Astrologically its said  the Solar Eclipse distances us from the fixed patterns and pushes us towards unknown domains. Forthcoming Solar  Eclipse of 14 Dec 2020 may impose some unpredictable changes; and that may force us to adapt and/or sacrifice certain things bringing some unknown transformation.


Annual Solar Eclipse falls on 14 December 2020 (21:47 hours, New Delhi, India) in Scorpio sign, Jyeshtha Nakshatra at  28-59 degrees as ‘Eclipse Point’, very close to Gandanta point.   Scorpio stands for ‘Hidden things, Poisons and Chemicals’. Simply, this Solar Eclipse indicates that our focus would be on these issues.


What is Gandanta?  In short, ‘Gand means  ‘Knot’ and ‘Anta means ‘End’. Gandanta means   ‘Knot at the End’. A well-tied knot is that it is very difficult to unravel. The more we try to untie the knot, the tighter it becomes. In fact, Gandanta represents a knot within ourselves, a deep issue, which we are trying to reconcile with.   

Gandanta points are transitions between water and fire signs in Vedic astrology,  to be precise, these  Gandanta points are located at the junctions of Pisces (Revati Nakshatra) & Aries (Ashvini Nakshatra) signs, Cancer (Ashlesha Nakshatra) & Leo (Magha Nakshatra) signs, Scorpio (Jyeshtha Nakshatra ) & Sagittarius (Mula Nakshatra) signs.  


Caution is advised as the Gandanta energy is unstable and full of potential obstacles. Any planets traversing this Gandanta point has the potential to bring transformation. Any planet transiting Gandanta  point becomes extremely powerful to bring a change not only to themselves but into the world. This forthcoming Solar Eclipse would take place extremely close to Gandanta point at 28-59 degrees of Scorpio, hence some ‘Transformation is on the cards.


This Solar Eclipse would be  visible from Chile and some parts of Argentina, some regions in southern South America, south-west Africa, and Antarctica will see a partial solar eclipse, if weather  permits.


It is said, the Solar Eclipse tends to affect more where it would be visible than other countries where it would not be visible.  Chile has already registered more than 15,000 deaths and half a million cases due to Covid-19.  I am concerned  that this Eclipse  may cause some ‘severe issues’ in Argentine within next 6 months or so.  But I believe, regardless of where the Solar Eclipse is visible,  this   Eclipse shall bring some ‘Transformative Changes’ at ‘Individual level’, ‘Country level’ and ‘Global level’


Please excuse me for typing mistakes as I am writing impromptu while looking  at the Astrological chart for the forthcoming days:


       Deeper Meaning of the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio at Gandanta

As explained earlier, Gandanta means’ ‘End of the Knot’.   And Gandanta point  in Scorpio (Hidden sign) means  ‘Hidden Emotional,        Material & Sexual knots’ which have been ‘Knotted for Lives’ and are Hidden from our own Self Awareness.  In other words, I call them   ‘Knot of Karmas including Vaasnas (Impressions of the intense past desires).  Generally, Solar Eclipses tend to create new beginnings and bright new opportunities; they may bring random events at your door steps. This Solar Eclipse gives the opportunity to ‘Untie the Knot’, understand the consequences of the ‘Karma’, (I believe one should Cleanse self) and move forward with renewed energy and enthusiasm. In fact,    Eclipses can help one to become aware of one’s potential which was  never thought of.


If someone has either Sun, or Moon or Rising Sign in his chart at Scorpio 29 degrees, then this Eclipse can bring some unexpected      changes of direction


From body point of view, Scorpio sign  controls  the generative organs and the ducts through which the excretions of the body pass, such as the urethra (the small canal through which the urine passes from the bladder outward) and the colon, including the anus.  The bladder, the sigmoid flexure, prostate gland, pubic bone, the red colouring matter of the blood, and the nasal bones are also under the rule of Scorpios.


To memorise, Scorpio has the portfolio to look after  – “Bladder, urethra, genitals, descending colon, prostate gland, sigmoid flexure,  nasal bone, pubic bone, red colouring matter in blood” . 


