Astrology of Wars

I have analysed quite a few  Astrological charts of Wars, such as  

First World War, (1914 –   Nov 1918),  Russian Civil War,  Second World War (11 Sep 1939 – 2 Sep 1945), Partition of India, 1947, Malayan Emergency (1948–1960), Korean War (25 June 1950–27 Jul 1953), India-China War (20 Oct 1962 – 21 Nov 1962), The Gulf War (2 Aug 1990 – 28 Feb 1991), Russia Ukraine Invasion on Crimea (20 Feb 2014), Russia invade Ukraine (24 Feb 2022),  and  MOST IMPORTANTLY Crimean war (28 March 1854), etc

Please note this important parameters: 

  • I have observed repeatedly in many Astrology Charts of Wars that Mars (the planet of War and Aggression), Saturn (planet of boundaries), Muntha (progressed ascendant), Rahu (planet of desires, aspirations and illusions) and Ketu (planet of sudden changes) have some aggressive links/aspect with each other.

  • Mars and Saturn would have Vedha/Obstruction as per ‘Chakra Paddhati’

  • Venus,   (Planet of Love  & Peace) and Jupiter (planet of Ethics and Right conduct)  are devoid of strength  and/or afflicted.

  • Aries, Leo, Sagittarius had played an important role in many wars.

  • Most  Vedic Astrologers do see the role of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Vedic Astrology, but to my observance,  these   Outer planets  play an aggressive role when they are in Moveable signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) and have hard aspects


As soon Russia declared war on Ukraine, I had the urge  to see the configuration of the planets for War.   To my surprise I  have observed a few  interesting facts:

  • Generally Venus stays in a sign from 23 days to 60 days depending on the sign.  At times it may stay longer and  get polluted

  • Most wars were fought with the challenging aspects amongst  Mars, Saturn, Rahu-Ketu, Muntha,  Aries, Leo and Sagittarius (Fire Signs)  also played important roles.  Most importantly the role of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto with moveable signs.   Note: It is said, ‘Mahabharata’ War had the link with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius signs as well, as there are many theories, I need more time to come to some conclusion.   I understand Sagittarius is the sign for Dharma and War too

  • It is  said if any planet involves itself with Aries, Leo or Sagittarius for longer period than normal then it starts malfunctioning and may ignite  war like scenario.  

  • Look at the key word  for the following planets and/or combinations: 

    • Venus – Stands for Love and Beauty. For Wars, Venus must lose strength  either b y her position or getting evil aspects from aggressive planets

    • Mars  – Violence, Mobilisation for Wars, Fire, Aggression, quick action

    • Jupiter – property, expanding, But for War Jupiter must lose its strength y getting evil aspects from aggressive planets or by its position

    • Saturn- Boundaries, Depression, Contraction,  wastage of public money

    • Uranus – Unforeseen. and unexpected events, Dethroning, political agitation, Sudden Explosion, Riots, Rebellious acts, Revolution, new and sudden  changes to be brought for the national sphere

    • Conjunction of Uranus and Mars create dangerous combination causing  violence ad military strife in the most unexpected manner, that is about to happen on 1-2 August 2022.  Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Wars, etc cannot be ruled out.  I fear one stupid fellow may threat/use  Nuclear/Atomic weapons.   

    • Neptune  – can play role in conspiracies, aerial navigations, crimes, assassinations, spies, kidnapping, political instability, etc

    • Jupiter and Saturn  – can either promote business or bring recession depending upon the aspects there are with each other

    • PLuto – Groupo activity, Massacres, Mass tragedy, Global Wars, etc

    • Saturn and Pluto combination may cause Mass Deaths. Uranus can erupt Sudden fires,  bring revolution, responsible for rebellion acts

    • Mars,  Saturn, Muntha  and Rahu-Ketu have some aggressive aspects/links with each other.  At the same time Venus,  (the Planet of Love, Peace and Harmony)  and Jupiter (planet of Ethics and Right conduct)  are devoid of strength/afflicted.  



