‘Luna or Moon’ represents ‘Mind, Emotions, and Intellect.’  ‘Eclipse,’ on the other hand, suggests to be ‘overshadowed’.  Lunar eclipses are believed to generate unstable energies that affect the ‘Mind, Emotions, and Intellect,’ resulting in a change of view about something without perceiving the reality and without knowing all the facts.

For the benefit of the layperson, I am quickly outlining the impacts of this Lunar Eclipse at Individual Level and at Mundane Level.  I refrained from using astrological terms wherever possible, but there were a few areas I just couldn’t avoid.   I have also included ‘My Brief Astrological Analysis’  for those who are really passionate about the subject, although laypeople may feel free to skip this portion

Impact  of this Lunar Eclipse at Individual Level and at Mundane Level

At Individual Level – Coping with Eclipse

  • Be Alert and Hold yourselves tight: Please note, the Mind & Emotions are linked to the Moon, the body is linked to the Earth, and the Sun is linked to Intellect, Mind, Emotions and the Body.  When all three are in sync, it is beneficial for spiritual practises.  Mantra chanting is said to be one thousand times more potent during an eclipse.  It is suggested  to be Alert and Hold yourselves tight, control your emotions and spend time in Spiritual activities during the Eclipse.
  • “Mind, emotions, and intellect” are represented by the “Luna or Moon.” The word “eclipse” suggests being “overshadowed.”  Lunar eclipses are known to produce erratic energies that affect the “Mind, Emotions, and Intellect” and change one’s view of something without allowing one to perceive the reality.
  • To be precise, Lunar Eclipse affects the Mind, Intellect and Emotions  More than anything  else. This forthcoming Lunar Eclipse  is pregnant with Turbulent energies which may have its aftermath effects for 1 month and 7 days and then start diluting slowly over the weeks.  A many times Lunar Eclipse starts showing its effect a few days earlier than the actual Lunar Eclipse subject to the position of the other planets
  • It is never a good idea to make life-altering choices during an eclipse since your emotions and intellect will scattered be all over the place.
  • At the time of the Lunar Eclipse, Mars and Mercury would be conjunct. Hence, the impact on Mars might make us more prone to rage, or it can cause emotions of impatience or restlessness, while Mercury’s link with the eclipse can cause communication problems.  In this situation, one may have trouble explaining oneself properly, or there is a greater chance of confusion or poor communication.    Please note,  Lunar Eclipses create unsteady forces that change the “Mind, Emotions, and Intellect,” which can cause people to change their minds about something without seeing the truth or having all the facts. 
  • Interestingly Jupiter is right opposite Mars and Mercury, this indicates Wisdom and Spirituality can come to rescue. Listening to the Spiritual person, wise person  and most importantly listening to  ‘Inner Voice’   would be helpful indeed 
  • If you are running Dasa, Bhukti or Antra of either Rahu, Ketu or have important planets around 10-58 degrees in Aries or Libra then this volatile and turbulent   energy of  Mars-Ketu can amplify arguments, disputes, and can make fights and arguments worse, which could lead to an accident.    You would regret at later date if you do not hold yourself.
  • Lunar eclipse has the potential to reveal concealed unconscious patterns. If you have any insights during this time, it is advisable to carefully contemplate them after the eclipse has passed.
  • Those with Ascendant and/or Moon in Aries, Gemini, Virgo, or Scorpio will have the most trouble keeping their thoughts in check and may waste time and energy on pointless conversations, arguments, and disagreements.
  • Generally speaking, the Lunar Eclipse shadows the Mind and temps to act on your impulses. DO NOT  make any major life changes or hasty choices during the eclipse.  All will be well if you are able to hold on to yourself and DO NOT let your demonic impulses take over you.
  • The Lunar Eclipse occurring along the Aries/Libra axis may highlight challenges in relationships, as well as unexpected conflicts and emotional outbursts from partners.
  • This Lunar Eclipse has the potential to stimulate aggression in communication, create challenges in education, lead to land conflicts, and cause issues with friends and siblings, all as a result of a communication gap. However, all of these issues may be effectively addressed via the cultivation of a spiritual mindset and the acquisition of knowledge.
  • Challenges pertaining to partnerships, relationships, divorces, celebrities, and business are anticipated. 

