New Zealand has gone for lockdown again from Wednesday 12 August 2020.   I just thought to check in which direction Covid-19 may go now, but there is no such reliable New Zealand Foundation Day Astrology data  at hand.  I have done my calculations based upon  Mundane Astrology without using the New Zealand Foundation day chart but some other methods as give in Indian Vedic Astrology.   I am herewith, presenting below in bullet points:


Regarding Covid-19

  1. Till 20 Sep 2020: If Covid-19  is NOT controlled or managed properly then it seems to move/spread towards (or more cases would be reported in) Central Regions of New Zealand (or Central Regions of North Island/ South Island)
  2. From 20 Sep 2020: If Covid-19 is NOT controlled or managed properly then apart from Central Regions, it may start moving/spreading towards (or more cases would be reported in) the West Direction of New Zealand (or West directions of North Island/South Island)
  3. Central Region and West Regions of New Zealand covers the following places: Centre Regions of New Zealand: Nelson-Marlborough, Northern parts of Canterbury, Norther Parts of West Coast, Norther parts of Canterbury, Wellington, West side of Taranaki, West of Manawatu-Wanganui and their borders
    • Centre Regions of North Island: Auckland, Waikato and their borders
    • Centre Regions of South Island: Canterbury, West Coast and their borders
    • West Regions of New Zealand:  NW of West coast, NW of Nelson – Marlborough and their borders
    • West Regions of North Island: Waikato, Taranaki and their borders
    • West Regions of South Island: West Coast, Otago, Southland  



  1. 16 Aug 2020 – 14 Jan 2021:  Government would be working on managing debts; possibly some setback due to some unexpected explosion, accident, conflict or national calamity  
  2. From 20 Sep 2020: Government’s focus would be to restore Tourism, Economy, Bond of relationship amongst the people and business establishments, Foreign affairs would be concerned, possible some setback for the national identity, some concern would be about the living standard of people  and some new agreements may be drafted.
  3. From 17 Oct 2020:  Some crops and juicy material may suffer and/or some castles may catch disease or get distressed


Ravinder Grover