          Two and a quarter Nakshatras fall in Scorpio,  as follows:

    1.  Vishaka: 0-00 degrees  –  3-20 degrees
    2.  Anuradha: 3-20  degrees –  16-40 degrees
    3.  Jyeshtha: 14-40 degrees to 30-00 degrees

         If I breakdown further, Jyeshtha Nakshatra  has the portfolio to control ‘Colon, Anus, Genital Organs, Ovaries and Womb’


     Will all people be affected Health-wise?

Absolutely NOT.  I believe those people  who already have some health conditions that fall under the area controlled by  Scorpio may be prone to further Health affliction, if appropriate precautions not take.  And also people who are prone to some issues health or  

        otherwise, who  have the following configuration of planets in their Vedic Astrological Chart:   

    1. Sun is around 29 degrees in  Taurus or Scorpio. Generally Sun is around 29 degrees  in Taurus for people born between 12-16 June   and   Sun is around 29 degrees in Scorpio for people  born between  12-16 December.  In simple words, It’s vital to guard your health if Solar Eclipse  falls either 2 days before or after your birthday, or if the eclipse falls exactly 6 months after your birthday.
    2. Moon is close to 29 degrees of Taurus or Scorpio, or
    3. Lagna (also known as Rising Sign and Ascendant) is  close to 29 degrees of Taurus or Scorpio, or

In fact, it’s difficult to generalise the above statement, as we need to look at the entire chart and the effects of other planets falling on  Scorpio in totality.  But one may take the above as a ‘Guide to Protect’ oneself.


      What to do during the Solar Eclipse?

    1. NEVER EVER look at the Sun directly with naked eyes.
    2. Avoid consuming any food 2 hours before and after the Solar Eclipse, as it affects the Digestive Fire/System and makes food difficult to digest.
    3. Yes, you may sip hot water
    4. Meditate or Chant your favourite Mantra during the Eclipse, which would give 1000 times more affect
    5. Avoid making any important decision two days before and after the Solar Eclipse.
    6. If you fall in the above category, simply, Follow ABC of life, i.e., ‘Always Be Careful with your Actions’ and ‘Always Be Cheerful in Life’ regardless of what happens


       What could happen in next few days?

10 Dec 2020: Mars (Planet of Action and Aggression)  is already aspected by Sat (3rd aspect) and Ketu (5th aspect).   Pluto is heading towards the square aspect on Mars  by 23 Dec 2020.  From a historic perspective, whenever Pluto Square Mars, that ignited  Wars, Plane crashes, Terror Attacks,  Massacre , Assassination/attempt to assassinate Leaders’  or such  scenarios has taken place.  This combination is becoming more stronger by 23 Dec 2020


14 Dec 2020 – 21 Feb 2020: The Solar eclipse may influence the  followings effects World-wide:

    1. Natural Disasters (Earthquakes, landslides, Tsunami, Bush Fires, under water activities)
    2. Either Covid-19 Virus may start spreading its a new wave again or some new Disease may pop up mysterically all at sudden. God bless.  
    3. Significant Political activities
    4. Financial Instability especially till 6 April 2021
    5. Possible side effects of Vaccines or a new Disease may pop up
    6. Significant Economic activities (including  Financial Market Shakeup)
    7. Unstable Weather (Cold waves in Norther part  and  Heat waves in Southern part,   Heavy Snowfall or Rainfall  depending upon the latitude)
    8. Civil war like scenario in USA  and some other countries
    9. Relationship between India-China, India-Pakistan, USA-China, Australia-China would be at the lowest, possible become worst day by day
    10. Wars, Plane crashes, Terror Attacks, Massacre and  Assassination/attempt to assassin   world Leaders are on cards
    11. West and North West direction of the World shall be most affected
    12. This Solar Eclipse may give Diseases to many elders and world leaders, as Jeystha Nakshastra stands for the ‘Elders’
    13. This Solar Eclipse would ignite anger and protests world-wide, especially the countries where the eclipse would be visible


From 17 Dec 2020: Mercury would transit the Eclipse Point

    1. Bitterness amongst Rulers of the Government
    2. Natural Disaster may happen world-wide, magnitude would vary
    3. Journalism, Media, Communication Industry, Communication with authorities would be highly impacted. This is the point of initiation and may carry on for 6 month or so.


