Note:  The Vedic Sun Sign describes your Public Self, the Moon Sign (Janma Rashi) describes your Emotional Personality (the way you interact with others, not necessarily how you are inside) and the Rising Sign (Lagna) describes your true Inner Self (how you are inside and how you face the world unconsciously)



  1. 11 Sep 2019 – 20 May 2020: (Keyword for this period is ‘Teardrops’, which symbolises  sorrow, renewal, cleansing and transformation  after going through intense lessons and clearing old habits)  Sudden unexpected Hidden Water related issues, inner & outer storms, turbulent challenges, unrestrained forces of nature cause damages, big waves, electrical surges, some hidden (terror attack/underwater) activities  may wipe away lives or places, bringing major transformation in the world through deep suffering and that may be advantageous for the growth


  1. 29 Jun 2020 – 29 Aug 2020:
  • Significant Political changes in major countries


  1. Nov 2019-2020:
  • Frustration and Irritation would increase worldwide
  • Some great advances in scientific research could take place
  • Huge under earth/water activity; test for structural strength
  • Possible assassination of the religious leader that may bring chaos in the world
  • Difficult changes in life that have outlived their usefulness
  • Changes in Education structure/Immigration laws in Australasia, USA & Canada
  • Some spiritual leaders attempts to soften global aggressive conflicts 


  1. 2019-2021:
  • War like situations in Europe/Middle East
  • New leader to bring transformation


  1. 2020:
  • If the major countries like USA, England, India, China, etc do not have their  debt levels in order, they would face very serious consequences with the world
  • A fall in US stock market could affect other countries in the 1st quarter of year 2020
  • Unrest and/or protests in France, South America and Hing Kong would escalate
  • Until Sep 2020: ‘Politically Controlled Media Houses’ would tell distorted and/or fake and/or manipulated  news
  • From 31 Dec 2020: Most governments (especially China) would make massive changes in governing systems. Things may become ugly in few countries


  1. 8-25 Jan 2020:
  • One may wish to act but multiple obstacles may create frustration resulting in anger
  • Desire to act would be blocked, hence creating frustration
  • Avoid being hasty, avoid over working and avoid accidents


  1. From 17 Jan 2020:
  • The spiritual orientated leader would extend wisdom to sort out the problem. He/she would advise Muslims (people/nation) to exercise some patience  and resolve the issue in good spirits
  • India, Russia, China and alliances would prevent something major about to happen in the world


  1. 9 Jan 2020-5 Feb 2020:
  • One would be required to make difficult changes in your life that have outlived their usefulness


  1. 2020-2023:
  • Worldwide financial crisis
  • Under Earth/Water activity/volcano eruptions
  • Serious fluctuations for real estate/stock market
  • Changes in tax structures & financial restrictions, especially in USA major cities


10. 24 Jan 2020 – 24 Jan 2023:

  • Challenged China may get some resolution to get out of debt ridden economy
  • From 31 Dec 2020, Governments (especially China) shall bring massive changes in its governing system and bring the corrupt people down.
  • China may start rising into power
  • Big cities in USA, such as New Jersey, Illinois, etc may bring changes in tax structures to avoid ugly situation


11. From 2024:

  • Financial crisis, that would lead to inevitable major financial restructuring in USA, subsequently affecting most of the world



 1Aries (Mesha Rashi) (14 April – 15 May)

Starting name Syllable as: Chu, ChAE, chO, lA, lee, Lu, lAE, lO, Aa

Some opportunities to change career may arise but your desire for recognition may not be fulfilled. Some challenges with   higher education/long distance place may occur.  Learn to forgive and play it cool.  Financial planner may help you with further good investments.  In relationship, heart  to heart conversation without traces of ego would indeed take you to new heights


2. Taurus (Vrishabha Rashi) (15 May – 15 June)

Starting Name Syllable As:   Ee, Uu, Ai, O, Vaa, Vee, Vu, Ve, Vo

This is the time to come over petty matters even more.   Learn to resolve such things quickly,  with wisdom and without hurting anyone. Gateway to healthy relationship would be to open your heart and share your deep feelings with your spouse. You are more included to become spiritual from this month onwards


  3Gemini (Mithun Rashi) (15 June – 16 July)