At Mundane Level

  • Potential further conflicts in communication, Land Disputes, Wars,  but only Wise or Spiritual orientated person may provide direction to resolve such matters
  • There is a potential for aggressive behaviour with the elements of fire, earth, and air.
  • The height of the terrorist threat or action
  • There would be evidence of confusion and problems relating to diplomacy, international relations, and international affairs.
  • Concern about a potential decrease in Trade and Commerce
  • Some countries would be in a hurry to demonstrate leadership or to show that they have the capacity to bravely go forth or protect people who are in need.
  • Israel-Hamas War: Some Islamic countries may join the War supporting Hamas
  • Stock Market: Coming months indicate Stock Market shake-up. Those who invest in the stock market should exercise extreme caution and care.
  • Natural Disaster: Natural Disaster, possible massive Earthquake is on cards.
  • Terrorism: There will be a significant increase in terrorism, with the terrorist group adopting a more aggressive stance. Note: USA and UK –  Please tighten your security systems. Possible terror attack is on the way
  • Assassination/Killing: Assassination attempt of the high profile person, possibly by suicide squad or by poison chemicals/gases, or by attack from the sky cannot be ruled out within next 12 months

Please note, This lunar eclipse seems more intense due to the amount of planets involved. All these planets will channel eclipse energy.  ‘Communication challenges may be on increase’ individually.  War will increase globally, and some national leaders may stoke the flames instead of soothing it.    Only a spiritual/wise individual can govern the World at the right direction.


My Brief Astrological Analysis

Lunar Eclipse takes place when the Earth positions itself between the Sun and the Moon, resulting in the Moon being cast in shadow. This phenomenon exclusively occurs during a full moon when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align perfectly.  The Partial Lunar Eclipse of 28-29 October 2023 would be visible from Atlantic OceanIndia OceanAfricaAsiaEurope, most of Australia, eastern parts of North America and South America, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Mauritius and Singapore. 

As you know Eclipses happen in pairs, this Lunar Eclipse (28-29 Oct 2023) comes after the Solar Eclipse in Virgo of 14 Oct 2023.  It will be the second and last eclipse of the season. Since this lunar eclipse is the last one before Rahu-Ketu change signs, it could be seen as the great finale to this 18-month episode.

Lunar Eclipse at

  • Auckland, New Zealand: Although Lunar Eclipse would not be visible in here,  but purely astrologically speaking the configuration of the Eclipse would take place in Auckland, New Zealand on  29 Oct 2023 at 9:25 hours (NZDT) and some effects would be there.
  • New Delhi, India: the Lunar Eclipse would take place on 29 October 2023, from 1:06 hours to 2:22 hours, for total Duration of 1 hour 16 minutes 16 seconds

It is said The effects of the lunar eclipse last for as many months as many hours it is visible, in other words, the duration of the lunar eclipse corresponds to the number of hours it is visible, with the consequences lasting for the same number of months. 1 hour 16 minutes would correspond to  approximately 1 month and 7 days. Consequently, the significant impacts of this Lunar Eclipse will gradually diminish after 1 months and 1 week for the residents of Delhi or where ever Lunar Eclipse  would be visible.


Please note the following parameters at the time of exact Lunar Eclipse

  • Partial Lunar Eclipse would take place in Aries-Libra axis
  • Moon would be at 10-58 degrees Aries-Ashwini Nakshatra
  • Aries is ruled by Mars and Ashwini is controlled by Ketu and further Ketu in Chitra Nakshatra controlled by Mars.
  • The above configuration signifies operation of Mars-Ketu turbulent energies
  • Sun in Swati Nakshatra ruled by Rahu and as said above Rahu is in Aries-Ashwini, further complicating the energies
  • Eclipse Points would be Aries and Libra at 10-58 degrees
  • Further Rahu (00-03 deg), Moon (10-58 deg), Jupiter-R (17-03 deg) and Uranus-R(27-31 deg) would be in Aries and Mars (17-12 deg), Mercury (16-31 deg), Sun  (10-58 deg) and Ketu (00-05 deg) would be in Libra
  • Very high volumes of turbulent energy are being directed via the Aries/Libra axis by Mars and Ketu
  • Please note Rahu-Ketu are changing signs from Aries-Libra to Pisces-Virgo signs respectively on 31 Oct 2023 as per Mean Rahu-Ketu positions and 30 Nov 2023 as per True Rahu-Ketu positions. Regardless of we take Mean or True Rahu-Ketu positions,  at present they are going through the Extremely sensitive  and Volatile point called Gandanta (Gandanta- Karmic Knot that is hard to untie).  Rahu-Ketu transit one sign for 18 months, so it will not be wrong to say, that this Lunar Eclipse could be seen as the great finale to this 18-month episode.