From 24 Dec 2020:  In Mundane Astrology, Mars ingress Aries, with its 8th aspect would aspect Scorpio and the planets there in, Ketu and Venus (not exactly the eclipse point). Mars would carry energy from Saturn, Ketu, Pluto, enough for ‘Disasters and Accidents.  Only Saturn may be trying to restrict Mars but on the positive side, Pluto’s energy would get the work done which one have been resisting  making changes for a long time. Mars ingress Aries (Fire sign) and here  Saturn would Square Mars., a challenging aspect may give:

    1. Forceful Aggressive Actions/Events,
    2. something to do with Army, Assassination, Fire, War, Defence, Navy,  Defence
    3. Spreading of Disease further for 6 months cannot be ruled out
    4. Natural Disasters, (Under water activities, Volcanoes, landslides, Bush Fires,  Tsunami, Earthquakes,etc)
    5. Terrorists Attacks and/or Firing   
    6. War like scenario
    7. Accidents including (Trains accidents, Malfunctioning of machines,  Explosion of Poisonous Gases,  Threat of Nuclear Attack and/or  Nuclear Energy accident ) 


From 3 Jan 2021: Venus transit Eclipse Point.   

    1. Ripe corps may be  destroyed
    2. Healing affects through Liquid
    3. Relationship problems would come to the surface  


From 20 Feb 2021:  Mars would exactly aspect the Eclipse Point

    1. All the above can happen  inclusive of War clouds, use of Poisonous gases and Chemicals Fires, Smuggling at rise.
    2. Implementation of the Action Plan to do with Vaccine/Medicine  
    3. Solar Eclipse takes place in Scorpio sign, that rules Pharma  and Medicine companies, obviously from 20 FEb 2021, they would start making huge profit
    4. Natural Disasters, (Under water activities, Volcanoes, landslides, Bush Fires,  Tsunami, Earthquakes,etc)


It’s said in Mundane astrology, when eclipse happens in Scorpio, this can activate threat of  ‘Poisons or Chemicals’. Southern provinces and army officers may suffer.


Now let us look at the analysis of the chart of Solar Eclipse and also with respect to the chart of India. 


How Solar Eclipse may affect India?

Consider  India Independence Day Chart (15 Aug 1947, 00:00:01 hours, New Delhi, India)

    1. Lagna/Ascendant is Taurus and Scorpio is the 7nd House signifying ‘Challenges with International relations/trades, disputes,  conspiracies, rebellious actions, Challenges in foreign affairs’ cannot be ruled out
    2. Mars is the Lord of 7 and 12 houses, indicating  ‘International Trade, Foreign Affairs, Jails, Confinements, Hospitals, Investment, Overseas’ may be affected
    3. Mars also signifies ‘Armed forces, War, Militants, Surgeon,  Engineers, Military, Violence, Criminals, taking Forceful Actions’, hence some activities with these too will pop up. War like scenario  is on cards, I would say at least till next Solar Eclipse on 4 Dec 2021, may be longer
    4. Transit Mars would get aspect from Natal Mon, Merc, Pluto, Sat, Venus and Sun  
    5. 24 Dec 2020- 21 Feb 2021,  relationship ship with Chin, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia and may be some other countries may be at lowest. 
    6. From a historic perspective, whenever Pluto Square Mars ignited  Wars, Plane crash,  Terror Attack/Activities on rise,  massacre  and  assassination of Leaders like scenario has taken place.  Basically say aggressive activities had taken place.    
    7. As per Koorma Chakra, Scorpio-Jyeshtha Nakshatra falls in West direction and Capricorn signifies the North-West direction. Hence, ‘Significant Political, Economic Activities or Natural Disasters (Earthquakes, landslides, under water activities)’ may happen in West or North-West   direction in/of the country


Consider India Chaitra Pratipada Chart  (24 Mar 2020, 14:58 hours, New Delhi, India)  

    1. Lagna is Cancer, 23-38 degrees
    2. 9-17 Dec 2020 – very volatile period.  Communal issues may increase or disturb. Famers would not understand the motive of the Government
    3. 23 Dec 2020 – 21 Feb 2021: Scorpio falls in House 5, signifying  ‘Children, Birth rates, places of Entertainment, Education institutions/departments,  Scholars, Auditoriums and Administrative buildings’. These are the areas where some ‘violent activity’ can take place between 23 Dec 2020 to 21 Feb 2021


Ravinder Grover