Saturn Retrograde (4 June 2022 to 22 Oct 2022): Re-Focus, Re-View and Re-Aim



 “Review your Karmic actions and take Responsibility for the Consequences” 



4 June 2022  – 22 Oct 2022:   Saturn Retrograde.  This is going to be a High Volatile Period for you as well as for the entire World.   


Watch Out Dates:  19 July 2022 – 9 Aug 2022


From 4 June 2022, you are requested to ‘Review’ your life, especially with respect to your ‘Responsibilities, Duties and Discipline’


In Vedic Astrology, Saturn rules over signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn is thus powerful in any sign, but distinct features of Saturn are highlighted in each sign.


Capricorn signifies ‘the core structure of buildings and hierarchies, status, safety and security, power, methodology, environment”.    Aquarius signifies your ‘Idealism, Hopes, Friendship,    Dream Goals, Social Structures,  Inventions, Computers, Electricity, Nervous Disorder, Humanity,  Democracy freedom,  Social Revolutionary and Rebellion’.    Further,  Saturn as a planet signifies “Reality Check, Karma, Responsibility, Restrictions, Obstructions, Duties, Discipline, Diseases, Sufferings, Delay, Elderly, Time, Structure, Stability, Security and Established Order”.


Further, Saturn as a planet signifies “Reality Check, Karma, Responsibility, Restrictions, Obstructions, Duties, Discipline, Diseases, Sufferings, Delay, Elderly, Time, Structure, Stability, Security and Established Order”.    Hence you may say, Saturn is Father Time, the Grim Reaper, the Grand Architect, and the Old Teacher all rolled into one.


On 29 April 2022, Saturn moved into the sign of Aquarius. After moving forwards for about 1 degree and 5 minutes, it would start moving backwards on 4 June  2022.  On 10 July   2022, it would move back into Capricorn, the sign it was in before. It would keep moving backwards, or retrograding, until 22 October 22, when it would be at 24 degrees 25 minutes in Capricorn. On 23 January   2023, Saturn would re-enter the Aquarius sign


In the customised Birth Chart of the Individual, Nation or the World, Saturn’s position reveals an area that will most likely need some attention.  Saturn with respect to the conditions of other planets shows what lessons are most important to learn;  where, when and for how long the most concrete limits are to be experienced.    At the individual level, the job of Saturn is to help you to break away from the false identity and realise your true nature.



Importance of Saturn Retrograde

Saturn is associated with self-discipline, responsibility, arduous labour, limits, and obligation.  Sometimes it is criticised for putting obstacles in our way; however, this is only this teaching planet’s method of getting you to accept responsibility for your actions and step up to the plate.


When Saturn moves through its retrograde phase, everything that contributes to the structure of the world will be subject to ‘Review and Analysis’.  This is a time to take things more slowly and re-examine your own structures, duties, and objectives with a greater degree of concentration and clarity. This indicates that the Saturn retrograde period is an excellent time to gain wisdom from past errors and to evaluate how effectively you have been taking responsibility for your own lives as of late.


When Saturn travels retrograde in the sign of Aquarius and also just after traversing 1 degree or so, it is simply NOT happy with the change that was expected during its transit in the sign Capricorn.    It often compels one to make substantial changes by pushing in the right direction. 


When Saturn travels retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, you may have challenges relating to your position, your ability to exercise control, and your connection to those in power. Because this planet and sign place a high value on respect, the topic of showing and being shown respect is likely to come up during this retrograde, and it’s possible that it might become a source of dispute.



Saturn controls  ‘Time’

Give yourself more time to reach the objectives that can benefit you the most. You should take your time and avoid attempting to cut corners. You may have to evaluate whether or not an aspiration or commitment is strong to withstand the pressure of expectations and your own aspirations in the future.  However, take notice of even the tiniest of happenings that will reoccur and increase when Saturn comes to Aquarius in January 2023.


At the Individual level, it wants you to look inwards and do the deep work that will help reach your long-term goals, make significant reorganisation in your lives and put a ceiling on your excessive desires.


At the Mundane level, it wants Higher Authorities, Governments and people sitting in powerful positions to contribute towards bringing positive change in the environment, society and the world as a whole



Saturn controls  Karma/Career

Retrograde motion is a period in which karma is balanced. Saturn retrograde is hence a double dosage of karma.  It would encourage you to ‘Review’ your actions over the past few years.  Believe me, this is going to be a ‘Challenging’ time.  Saturn coupled with other parameters in the Vedic Astrology Birth chart plays an important role to analyse your career too. You may learn a lesson that seems to have been waiting for you because of a change at work, career or business that you didn’t expect.


