Mars in Cancer: 10 May 2023 – 1 July 2023

Mars   ingresses  into  Cancer sign on 10 May 2023  for six weeks till 1 July 2023. 

Cancer is the sign in which Mars becomes debilitated, or one might say that it becomes drained, and it would be necessary for you to put in much more effort to manifest its significations. This is, of course, subject to the individualised Astrology Chart of the person being considered.   

Cancer is a water sign connected with emotions, intuition, and nurturing, whereas Mars is the planet of action, fire, drive, war, and violence. When these two forces converge, it may cause an outburst of emotional vigour that makes people more likely to act hastily or speak their minds. You might feel emotionally tired, impatient, and prone to mood swings when Mars is Debilitated or Drained  in Cancer. Self-doubt and indecision may make it hard to take the steps necessary to achieve our dreams and objectives.  During this transit, it’s important to monitor your  emotions so you don’t react hastily or cause friction with those closest to you or with those who really care for you.

Cancer sign has three Nakshatras (stars) in it, Punarvasu, Pushyam and Ashlesha. Please note, Nakshatras are constellations.  Each Nakshatra has a presiding Deity  and a Ruler.   The presiding Deity is be the main star in that constellation. And the ruling planet is one that is in close proximity or occults the constellation the maximum number of times. Nakshatra deity is believed to have a unique influence on the qualities and characteristics of that Nakshatra.    

Mars would transit various Nakshatras (Stars) within the Cancer sign as follows:

  • 10 – 16 May 2023: Mars in Cancer Sign and  Punarvasu Nakshatra, controlled by Moon and Jupiter. The ruling deity of Punarvasu is Jupiter.  The ruling Deity of Punarvasu is Aditi (the mother of the Gods and the Goddess of the harvest).  People influenced by this Nakshatras are  ‘Nurturers’.  Punarvasu is a star of accommodation. The natives have a strong sense of bonding and have a strong sense of safety

  • 16 May 2023 – 8 June 2023: Mars in Cancer sign and Pushyam Nakshatra, controlled by Moon and Saturn. The ruling deity of Pushya is Jupiter, who offers benevolence qualities. The ruling planet of Pushya is Saturn, that  adds in traits of commitment and practicality. Pushya indicates ‘Nourishment’. Pushya is the most favourable Nakshatra for spiritual pursuits

  • 8 June 203 – 1 July 2023: Mars in Cancer sign and Ashlesha Nakshatra, controlled by Moon and Mercury. The ruling deity for Ashlesha is the Sarpas (the group of snakes) and Ashlesha Nakshatra is ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication.   People influenced by Ashlesha Nakshatra   are prone to ‘Anger’ issues. Transiting planet Mars is the enemy of Mercury. And also Mars get at its lowest point at 28 degrees Cancer. Hence I expect maximum problem in communication to occur during this period. Please note this may be the most difficult part since last two years.   Exercise  patience and have a good control over tongue and speech.


In general, Mars may act in an impolite manner when it is transiting the sign of Cancer.   It is indicative of disagreements, challenges, misunderstandings, violence, homicides, rapes, bloodshed, conflicts, and quarrels.   Planet of aggressions has the potential to grow restless, and if it is not controlled, it might cause the destruction of self and many others.


Some people may experience a lack of vitality throughout their bodies, particularly a lack of fire in the belly, as well as procrastination. Due to the fact that Mars is associated with the third eye, it may also result in a difficulty to concentrate or focus on anything. It is recommended that you should not give up, but instead spend more time on yourself and excercise patience while dealing with rage and frustration.


Beware, if the planet Mars is afflicted in anyone’s customised Astrology Chart (Kundali)   then he/she is  likely to act impulsively, emotionally, and foolishly.  Sometimes combative, this person will never back down from a fight and will do whatever it takes to win.


Afflicted Mars in the birth chart is prone to give certain Mars related Diseases, such as severe fevers, smallpox, chickenpox, plague, measles, mumps, inflammatory symptoms, burns, capillary ruptures, and Fistula, wounds, cuts, brain fever, haemorrhage, typhoid, puerperal fever, gut ulcers, malaria, abortions, boils, haemorrhage, tumours, tetanus, etc.


The body part that Mars may reflect are  the musculoskeletal system, the left ear, the face and the head, the bladder, the nose, the sense of taste, the uterus, the pelvis, the kidney, the prostate gland, the groynes, the rectum, the colon, the testicles, and the red bone marrow.


