This is the research based analysis.  

The whole world is looking forward for the release of Vaccine for Covid-19.  I am just wondering, what would be the effect of Solar Eclipse 14 Dec 2020 on this?

In Mundane astrology, Aries is taken as the first sign of the World Chart.  Houses 6, 8 and 12  of the chart are very important for Health related issues, such as :

  • House 6 and Virgo, (controlled by Mercury) signify ‘Navy, Army, Mass Diseases, Labour Force, Health Ministry’
  • House 8 and Scorpio (controlled by Mars) signify ‘Natural Calamities, Suicides, Accidents and Danger’
  • House 12 and Pisces (Controlled by Jupiter) signify ‘Jails, Secret Service, Confinements and Hospitals and Expenditure’

Probably you may remember, Solar Eclipse of 26 Dec 2019 occurred  in Sagittarius sign, Mula Nakshatra  with Pluto, Saturn, Ketu, Jupiter, Mon, Sun and Mercury. All the planets got polluted, and were responsible for Covid-19.  To my calculation, this area was activated on 8 Feb 2020, and Covid-9 started spreading its wings all over the Globe

Now the Solar Eclipse of 14 Dec 2020 would take place in Scorpio sign, in Jyeshtha Nakshatra at 28-59 degrees, that is, the House 8 of the Natural Zodiac. Venus, Ketu, Mercury, Sun and Moon, all would be in Scorpio and all would get contaminated.

In addition to that, Jupiter the Lord of the house 12 will be at  the point of Debilitation, hence very weak.  In addition, Jupiter is also the ‘Jeeva’  (Life force) in Nadi Astrology.  So what would this Planet do here? I better ignore answering this question. 

Mercury will be in conjunction with Ketu  (the planet of Virus), hence gets  deeply afflicted and contaminated due to Solar Eclipse.  Further On 17 Dec 2020, Mercury would transit the exact Eclipse point and it would be Debilitated in Navamsa chart too. Hence signification of Mercury, that is ‘Disease’  may suffer further. This may cause some ‘Deep Communication Issues and some problems with Vaccine are anticipated’.  Bitterness amongst Rulers of the Government’ cannot be ruled out.

  1. 24 Dec 2020 – 21 Feb 2020: Activation of  Solar Eclipse
  2. To my knowledge, Mars would start activating the Solar Eclipse area from   24 Dec 2020 and would be at heights of it on 20 Feb 2020.   
  3. 24 Dec 2020- 22 Jan 2021: Very interestingly to my observation, Mars would be traversing the Ashwini Nakshatra (Healers of Gods) during this period.  Only during this period significant progress  in Covid-19 vaccine could be seen
  4. 20 Feb 2020: The Mars will aspect the Eclipse Point , hence some ‘Action Plan may be initiated’ 
  5. As the Eclipse Point is Scorpio, Water sign, near Gandanta, ready to move into Fire sign, indicating ‘Untying the Knot’ . Only this combination gives me some hope as Transformation is on cards. But at the same time, Scorpio indicates some ‘Danger‘   to do with ‘Cure, Preventive Medicine or Vaccine’ . Authorities may get into getting into some  concrete ‘Action Plan’ but some sort of ‘Poisonous effects and/or Side Effects’  in the Vaccine are indicated 
  6. Solar Eclipse  takes place in Jyestha Nakshtra, which means  ‘Elders’, I am afraid, this  Vaccine may give health issues to the ‘Elders’ in a long run.
  7. I know  the if  lords of houses 6,8,12 interconnected may create  ‘Vipreet Raja Yoga’ and give  positive results, but if they are afflicted due to Eclipse, what road they will take, I am not too sure about.   Only time will tell
  8. Scorpio rules reproduction system, genital organs, Genito-urinary system, yeast infections, bacterial infections, etc.  These type os issues may come due to well tested Vaccine
  9. I also think Scorpio controls Pharma companies, hence this Solar Eclipse would initiate Gain to these companies, which is obvious

Ravinder Grover


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