If I refer to Crimean War that started on 28 March 1854. I observe the following combination:

  • Neptune was in Aqaurius sign and in Purvabhadra Nakshatra

  • Neptune was square to Ketu, Mars, Saturn and opposite to Mars R

  • Sat and Rahu together and square to Mars


To my amaze on 24 Feb 2022, I find the following combination

  • Neptune was  again in Aquarius sign and in Purvabhadra Nakshatra

  • Neptune  square to Saturn, Ketu

  • Saturn and Pluto together in one sign

  • Saturn, Mercury  and Pluto square Uranus

  • Mars conjunct Venus in Sagittarius sign


Basically all I am trying to say is the Aggressive planets MUJST make aggressive aspects to each other for the War to take place and Outer planets do play a vital role


Now Let us move forward:


1.  20 Feb 2014: Looking at the history when Russia invaded Crimea

  • I am perplexed to note, Venus transited Sagittarius for 116 days. I have noticed whenever Venus overstays in Sagittarius more than 60 days with aspect from Saturn or a strong malefic  it starts malfunctioning

  • On 20 Feb 2014, Venus (26-17deg) was aspected by Saturn (29-11 deg), Jup R (16-42 deg) and Ketu (7-31 deg). Saturn, Rahu and Mars were together in Libra (moveable sign), Jupiter was in Retrogression movement and Pluto in Sagittarius sign

  • On 1 March 2014, Saturn, Rahu, Mars-R and Gulika were all in Libra, Moveable sign

  • On 6 March 2014: Historically,  the Crimean parliament voted to secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation, with a public referendum on the matter scheduled for 16 March 2014. On 21 March 2014 after the ratification of the annexation treaty by the Russian parliament, Putin signed a law formally integrating Crimea into Russia

2. 24 Feb 2022: Russia declared War on Ukraine

  • Once again similar combination of Planets were  in effect.  Venus is transiting Sagittarius, Fire sign, for 112 days. In fact Venus is overstaying g here and getting polluted I am not too sure if this could be the reason but an interesting fact to observe

  • Venus (28-10 deg) conjoined Mars (28-46 deg) (planet of War) in Sagittarius sign (Fire sign)

  • Neptune was  again in Aquarius sign and in Purvabhadra Nakshatra

  • Neptune  square to Saturn, Ketu

  • Saturn and Pluto together in one sign

  • Saturn, Mercury  and Pluto square Uranus

  • Mars conjunct Venus in Sagittarius sign



3.  26 Feb 2022: Mars would move in Capricorn; its sign of Exaltation hence gain more strength. The zodiac change of Mars is going to happen in the sign of Saturn, the problems of these zodiac signs may increase. Initially I thought  War may STOP or DILUTE from this date.   But just now I have noticed Jupiter the planet of Dharma, Ethic and Values became  combust  on 19 Feb 2022 for 32 days, and this would cease to inspire to follow the Non-Violent path.   Jupiter controls Sagittarius and Pisces, hence these signs would suffer too.


4. 27 Feb 2022: Venus would follow Mars in Capricorn. Here we have the combination (Venus + Mars + Pluto + Mercury + Saturn) in Capricorn  and all aspected by Rahu. This configuration creates:

  • A Strong War like combination

  • Financial and Stock market is set to suffer


7. 19 Feb 2022:  Please NOTE , as said above, when Jupiter became combust so are the Ethics, Values and Right Conduct. Values would decline significantly in the coming month or so. 

