Regarding: Supreme Court to pronounce verdict in Ayodhya title dispute today. The apex court is likely to pronounce judgement at 10:30 am in the morning .


Subsequent to my analysis of


  • 29 Sep 2010, 20:11:42hours, DST, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 28 Oct 2019
  • Using the Date-Time-Place (9 Nov 2019, 10:30 am India)     when the verdict would be announced


Conclusion: I feel confident that Ayodhya verdict will go in favour of Hindus, giving some relief to Muslims.

My analysis of today in nutshell  using the chart of date-time-place of giving verdict and primarily using D9chart, as follows;


  1. Lagna rising at 10:30 am at  India is  at 0 deg 50 min in Sagittarius
  2. Lord of Lagna is Jupiter itself in lagna showing its power
  3. Jupiter is just coming out of Gandanta, coming out from water sign to fire sign, just likea wooden log kept in water for 1 year and then suddenly out into fire, it may not burn staright away but would give fumes, that’s what has been happening since 27 oct 2019 till 11 nov 2019
  4. D9 chart – Lagna is cancer, which is the exalted point of Jupiter, giving strength to hindus
  5. D9 chart – Jupiter is in house 10 in Aries with exalted sun giving strength, name and fame to government, higher authorities, judges, etc
  6. D9 chart, planet for judge, Saturn is exalted too, throwing its aspect to jupiter and sun at the point where Saturn loses strength, point of debilitation, a bit of concern but shall be ok as hoiuse 10 awlays gives sterhth
  7. D9 chart- mars energising house 10, jup and sun by its 8th aspect on its own house
  8. D9chart – lord of lagna is debilitated, at the weakest pint but in trine in house 5
  9. D9 chart- house 10 is getting favour from Jupiter, sun, mars and Saturn, behind house  is rahu, Muslim community at some loss
  10. D9 chart, moon plus venus causing raja yoga for Hindus too
  11. There are many more points to write but due to lack of time, I am not typing theme here





Ravinder grover