At the Individual Level, Saturn’s retrograde periods are an excellent time to reflect on what you have learnt from the planet’s past transits and to make plans for future growth in this area. When Saturn is in retrograde, it is a good time to re-evaluate a form or structure and get a greater understanding of how something may be built to endure the test of time.  


At the Mundane Level, it controls Global Karma. It may shake many structures,  spread diseases, increase violence, riots, bombing, explosions, the war-like scenario insight, explosions, and revolutionary actions would increase, basically this has the potential to create havoc all over, especially between  mid-July 2022 to mid-August 2022, but potentially it can go on till 23 October 2022




Saturn controls  ‘Responsibilities and Duties’

A retrograde Saturn often represents the neglect of ‘Responsibilities and Duties’


At the Individual Level, it encourages you to take responsibility for your karmic actions.  Therefore, Saturn takes on the role of the Teacher (Hard Task Master).  It looks at your  Karma, assesses it inside out and creates challenging conditions to guide you through the processes of learning the lessons of restriction, attraction, and negation, as well as desire and refusal.  Many people are afraid of him because of the problems and setbacks it might inflict.  Remember, when you are going through a darker period in life, you often say, “Why Me?”.  This is the direct consequence of Saturn’s influences upon you.  


At the Mundane Level, Saturn may compel the authorities in charge of the nation, corporation, facilities, etc. to accept responsibility for any erroneous judgments they may have made in the course of their leadership.  There is a possibility that several businesses may need to undertake organisational changes in their management. The layman or labour class would be the one to suffer the most. The conversation will likely centre on pressing issues such as health and safety from a variety of diseases, the state of the global economy, disaster management, climate control, and other related themes.



Saturn as significator of  ‘Disease

A retrograde planet has the Potential to start spreading a new Disease or bring back the old Disease, maybe a new Wave of viruses or epidemic type of issues.


Note: Just my thoughts. Covid-19 began when Saturn entered Capricorn on 24 January 2020. Saturn entered Aquarius for a brief period on 29 April 2022, with a new Theme. However, after travelling slightly over 1 degree and spending more than a month in Aquarius, it will begin retrograding on June 4, 2022.


As previously stated, Retrogradation requests a ‘Review.’ Why would Saturn consider reviewing just a month after entering Aquarius? Then it returns to the former house Capricorn on July 16, 2022, in Retrograde. Capricorn’s motif is distinct. It appears that someone is promoted to the next class in school and then requested to return to the prior class to acquire some lessons there after a month or two.

 To me, this parameter seems to be ‘Dangerous’, Spreading of Disease cannot be ruled out.


Basically, Saturn is able to exert pressure on you in order to accomplish its goal.  The challenges created by Saturn compel you to go through the grilling process so that you can realise your mistakes and then obviously mend your ways by ‘Self Introspection’.   It encourages you to take responsibility for your karmic actions.  However, it also assists you in cultivating characteristics such as self-control, perseverance, concentration, humility, and responsibility. It would keep giving challenges repeatedly in your life till you understand the true aim of your life, that is, Self-Realisation.   Do not fear, retrogradation is such an opportunity to elevate yourselves Karmically.


At the Mundane Level,   Saturn may force the authorities to take responsibility for the wrong decisions they may have made in running the country, company, establishments, etc.   Many establishments may have to make structural changes in the management. Layman or Labour class would suffer more. Burning topics in the discussion would be  Health & Safety from various Diseases,  Economic health of the world, Disaster management, Climate control, etc


In a nutshell, due to Saturn is in its retrograde phase at the moment, you may feel especially stuck or blocked and confront your limits at this time. Saturn wants you to take responsibility for your own success, be self-sufficient and rise to the occasion, so collaborate with him.  If you take the time to learn what Saturn is trying to teach you, it could change your life. ‘Patience’ should be your guiding mantra for the next four to six months.


 How to handle Retrograde Saturn?

  • The first step is to ‘Review’ your ‘Responsibilities, Duties and Discipline’ with honesty that you may have lacked in the recent past
  • Secondly accept your ‘Responsibilities & Duties’, put in the effort, and maintain your ‘Discipline’ so that Saturn may reward you during his journey in retrograde. Hard work would be required indeed but the reward would be fulfilling too.
  • Spend some time in Yogic and Spiritual exercises, such as doing Pranayama (Breathing exercise), Meditation, reading of scriptures and/or uplifting material, etc.
  • Saturn signifies Elder people too, hence taking the opportunity to provide much-needed services to elders and sick people but without ego and expectation.

Action Plan

“Review your Karmic actions, Learn to take responsibility for your mess and mend your ways”

“ It is an insult to your Self to be born,

to live and to die

without knowing the answer to the mystery


why you were sent here as a human being in the first place”  

 – Paramhansa Yogananda

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Ravinder Grover

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