India is moving  towards new Light

Gandanta(Knot at the End):  ‘Gand’ + ‘Anta’ = ‘Gandanta’.  In Sanskrit, ‘Gand’  means a ‘knot’ and  ‘Anta’ means the ‘End’.  Hence ‘Gandanta’ means the ‘Knot at the End’.


In Vedic Astrology, this means a well-tied knot is that it is very difficult to untie or even difficult to loosen up. The more you try to untie the knot, the tighter it becomes.  Put it this way, when any planets goes through these points, we can say, particular significance of the planets, take us through the trying times  and encourages  us to untie the secret know which has been binding us for a long time, may even   be for many births, and help us to prepare for the journey in the next level. These Gandanta  junctions  are very powerful in giving Karmic effects.


As per the Vedic Astrology,  Gandanta is the mathematical junction point in the zodiac where Water & Fire signs meet. These are also the ending point of one Nakshatra in water sign and the  starting point of another Nakshatras in Fire sign


There are three  Water signs and three Fire signs.   Three water signs are  Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and three Fire signs are  Leo, Sagittarius and  Aries


Three Gandanta are the junction points of  Cancer-Leo,  Scorpio-Sagittarius and Pisces -Aries.  To be precise, degree wise, Gandanta starts at  26-40 degree of Water sign and ends at joined   Fire sign at 3-20 degrees.


  • 1ndGandanta: 26-40 degree Cancer Sign (AshleshaNakshatra) to 3-20 degrees Leo (Magha Nakshatra )
  • 2ndGandanta: 26-40 degree, Scoprio (Jyeshtha Nakshatra) to  3-20 degrees  Saggitarius (Mula Nakshatra)
  • 3rdGandanta: 26-40 degree, Pisces (Revati Nakshatra)  to 3-20 degree Aries (Aswini Nakshatra)



I tried to see what  is happening in India Astrologically. I believe India is moving  towards new Light.  There is no need to live in the shadows and slip-ups of the past








Some transit of Planets reveal the followings:

4 August 2019: 11:00 hours, New Delhi, India. 

Transit Mars enters 27 degrees Cancer, the Gandanta point. Heading towards the Big  Knot that need to be untied



8 August 2019: 3:00 hours, New Delhi, India. 

Transit Mars enters 29-20 degrees , the deep extreme point in Gandata. This is the point, where Venoms of the past have  accumulated in a big knot (Gandanata)  andsomeonewould try to untie that


9 August 2019, 5:00 hours, New Delhi, India

Transit Mars enters Leo, the Royal Sign, in D9 it will be in Aries, its own sign, in short,  I would say, this is the sign of Leadership, Fearlessness, Daring, Fiery, Courageous, Acting spontaneously,  Dominating, Like to do things their way, etc. Mars in Leo would create Ego battles, overheating, impulsiveness too. Ruling power is further empowered with these mentioned traits


14 August 2019, 9:00 hours, New Delhi, India

Transit Mars at 3-09 degrees Leo, coming out of  Gandanata (Big Knot) :   Phase 1 of the work on the Big Knot  would have been almost  accomplished  as long as aggressive powers is required



17 August 2019, 13:00 hours, New Delhi, India. 

Transit  Sun enters 0-0-0 degrees Leo, the Royal Sign, and in D-9 chart it will be exaltedin Aries, the best place where Sun shines dominantly, here it may not be wrong to interpret, the Ruling Power shines brightly.  Masses will feel new power  and confidence in Leadership that would help the nation to move forward in bright and right direction



20 August 2019, 23:00 hours, New Delhi, India.

Transit Sun at 3-0-0 degrees Leo, about to leave the Gandanta point.  With Venus (smoothness) and Mars (energy)  in front of Sun would create sudden energyand drive to move forward  and get the things done which have been pending for a long time.  Some  may find TOO MUCHto handle.    Ruling power’s mission from energy and  aggression point of view seems to have achieved




Ravinder Grover