2024 Indian Parliamentary Elections –

Opposition blames EVM for BJP triumph

As previously prophesied, India will experience the following astrological occurrences beginning 4 June 2024:

 1. Shri Narinder Modi will win the elections and thereafter become Prime Minister of India for the 3rd consecutive time

2. BJP+ may win 363 –  413 seats 

3. Shri Rahul Gandhi, who is progressively driving the Congress to its doom, will get a huge setback.   He may go overseas to Relax. I have put on record a many times that Rahul Gandhi will NEVER EVER become the Prime Minister of India

4. Shri Arvind Kejriwal will be in deep waters and experience a setback as well

5. Opposition parties would blame each other and especially EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) and Election Commission for their expected Loss in Indian Parliamentary Elections of 2024.

6. BJP may WIN 2029 elections as well

7.  Opposition parties and/or foreign powers may use terrorists to carry out immoral attacks, road protests, hidden activities, and attacks on BJP members and Parliament. Some Indian diplomatic missions at overseas and places of Hindu worship (world-wide) may also be targeted.

8. The opposition ‘INDI Gadbnadhan’ (INDI coalition) is expected to disintegrate, with blame games intensifying and many members leaving their respective parties.

9. The possibility of an assassination attempt on a prominent leader cannot be dismissed.

10. Pakistani political leaders might be quivering with dread at the prospect of the PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) people petitioning for a merger with India.

11. I will not  be astonished if Congress becomes recognised as a ‘communal’ political party, completely abandoning secularism.




Ravinder Grover