Having said all above, it is also important to remember that the effects of any transit are not predetermined, and that your actions and mentality can affect the results. By cultivating a positive and proactive attitude, you can utilise this transit as an opportunity for personal development and transformation.


On the other side of the coin  while Mars traverses the Cancer sign,  you have the opportunity to develop your emotional intelligence and learn to listen to your inner voice in order to make better judgements.  It is an opportunity   to cultivate characteristics related to the Cancer sign, such as patience, tolerance, understanding, and compassion.

How Mars in Cancer will effect for each Zodiac Sign (10 May 2023 –  1 July 2023)


Aries:  It is essential to spend time with family and friends and deepen bonds at this time, even if Mars will feel depleted. You would  feel an overwhelming surge of emotional energy, leading to more insight and empathy.  You may find yourself reacting more strongly than normal, which might cause problems in your relationships with those closest to you.The lack of help will make you even more fatigued, despite your desires to make various changes to your house or to go out and purchase property


Taurus:  The time at home with family and household duties may help you become more emotionally stable.  You could develop a stronger connection to your feelings and a sharper intuitive sense. Issues may arise due to a failure of communication.

Gemini: You may experience a heightening of your senses and emotions at this time.  In order to prevent conflicts and misinterpretations, you should learn to speak clearly and express your feelings in constructive ways. The timing is right for some introspection. Anxiety and unease might result from excessive thought. 

Cancer: Your feelings might become more intense at this time.  You might be tempted to worry more about your own safety. The Cancer zodiac traits of keen intuition and a desire to protect those you care about are true for you.  Be cautious, however, because Mars in Cancer may also stimulate defensiveness or violence, which can put a strain on interpersonal connections. Be patient and use clear language if you want to succeed. 

Leo: You may make poor financial decisions, such as excessive spending or overindulging, at this time.  You should devote more time to domestic responsibilities instead.   You should keep your cool and keep talking to them.

Virgo: During this time, you should focus on strengthening the bonds you have with individuals near and dear to you. Furthermore, they may focus on the interactions between people. Now is a good moment for introspection and reflection. Concern for one’s safety may rise as a result of this trip, which might lead to miscommunication and conflict among friends and family members

Libra: Self-care, intuition, and emotional awareness are all things you may need to concentrate on more than usual at this time. It would help to practise meditation and introspection. This calls for some quiet time for thought and reflection. Keep your cool, since letting your frustrations and fury boil over might damage your relationships with those closest to you.

Scorpio: You may have a burst of motivation and drive to go for your goals at this time. Mars in Cancer may be good for developing your psychic abilities and capacity for compassion. Now is the moment for heartfelt conversations with those you care about. The only downside is that at this time, people are more likely to get aggressive, and saying anything might easily backfire and lead to additional fights with loved ones. As a result, watch what you say. It is  possible that a foreign pilgrimage has caught your eye. It will be worthwhile, but you  may get exhausted by the end of it.   

Sagittarius: You may prioritise your family at this time.  During this time, members of the family may become more perceptive and intuitive.   Any action taken out of nervousness or impatience is likely to result in further arguments, miscommunication, and conflict.

Capricorn: Focusing on your communication and interpersonal skills at this time is essential.  Mars in Cancer might give you a boost of emotional energy and inspire you to be more compassionate towards others.  Improve your intuitive abilities via introspection now.  However, you tend to be too forthright with other people, which may put a strain on your relationships. Restrain your tongue

Aquarius: Your well-being, safety, and financial stability should be your main concerns at this time. Mars in Cancer may deepen your insight and empathy but can also lead you astray if you’re not careful with your money. Take charge of your finances and stop worrying about money.

Pisces: It is possible that your emotionality and sensitivity may increase throughout this time. With Mars in Cancer, you may experience an uptick in the desire to strengthen bonds with loved ones. Intuition and sensitivity to those closest to you may increase as July 2023 approaches. Avoid letting stress compromise your body.

Ravinder Grover 

Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.  I offer my insight to Astrology solely based on my learnings of astrology principles and techniques,  some  of them learnt from the Sages of the highest order. These predictions are offered for guidance purpose only.   I offer absolute no guarantee on my calculations and analysis. These predictions are not intended to harm anyone by any means.  I expressly disclaim all warranties, implied or contingent, for making use of these predictions, for incurring any loss, loss of profit or in any manner. No notice or advice from anyone  will create any liability whatsoever