IS  DHARMA  (Right Conduct) DECLINING?


High Alert Time (8 Sep 2021- 22 Nov 2021)

The forthcoming Astrological configuration of planets tend to invoke the Extreme Evil Forces  into Action  and  Churn the World  into Chaos anytime from  8 Sep 2021 to 22 Nov 2021.


Let me put on record, for the forthcoming period, purely Astrologically speaking, Dharma (Right Conduct) is on the verge of Declining and the onus is on all people to Follow the ‘Inner Voice’ and save the World


 In nutshell for the layman, please read the following predictions:

  1. COVID-19: 3rd wave would rise. In fact, 3rd Wave of Covid-19 started subtly from 20 June 2021 but would pick up exponentially from 8 Sep 2021, and especially become worst from 15 Sep 2021 bringing further challenges till 22 Nov 2021
  2. Astrologically,  we seem to be in a kind of World War 3. As per statistics,  this happens more or less every 40 years (war cycle).  This does not seem to end  before the first quarter of 2024 
  3. 8 Sep 2021 – 20 Sep 2021: Violence and Destruction all Over
  4. Jupiter’s significations (as given below), such as Ethics, Values, Dharma, would FALL DRASTICALLY in most areas, say in Humanity, Politics, Government, Religious places, Organisations, Companies and Governing bodies, etc
  5. Please note, even Places of Worship, Religious and Spiritual orientated related organisations would NOT be spared. They may doom to practise Real understanding of Love and Humanity
  6. Character assassination, Falsehood, Cheating, etc  would be on rise
  7. Either Advisors, Spiritual & Religious people, ‘God Men’, Gurus, etc  would NOT  be able to help the society OR they would NOT  be respected or heard at all
  8. So called Religious/Spiritual people would be EXPOSED with malpractices
  9. Financial market  may tumble or fluctuate
  10. This time frame is inclined to increase crime all over the world, crumble certain countries, may bring loss of human values and rulers becoming tyrannical  10. Trouble would increase manyfold in countries who are already in trouble, like Afghanistan, Pakistan Israel, Palestine, Taiwan, etc. War like scenario is on cards
  11. The rebellious urges tend to explode and burst forth seemingly out of nowhere
  12. Sudden explosions or outbursts in collective rioting are possible.  
  13. New invention/discovery may come up, anytime between 16 Aug 2021 to mid Jan 2022
  14. 18 jul 2021- 18 Jan 2022: Fight for freedom would rise in many countries
  15. Unexpected fire-related disasters like volcanoes, forest fires are already happenings  and may increase more
    Medically, more cases of issues with Fat, Thighs, Brain, Lungs, Liver, Kidney, Memory, Tongue, Right Ear, Knees, Ankles, Lower leg and Spleen would be on rise.
  16. In other words, World Leaders may stoop below the lowest Ethics & Moral levels, Crime would increase, some  Government policies may fail, drastically,  widespread misery and illness in the general public is indicated,  hence resulting in ‘Chaos all over the World’.   



Brief Astrological Analysis:

Just look at the major Planets and their General Significations:

  • Jupiter: Dharma, Right Conduct, Values, Expansion & increase, Prosperity & Wealth,  Spirituality, Wisdom, Religion, Philosophy, Teacher, Guru, Ethics, Morality, Belief, Justice & Laws, Judges, Lawyers, Goodness, Faith, Children, Knowledge, Banking System, Merchants, Finance, etc”
  • Saturn: Discipline, Structure, Responsibilities, Restrictions, Delay, Suffering, Focus & Control, Lay & Order, Elderly people, Land, farmers, underground wealth and/or produce of the Earth (Minerals, oil, etc) Mines, Coals, War, death of the old, rebellion and overthrow of the rulers, barbarians, etc”. 
  • Rahu: war, violence and disasters of the worst kind. It is a planet of aggressiveness and stands for rebellion and mutiny, aerial navigation electronics and radio, riots, political plots, spies, Imprisonment, slavery and death by suffocation, anti-religious, anti-social and is a cheat and believes in falsehood, jealousy and robbery, strikes, mobs, foreigners, Muslim and immigration to foreign countries, spreading diseases like plague, epidemics, cancer, skin diseases and eczema also represents poisonous snakes, sudden accidents, poisoning and poisonous gases.  In commodities groundnut, cotton seed, cigarettes, tobacco, etc.  
  • Pluto: Deep Secrets, death, misery the underworld (or finding things below the surface) valuable metals useful In making bombs and techniques of mass destruction. atom bombs. hydrogen bombs and nuclear devices.
  • Uranus:  Sudden changes,  unexpected events, earthquakes, revolution, etc. When it combines with Saturn and Mars, it has the potential to   start  big world wars, rebellions, revolutions and wars of Independence. In modern times this could ignite fanaticism, extreme fundamentalism and terrorism of the worst order. It is capable of Inflicting crushing defeat, bloody revolution and war.  It also denotes astrologers,  Inventors, eccentric persons metaphysics, telepathy. occult subjects uranium and radioactive elements. 

