Not many people take Astrology Guidance for conception.  Some do take advice of the Astrologer during pregnancy and that mostly if there is some problem. In olden times Astrologers had a much larger role to play, role as the “clock” and “calendar” for the entire society.  Now some people turn towards Astrology after birth of the child but hardly anyone asks essential questions. Astrology can become a tool in our hands only if we distinguish the essential from the nonessential.


Essential questions may be

  • What is the nature of the innate seed and its potential?
  • What are the lessons I got to learn this life time?
  • What are my Karmic challenges and how do I overcome them?
  • What are my duties and responsibilities?
  • How do I get Liberation?


Non Essential questions may be

  • Will I become a millionaire?
  • When would I win a lottery?
  • What should I do so that she/he marries me?
  • Or any  selfish orientated questions


For me the essential questions would be to discover the nature of the innate seed, its potential and understanding & implementing the nurturing plan.

Astrology chart not only tells us about the self we know, but also tells us about the one we do not know. The Astrological Analysis, being a “map of the psyche”, can point to character traits which have not yet become conscious. With its help we may get to know ourselves better and come to a more complete understanding of our true nature.

As is said, ‘You are born out of Karma. i.e., the result of past deeds” and they are indicated by the planetary configuration of the astrological chart of the individual. Astrology gives  the knowledge of the past Karma, how to face the challenges set by oneself in the past that are manifesting as the consequences  in this very life; how to work out fresh deeds in this life   without adding any further Karma for future that would help to come out of the wheel of Karma at some stage.

Once, one understands the concept of Karmic patters involved and the resultant energy blockages, one may  understand the motivations and uncousious forces acting in this life, then the this life  may become the Gateway to evolve in this life time and improve the quality of life with proper understanding of own deeds that design destiny.  I recall from memory,    Swami Rama probably in his famous book, ‘Living with the Himalayan Masters’ said, ‘You are the architect of your destiny.  Birth and death are merely two events of life.  You have forgotten your essential nature and that is the cause of your suffering.  When you become aware of this, you are liberated’

Generally speaking, the cycle of birth and death is just the evolution of Jivatama (embodied mind and/or soul combination).  The astrological chart reveals the evolution of the Jivatama   from past lives to the present life. The Law of Karma states that the child is born with the Garland of Karma’ around his neck. What is this ‘Garland of Karma’? Possible karma done in past lives and its possible consequences and challenges in this life. One repeatedly takes birth till he gets Liberation, but Liberation is only possible when all the Karma (let it be of this life or past lives) get nullified.  Nullification does not mean performing of Good Karma to destroy the Bad Karma, but it means No Karmic Residue is left behind, neither bad karma nor good karma and one realizes his True Self.