15 JUNE 2019


ICCWCC 2019: India vs Pakistan to be played on 16 June 2019.


Q: Will India win?  KP189


DOJ: 15 Jun 2019, 14:11:05 hours, Auckland, New Zealand, KP 189




India – Self effort CSL(1) = Rahu, signifies  S(11,6,4) in Sub Sat R

India – Competition CSL(6) =   Sat R, signifies  S(5,12,6-11,1-2-3) in Sub Merc (11,6,4,10)

India – Desire CSL(11) =  Jup R, signifies  S(6,11,10,4) in Sub Rahu

India – Courage CSL(3) = Ven, signifies  S(11,5,7-8,6-11) Sub Rahu


RP = Rahu, Ven, Jup R, Mars, Sat R


  1. RPs match CSL(1,6,11) for India
  2. Sat R signifies (5,12,…)  good for Pakistan to start with but its sub Lord is Merc  and that signifies (11,6,4,10) – all good for India


Pakistan – Self effort – CSL(7) =  Mon, signifies  S(11,11,4,7,8) sub Rahu

Pakistan – Competition – CSL(12) = Sat R ==> as above

Pakistan – Desire CSL(5) = Jup R ==> as above

Pakistan – Courage CSL(9) = Ven ==> as above


All sub lords of CSL(1,6,11,7,12,5) are in favour of India including Ruling Planets


Note: I have not considered the weather conditions, but end result is in favour of India

I believe if its a total wash out, still it would favour INDIA

Ravinder Grover