, possible terror attack or accident or fire in air or in tall building or places of worship
  5. Around 19 May 2019:News about possible sudden events, unexpected financial changes and unusual romance WILLbe highlighted
  6. From Nov 2019: Possible under earth/water activity; test for structural strength
  7. 2019-2020: Time to make difficult changes in life that have outlived their usefulness
  8. 2020-2021: New leader emerges to bring transformation
  9. 2020-2023: World at the bay of financial crisis, possible changes in Tax structures & financial restrictions, serious stock market situation
  10. From Jan 2020: Serious Financial stress
  11. From Feb 2020: Possible Under Earth/Water activity & volcano eruptions, Sudden fluctuation in property market



  1. Aries (Mesha Rashi): (14 April – 15 May)

Starting name Syllable as: Chu, ChAE, chO, lA, lee, Lu, lAE, lO, Aa

This is the time to focus on how to grow out of your unconscious patterns, become more aware of yourself and  to make better choices to break bad habits, if any. From 7 May 2019, some frustration & tension could increase, travelling could cause hidden difficulties, some challenges with  siblings & friends  could detach you from your responsibilities. This could confuse you and  cause self-doubt about  your  destiny and vocation. Career could be standstill or undergo some sudden changes



  1. Taurus (Vrishabha Rashi): (15 May – 15 June)

Starting name Syllable as:   ee, uu, Ai, O, vaa, vee, vu, ve, vO

You shall do better financially but living on a budget and saving for the rainy day is a highly recommended. To avoid accidents please keep your focus on road while driving not on mobile phone. Do not argue with your spouse if you are not driving. Your impulsive nature could cause more problems. Be aware of political undercurrents in your friends’ circle. At career front, pay more attention to your project that than having your name up in lights. Review legal matters in a new light, if any, you tend . you may tend to rebel against traditional family values



  1. Gemini (Mithun Rashi): (15 June – 16 July)

Starting name Syllable as:   kA, ki, kU, gHa, ṅA, cha, kAE, Ko, hA

You would need to control aggression like never before.  From 9thMay 2019, dealing with others  and relationship could be the most challenging area to look after. Due to lack of commitment that pushes lovers to want to be together new relationships would not see the light of day. Must  review your loans or the borrowing of money and any legal contracts you’re signing. It will be far easier to progress with your commitments later in the year



  1. Cancer (Karakata Rashi): (16 July – 17 August)

Starting name Syllable as:   hee, hU, hAE, hO, ḍA, ḍee, ḍU, ḍAE,ḍO

Diplomacy is the need of the hour.   Beware of possible accident, especially anything to do with heights. From 7 May 2019, dealing with people would become difficult  and relationship could dwindle a bit.  You may need to keep your mind under strict rules and regulations, otherwise you  getcaught up in the illusion of fantasy about ambition and disconnected from the reality of what is possible but unable to “see it.”    Digestive system may have some issues



  1. Leo (Simha Rashi): (17 August – 17 September)

Starting name Syllable as:   mA, mee, mU, mAE, mO, ṭA, ṭee,ṭU, ṭAE

In next few months you may face sudden blockages at work.  Keep your frustration under control and DO NOT argue at any cost.  Any important decisions must not be made for some time or you may end up choosing wrong option.  Spending more time  with you family and loved ones would confer more peace.   Must avoid unnecessary expenses.  Take care of children    as there is possibility of injury due to heights or fire elements



  1. Virgo (Kanya Rashi): (17 September- 17 October) 

Starting name Syllable as:  ṭO, paa, pi, pU, ṣA, ṇa, ṭhA, pAE, pO

You need to stay alert while driving or working with any  electrical devices.  Also make sure to switch off electrical and fire related equipment when not in use. To avoid further disappointment, any work related with renovation or building of house must be delayed. Change of  residence is quite possible.  Growth in career can take place but with extra efforts. Property related disputes may trouble you, hence read all fine lines before signing any important documents



  1. Libra (Tula Rashi): (17 October -16 November)

Starting name Syllable as:   rA, ri, rU, rAE, rO, ta, tee, tU, tAE

Be diplomatic if you are having  an urge  to present new ideas to others in ways that fascinates and creates great influence around them.  Be practical otherwise this  may create some conflict. Income and expenses, both seem to rise.    Restructuring  of your ‘family home’ or your nest that gives you emotional stability could take place but every care need to be taken on money spent to do this exercise. Take care of your knees and lower leg.



  1. Scoprio (Vrischik Rashi): (16 November – 16 December) 

Starting name Syllable as:    tO, nA, nee, nU, nAE, nO, ya, yEE, yU

Dissatisfaction and emotional emptiness around family & friends may lead to drinking or eating disorders.  To overcome this, make sincere efforts to avoid frustration  by showring more love upon closed ones. Remember ‘Sword’ and ‘Words’ have the same letters and the same effect, if not handled properly. Improve on your responding ability  and get rid of reacting impulsively all the time.  Focus on inner communication more than outer noise.  Lately you may have started manipulating others unconsciously, must change the focus, try meditation



  1. Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi): (16 December – 14 January) 

Starting name Syllable as: yAE, yO, bhA, bhee, bhU, dhA, phA, ḍha, bhAE

From 7 May 2019, you may be overindulgent and would  “not see” your  spendthrift ways.  You may  struggle with low self-esteem, lacking self-confidence, and seeming invisible in a group.  This is time for  getting into an inner contemplative quality.  Be realistic, discipline  and evaluate your finances and money matters otherwise you may land in heavy debt. It’s all about  setting realistic  boundaries with your purse and spending.  This is the time to find out the truth and gain friends who can help you out.



  1. Capricorn (Makara Rasi): (14 January – 13 February) 

Starting name Syllable as:    bhO, jA, jee, khee, khU, khAE, khO, gA, gee

You may be getting impulsive  and blind in investing money without giving any thought.  Stop this habit at once, otherwise you may repent later on.  Must keep check on your financial matters seriously.  There seems to be desire for spiritual upliftment but  lack of practice is indicated. Career could become vibrant as long as you do not lose your cools and don’t take impulsive decisions. Avoid getting controversial with team members. Its time go for health check,  especially your bones and teeth



  1. Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi): (13 February – 14 March) 

Starting name Syllable as: GU, gAE, gO, SA, see, su, sAE, sO, DA

Now is the time to  re-evaluate  your life more closely  and quitting unwanted habits.   Nature is calling you to enter spiritual domain and discover your true self. Avoid any further investments otherwise you would be making a wrong decision that might give you losses. Do not neglect your health;   pain with the bones, urine infections, and breathing issue may arise. Elder siblings or close friends may go through hard time, provide help to them. Marital life shall move smoothly  



  1. Pisces (Meena Rasi): (14 March – 14 April)

Starting name Syllable as:    di, du, thA, jhA, trA, dAE, dO, chA, chee

Around 7 May 2019, avoid picking up any quarrel or arguments, especially at work otherwise that may go against you. Job change is the possibility; but even  if you change the job, challenges would not change. In fact, career front requires more hard work and efforts.  Expenses could rise exponentially, hence control your purse.   Spend more time with family members and enjoy their company. In relationship, passions may be high; control your impulses to avoid putting yourself in any embarrassing positions.





Ravinder Grover