Insight to the Forthcoming Fortnight

Lunations are divided into 30 Tithis (Lunar days) consisting of two Pakshas (Fortnights).  Each Tithi is calculated by a 12 degree motion of the Moon.    Thus the length of a Tithi may vary from 20 to 27 hours.  Tithis are counted from 1 to 15  during the Shula Paksha (waxing phases of Moon)  and Krishna Paksha (waning phases of Moon). Important point to be noted is that each day is assigned the number of the Tithi in effect at Sunrise. Sometimes  a Short Tithi will begin after Sunrise and is completed before the next Sunrise, in this case a number is omitted from the day count.  And it can happen other way round too,  a Long Tithi may span two Sunrises, and in this   case  a day number is carried over to a second day.

Going with the above formula, the Lunar Fortnight, knows as  Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha,  starting from 8 Sep 2021  and ending on 20 Sep 2021, would have only 13 Tithis, hence there would be loss of two Tithis.  The Pratipada (First Lunar Day) and  the  Triyodashi (13th   Lunar Day) are  Kshya (Loss of date) as both Tithi’s are after the Sun rise on that day and ending before the Sun rise of next day.

As per ‘Bhavishya Phala Bhaskar’ if any Paksha (Lunar Fortnight ) is of 13 days then it bring “Lots of Violence and Destruction all over”


Affliction of Planets during 15 Sep 2021 – 22 Nov 2021:

  1. 8 -20 Sep 2021: Effect of the Short Paksha (explained above)
  1. 15 Sep 2021: Jupiter would re-enter Capricorn  from Aquarius while in Retrograde motion.
  1. 18 Oct 2021: Jupiter take a ‘U Turn’ and becomes Direct in Capricorn  and would start progressing towards Aquarius
  1. Look at the following parameters during this period, especially from 15 Sep 2021 till 18 Oct 2021, but effects would carry on till 22 Nov 2021:
  • Jupiter would be in ‘Retrogression motion’ till 18 Oct 2021
  • Jupiter would in ‘Debilitation’ (I call this ‘Drained’ State) till 22 Nov 2021
  • Jupiter would be visiting the ‘Previous’ sign  till 22 Nov 2021
  • Jupiter with Saturn, and both retrograde in Capricorn

     Note: I call this the ‘State of Deep and Extreme Depression’ for Jupiter. Hence I would expect its above given significations would SUFFER a lot.  I offer my gratitude to  

      some great astrologers*, some have termed this as the ‘Fallen’ State and I have learnt lot  from their writings.

  1. Please note, Capricorn, the Tenth house of the Zodiac, sign already has Saturn and Pluto in Retrograde motion.  On top of that it  would be aspected by Rahu with its 5th aspect and Uranus-R with its 4th  aspect.  Not to forget Uranus goes stationary/retrograde in Aries starting on Thursday, 17 August 2021, and stays there until mid-January 2022 . This combination would add fuel to the fire.
  2. I am not going further deeper into Sanghatta Chakra, Nakshtra Chakra, KP system, etc which reveal more enigmatic combination from 3-5 Nov 2021


Above is just o give you the glimpse of what this configuration of planets means.  



Ravinder Grover


Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.  I offer my insight to Astrology solely based on my learnings of astrology principles and techniques,  some  of them learnt from the Sages of the highest order. These predictions are offered for guidance purpose only.   I offer absolute no guarantee on my calculations and analysis. These predictions are not intended to harm anyone by any means.  I expressly disclaim all warranties, implied or contingent, for making use of these predictions, for incurring any loss, loss of profit or in any manner. No notice or advice from anyone  will create any liability whatsoever

(*Sanjay Rath, Gopesh Kumar Ojha, Komila Sutton, Aneel Aggarwal, Dr Shankar Adawal, Late JC Luthra, Late Prof Krishnamurthi,  Robert Koch, Narasimha PVR Rao, Satyanarayaka Naik, Dr Manish Pandit, Inderjit Sahani, etc)