Starting name Syllable as:   kA, ki, kU, gHa, ṅA, cha, kAE, Ko, hA

You may be attracted towards the difficult and/or addicted person.  Control your emotions, there could be challenging time in relationship ahead if this is not handled properly. You must start planning your career path properly  and must stick to it through challenging  times. Determination would be the key to your future success


 4Cancer (Karakata Rashi) (16 July – 17 August)

Starting name Syllable as:   hee, hU, hAE, hO, ḍA, ḍee, ḍU, ḍAE, ḍO

Some unforeseen health issues around liver & kidney cannot be ruled out. Drinking of raw celery juice and hot lemon water in the morning may help.  In the forthcoming years, some issues with relationship and/or partnership may pop up. At career front, you must have alternate plan as well, you may be required cultivate new skills 


 5Leo (Simha Rashi) (17 August – 17 September)

Starting name Syllable as:   mA, mee, mU, mAE, mO, ṭA, ṭee, ṭU, ṭAE   

You may have strange feeling for your children, that may cause  challenges. 20-25 Jan, health issues due to fire energy/pita may pop up, drinking  coconut water would indeed help.  Must plan your finances well as unexpected expenses may shake the budget. For better relationship, give some space to your spouse, this would give time to focus on challenging issues


6. Virgo (Kanya Rashi) (17 September- 17 October)

Starting name Syllable as:  ṭO, paa, pi, pU, ṣA, ṇa, ṭhA, pAE, pO   

For the forthcoming years, some issues related with  family, domestic and  social life may disturb your peace of mind.   Your spouse is not criticising you at all, please do not perceive the wrong message instead seek to understand before trying to be understood. Your determination may  give you long awaited dues at work


7. Libra (Tula Rashi) (17 October -16 November)

Starting name Syllable as:   rA, ri, rU, rAE, rO, ta, tee, tU, tAE

Some restrictions at domestic front would demand to discipline your life for betterment.  In forthcoming weeks,  neither   threaten your relationship nor take every argument as a threat to your relationship, instead create a process for resolving issues with love.  Lack of recognition for your work could be frustrating, deal with the situation with positive attitude


8. Scoprio (Vrischik Rashi) (16 November – 16 December)

Starting name Syllable as:    tO, nA, nee, nU, nAE, nO, ya, yEE, yU

Handle your finances well; unexpected expenses may ruin the budget.  20-26 Jan, good time for career enhancement, yet through challenges. Keep focussed on your work as authorities  may test you and your goals. Love could be in the air; romantic musical date  may strengthen your relationship to next level


9. Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi) (16 December – 14 January)

Starting name Syllable as: yAE, yO, bhA, bhee, bhU, dhA, phA, ḍha, bhAE

You may have been struggling in career front for some time, now some improvements and enhancements  are at sight, but still a little more hard work is required to be done.  To get   deep sense of fulfilment in relationship, always remember that strong relationships are built on continual nurturing it  with care and with effective mutual communication


10. Capricorn (Makara Rasi) (14 January – 13 February)

Starting name Syllable as:    bhO, jA, jee, khee, khU, khAE, khO, gA, gee

With regards to career and/or business, you may feel that you have not done enough,  remember the rule of the thumb that hard work would indeed pay off; success seems to be  just a few steps away.  20-25 Jan, your charm and fame makes this an astounding time for mingling, engaging and dating


11. Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) (13 February – 14 March)

Starting name Syllable as: GU, gAE, gO, SA, see, su, sAE, sO, DA

Avoid all  arguments and keep your cool at work, otherwise you may be misunderstood, and that could lead to loss of status. Do not minimise your efforts but think out of your comfort zone.  20-25 Jan, good chances of finding the ideal person for life of togetherness, keep your heart welcoming and eyes open


12.Pisces (Meena Rasi) (14 March – 14 April)

Starting name Syllable as:    di, du, thA, jhA, trA, dAE, dO, chA, chee      

Opportunities to improve your finances are just in front of your eyes. From 24 Jan, avoid any type of distractions at work/business and  stay focussed, as sudden changes at work and/ or in your business plan  cannot be ruled out.  Working overtime may affect your health, add stress  and habit patter may change. Meditation would be the added benefit



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