Participants in this Lunar Eclipse

  • The key participants of Solar and Lunar Eclipse are  Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu.   But sometimes either by conjunction, or by association or by aspect or by change of signs, etc some other planets become participants in    One such Solar Eclipse took place on 26 December 2019 at Mula Nakshatra where every planet was participant and that had lead towards Covid-19
  • As already given above, Rahu, Moon, Jupiter-R, Uranus-R are in Aries and Mars, Mercury, Sun, Ketu are in Libra
  • Basic Astrology tells us that Sun is Debilitated in Libra (which is ruled by Venus)  and Venus is in Leo (which ruled by Sun) and both of them  are located in each other’s signs , causing ‘Vipreet Yoga’ . Hence this Lunar Eclipse would affect Venus as well
  • All participants in the Lunar Eclipse and their corresponding signs would be affected, which are
    • Sun that rules Leo sign
    • Moon that rules Cancer sign
    • Mars rules Aries and Scorpio signs
    • Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo signs
    • Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces signs
    • Ketu at cusp of Libra-Virgo signs
    • Rahu at cusps of Aries-Pisces signsPrimarily, the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, both under the influence of Saturn, remain unaffected by this Lunar Eclipse. Consequently, this eclipse would have the least influence on the zodiac signs governed by Saturn.
  • According to the above configuration, it indicates that individuals with Aries and Libra signs, as well as the planets positioned at around 10-58 degrees in either Aries or Libra signs in their natal astrological charts and in the Foundation Charts of any country, might encounter a significant rise in disruptive energy levels. If either you or the nation is now experiencing the Dasa, Bhukti, or Antra of Rahu-Ketu, it will have an impact. 
  • The impact of this Lunar Eclipse may last for a duration of 1 month and 7 days.


At Individual Level,  the brief significations of Planets & Signs

  • Mars – Aggression, Warrior, Courage, etc
  • Mercury – Communication, Friends, Education, etc
  • Moon – Mind, Emotions, Intellect, etc
  • Rahu – Illusion, Mental difficulties, Muddled ideas,  unquenchable desire, etc
  • Ketu – Moksha, Unknown, Isolation, What we cannot see, Change, Sanyaas-Renunciation, Negating influence, Denying force, Spirituality, Pushing closer to Spirituality by denying worldly pleasure
  • Aries – Self, Individuality, Ambition, Leadership
  • Libra – Relationship, Partnership, Business, etc


 In Mundane Astrology the brief significations of Planets

  • Mars denotes Aggression, Violence, Attacks, Fire, Explosion, Military (navy, army, air force, Police, etc.), nation assaults, disagreements, conflict, and opposition. Fire-related things, Manufacturing & Industrial, Surgeons, etc
  • Mercury denotes Media and News, Literature, Communications, public transportation, Tarde & commerce, etc
  • Moon denotes Mind, Water, Ocean, Common people, Humanity as a whole, Women, Crowds, land and crops, Transportation through water,  a constant indicator of the focus of the masses,   everything that gets a lot of attention.
  • Uranus denotes political conflict, Sudden Explosion, Riots, strikes, and individuality, scientific breakthroughs and innovations or Libertarian right-wing politics, air and train travel, labour unions, explosions, chaos, and electronics and radio.
  • Venus denotes Relationships, Enjoyment, Beauty, Harmony, Diplomacy, Musicians, Arts, Actors, Sports, Theatre, festivals, children, courting, and marriage.
  • Sun denotes leaders and authorities, Ministers, Leaders, High Authorities and will of the country
  • In addition Aries is Fire signs and Libra is Air sign.  Aggression/Fire through Air is evident here
  • The zodiac sign Aries represents qualities like as anger, aggression, dynamism, leadership, war, weapons, and impulsiveness. On the other hand, the zodiac sign Libra represents qualities such as diplomacy, relationships, celebrities, and beauty goods. All of these aspects will be closely examined and significantly impacted.
  • The Libra zodiac sign represents matters related to foreign affairs, international diplomacy (positive or negative), and the rates of marriage and divorce. It also signifies partnerships or other entities associated with a nation, country, or company. It might suggest the presence of more individuals affected by an event.
  • Kindly note that Mars and Mercury will be in conjunction and directly opposite Jupiter.  At a basic level, this suggests problems in communication. However, only those who are wise and/or spiritual can effectively negotiate and provide assistance to overcome these concerns.


Please note, The number of planets that are participating in this lunar eclipse seems to have a greater impact on its degree of intensity. To varying degrees, each of these planets will be able to harness the energy of the eclipse.  The phrase “communication challenges may be on the increase” refers to the individual level. And on a global scale, the war will get more intense, and some national leaders, rather than attempting to de-escalate the situation, may contribute more fuel to the fire.  Spiritual and wise people are the only ones who can point the world in the correct path.



Ravinder Grover 

Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.  I offer my insight to Astrology solely based on my learnings of astrology principles and techniques,  some  of them learnt from the Sages of the highest order. These predictions are offered for guidance purpose only.   I offer absolute no guarantee on my calculations and analysis. These predictions are not intended to harm anyone by any means.  I expressly disclaim all warranties, implied or contingent, for making use of these predictions, for incurring any loss, loss of profit or in any manner. No notice or advice from anyone  will create any liability whatsoever falls