5. 27 Feb 2022 – 20 March 2022: It will not be wrong to predict that signification of Jupiter would suffer Globally during this period. From 20 March 2022, Jupiter comes out of Combustion, hence Ethics may restore to some degree

6. In Mundane Astrology Jupiter signifies “Expansion, Finances and Financial Institutions, Stock Market, Business in general, Morality, Values, Religions and Spirituality, Higher Education, Judiciary, Ethics, Ministers, Gurus, Ambassadors, Foreign Affairs, Hospitals,  Charitable institutions, Cultural and Moral traditions of the nation and its rulers, , etc”.  I am sorry to say tak above configuration of planets brings HAVOC in the world


7. Today morning I was working on Hindu New Year’s chart for 1 April 2022 to 21 March 2023, In a day or 2, I will publish a separate article on this.  In a nutshell, I have analysed the followings:

  • 1-15 March 2022: War like scenario. worldwide

  • 1-10 April 2022: War like crises become more explosive all over the world

  • July 2022 – Oct 2022: Sufferings, Diseases, Scandals, Volcanoes, Wars.

  • War like scenario and Bitterness amongst Russia-Ukraine, USA-China, USA – USSR, India – China, India – Pakistan, and China – Taiwan and Australia – China

  • Watch out Period (18 Jul 2022 – 23 Oct 2023, especially 28 Jul 2022 – 6 Aug 2022): This is extremely dangerous configuration of Planets. This indicates Violence, and Military strife in the most unexpected manner.  Possibly refers to world troubles, calamities, War, Riots, Revolution, Ammunition, use of Bombs, threat or use of Nuclear/Chemical/Gas oriented weapons cannot be ruled out,  Earthquakes and may be other form of violent disasters. I feel strongly, Islamic fanatics would play an important role here.  Death or overthrow of the ruler in power.

  • 1-2 Aug 2022: Look at the combination  (Uranus , Mars and Rahu in conjunction) around 90 degrees away from Sat and Pluto  plus Jupiter in Retrogression motion, I predict a massive issue at the world stage.  Now look in D9 chart, Mars, Rahu, Sun  and Jupiter R in Scorpio aspected by Saturn.  I hope NO Nuclear/Atomic  War takes place.  I hope Jupiter would save the world from the extreme here.


8.  1 April 2022 – 21 March 2023:  The Following predictions are for India . The configuration of Planets are potentially leading towards the followings:

  • Chronic ailments may rise

  • Government structures would suffer

  • Diseases (Old/New) may spread further

  • Death or Overthrow or Assassination of the National Leader

  • Calamities

  • Labour class, construction workers, and/or Farmers suffers more

  • Destruction of Budlings, crops, minerals

  • “underground tunnels” may collapse, possibly due to attack

  • Underground wealth (Oil, Gold, Minerals, Gas, Petroleum, etc) may be found

  • Inadequate rains

  • Robbers/Thieves/Terrorists/Rebels in action

  • Public Mortality

  • People may suffer due to various diseases

  • Political instability or Political fanatics in action

  • Atmosphere of wars , Accidents

  • Financial relations with foreign countries

  • Scandal (Sat and Mars in h8)

  • National Tragedy, Possible death of the National/Important Leader and/or  State Funeral

  • Mass killing and/or Deaths

  • Sudden Explosion

  • Rebellious Attacks/Riots

  • Ammunition dump

  • Spread of Disease

  • Major calamity

  • War like scenario, Strained borders

  • Political/Foreign conspiracy

  • Currency issues

  • Constitutional issues (possible major changes in the constitutional leading towards development

  • April 2022 – Oct 2022: Constitutional issues (possible major changes in the constitutional leading towards development, border strained/war like scenario, some important person may pass away

  • “Defence, Aggression, Land, Violence, Manufacturing and Industries,   Industrial Disputes, Fires, Military personnel,  Farmers, Miners,     National Intelligence Agencies, Ammunition, Applied Energy of the whole nation, Drastic changes in law and reforms, Emergency sort of scenario”

I will keep you posted as I do more calculations


Ravinder Grover

Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.  I offer my insight to Astrology solely based on my learnings of astrology principles and techniques,  some  of them learnt from the Sages of the highest order. These predictions are offered for guidance purpose only.   I offer absolute no guarantee on my calculations and analysis. These predictions are not intended to harm anyone by any means.  I expressly disclaim all warranties, implied or contingent, for making use of these predictions, for incurring any loss, loss of profit or in any manner. No notice or advice from anyone  will create any liability whatsoever