Let us understand Pluto first. Pluto symbolises regeneration, major change, transformation, rebirth after destruction, changes of  and for the generations, political underground activities, organised crime, secret service, banking systems, stocks and shares, manipulation, corruption.  Its energy is extremely potent and powerful.  It  also represents the underbelly of emotions, what lies beneath the surface, and the subconscious mind. Say, on a deeper psychological level, Pluto is the master of Transformation, one may not like the way it does work, but it  gets the work done by hook or crook.


Pluto may cause great changes that can last for very long time or forever, it may create conflicts at the highest level, making drastic changes, converting from one situation to another. The planet is about complete change, conversion, and renewal. Pluto might not get things done in a neat way, but he gets them done. He does not take his time with change. Pluto represents how you regenerate and experience death and rebirth. It is the planet influencing and/or defining ‘Generations of People’ rather than an individual. Pluto, the transformational planet is connected with the necessary urge for renewal, the tearing down of the old and the rebuilding of the new. Pluto can also be associated with terrorism, mass movements, country take-overs, severe weather conditions and change that occurs on a larger scale.  So I expect some ‘Drastic Changes for the Generations to come’


Pluto would remain in Capricorn for almost 2 decades, say till 2040. During this period, I would say on a positive note, Pluto would play the role of ‘Celestial Policeman’, that will be busy in‘Exposing abuses of power and building better business models by hook or crook’.   Please note, Pluto gets work done faster either by forceful methods, can be ‘Forced Better Management’ or by using alternate method of becoming a Don/Goon as well. As Pluto would heading towards Saturn, the lord of Capricorn and the tenth house of the natural zodiac,  hence this period  would bring massive changes in how we structure our lives  and how the Government should be run.   


2nd, 6th and 10th houses of the natural zodiac has signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn respectively; and they  are in Trine to each other.  These three signs are ruled by Earth quality,  and are ‘Practical & Methodological’ signs that  appreciate Stability.  I consider these signs as the ‘Builders of the Universe, Country and Family’


To my experience any planet transiting there would provide some support to each other in whatever possible way.  Look at the signification of the houses/signs:

  1. Taurus sign of ‘Perseverance and Resources’  signifies  ‘Economy, Banking System, Financial Institutions, Stock Exchange, Resources, Currency and all activities concerning in making money’.  
  2. Virgo sign of     ‘Responsibility and Consequences’  signifies ‘Employment, Service, Working class, Left wing organisations, public health, armed forces, civil service, Debts  and Legal Sector’ . 
  3. Capricorn sign ofSelf Imposed discipline, Hard Work, Commitment and Planning’ signifies ‘Government, High Places, Justice System, Structuring, Disciplining, Heads of State, Government and national prestige’.  

As per Mundane Astrology, Pluto (Celestial Force)  will be with Saturn (the planet of Structure, Discipline & Order, Work, Restrictions and Harsh Realities)  and with Jupiter (The planet of Belief, Divine knowledge, Optimism, Increase and Prosperity), and in zodiac sign of Capricorn (the sign of Practical Goals, Management, and Structure)  seems to be  good prophecy for Gradual Increase and Structured Prosperity worldwide’.


I know, Saturn is the Lord of Capricorn and Jupiter is Debilitated (Neech) here.   Some astrologers are in the opinion that  Debilitation of Jupiter is cancelled here in Capricorn by being with Saturn. I remember my initial days of learning Parashara Astrology,  it read somewhere  that whenever the Lord of Trine (houses 1,5 or 9) and  the Lord of Angle (houses 1,4,7,or 10) are positioned together  either in Trine or Angles houses, the Debilitation of the Planet involved would cancel, rather results in ‘Raja Yoga’. In fact, this  combination is termed  “Neech Bhang Raja Yoga” , i.e., the Debilitated planet loses it characteristics of weakness and gains strength.  Through my Astrology journey of over four decades, I gather this formula does not qualify ‘True’ in all conditions.  


I view this differently,   in the present scenario, Debilitation of Jupiter indicates that “Jupiter would have low ethical  nature and false optimism;  it would  tend to move more towards Material and Mundane success then Spiritual upliftment”. Just for  as long as it is very close to Saturn, it would keep helping Saturn doing his job to bring “Transformative Changes” in the world with respect to all the signification as mentioned in points ‘a’,’b’ and ’c’ above. 


In my opinion, this would bring Transformative changes’ to the way we use ‘Finance, Resources, Currency, Employment, Health Sector, Debt Management, Legal and Justice Sector’.  


In Nutshell, we can expect ‘’Transformative Changes with respect to

  • Governments and High Places
  • Finance (how we use it)
  • Resources
  • Restructuring – of Business model for next 20 years
  • Currency – Management and concept of ‘One Currency One World’
  • Employment – Fair employment and income for all
  • Health Sector (possible Vaccine)
  • Debt Management
  • Legal Sector
  • Revolution – I believe we are at the cusp of 4th Revolution.   I will write another article on ‘Revolution and Astrology’ at later date. In my opinion the forthcoming revolution  initiated by Pluto shall include the followings:
    • Financial Security and Debt Management
    • Better preparations for Natural Disasters
    • Revise Education system for next 2 decades
    • Better use of Internet, computers and Digital Security


The word ‘Debt’ rings bells in my ears.   Do you know, ‘Global debts’ would reach $277 trillion as of end of 2020.   If some concrete steps are not taken to rectify the situation now, then I am afraid, the world would be in a deeper mess. 

I repeatedly say, some ‘Transformative changes’ are on the way, focusing on how we use ‘Finance, Resources  and Currency’ in the world and how the ‘World Debt’ must be managed.  This may initiate the new concept heading towards One Currency One World  or something along the same line/concept.   


Ravinder Grover