Note:  The Vedic Sun Sign describes your Public Self, the Moon Sign (Janma Rashi) describes your Emotional Personality (the way you interact with others, not necessarily how you are inside) and the Rising Sign (Lagna) describes your true Inner Self (how you are inside and how you face the world unconsciously)


Why read Regular Horoscopes?

If you have an idea what dreadful can unfold, you would be more careful or mindful about it. Similarly, regular horoscope may throw light on some possible future happenings and that could be useful for protecting self.  But please do not get blinded with this instead use your intellect at all times.   Regard the tips & guidance provided,  and always remember that your life is in your hands



  1. Aries (Mesha Rasi) (14 April – 15 May)

This seems to be time for emotional cleansing time and a lot may come out of your mind during this churning process. Slow down, Do not let reckless energy  create  arguments, picking  up fights or getting involved in any accident.  This configuration may become more  intense till end of June 2021.  To overcome suffering, start drinking more coconut water or  rose flavoured milk  from now, that would help to keep your mind cool. Relationship area shows some challenges, hence better to control your urges


  1. Taurus (Vrishabha Rasi) (15 May – 15 June)

You seem to be worried about your spouse and  the family.  Relax, nothing bad is going to happen. It’s just a passing cloud,  provide support to your spouse in whatever way you can; this would give you good yield in time to come. Speech is the sensitive zone which you need to control for quite some time. From career point of view, this is a test of your character. Must carry on with your work  responsibly with patience and determination. Take care of your immune system


  1. Gemini (Mithun Rasi) (15 June – 16 July)

Emotional storms seems to be on the way; keeping cool would indeed help and this would also help you to transform yourself into a better being. I know you may be finding hard to harmonise with your spouse, but  it seems that your spouse could be under some stress. Your soothing and supporting words would heal the wounds and motivate him/her to come out of it.  Please do not hold too much of grudge in yourself, open up, speak and communicate your feeling but with softness and love


  1. Cancer (Karakata Rasi) (16 July – 17 August)

Do not rush in spending unnecessary money  without giving a second  thought. Due to your inbuilt  nurturing nature you may extend is helping hands to many and some may try to take the undue advantage.  Review what exactly you should do as this may have some implications at career too.  If you have children, they may give you hard time during this fortnight. Keep an eye on their movements and behaviour. This seems to be good time to leave your comfort zone and widen your social circle with some extraordinary people


  1. Leo (Simha Rasi) (17 August – 17 September)

All the time you were under impression that you have the best leadership skills.  Then why nobody seems to listen to you at home?  Next fortnight,  your domestic and family issues may get to next level. Possibly you need to redefine your leadership skills with spiritual flavour. Career wise, unexpectedly  your superiors may test you and your goals; forcing you to prove your worth. Listen to your spouse for a change, do not underestimate his/her strength as the bright ideas may come from that side


  1. Virgo (Kanya Rasi) (17 September- 17 October)

You may have a  urge to break free from daily routine, possibly wish to do  something totally different from your normal activities. Tempo of mental activity would increase; do not let anger overpower you. Remember, the challenging time with respect to siblings, friends and with your spiritual faith is just here this fortnight.  If you have to make any important decision this fortnight, please take extra time  to review pros and cons. In relationship,  over assertiveness may upset the situation and that may be reason for added pressure on you


  1. Libra (Tula Rasi) (17 October -16 November)

Extra pressure from people who are close to you would become evident from this week.   Stormy as it is, relationship with spouse and/or business partner may go for  further roller coaster ride.  Nature teaches us – plants who bend and let the storm pass by  flourish later on, but the hard erected tree who refuse to bend end up either falling down or getting uprooted.   This fortnight may give you a few valuable lessons on to how to control emotions. Things shall improve from mid-May 2021. Career seems to be on the right path, some boost would help indeed


  1. Scoprio (Vrischik Rasi) (16 November – 16 December)

This seems to be time for emotional cleansing and a lot may come out of your mind during this churning process. To avoid self-destruction, slow down; do not let reckless energy create  arguments, picking or getting involved in any accident.  This configuration may become more and more intense till end of June 2021.  Start drinking more coconut water from now, that would help to keep your mind cool. Career wise, some forceful turning pint cannot be ruled out


  1. Sagittarius (Dhanu Rasi) (16 December – 14 January)

From career point of view,  some pressure from your seniors may make your life a little bit difficult; your diplomatic skills may help you out from this. Remember,  better communication skills would be added advantage.  Relationship, may it be personal or business related, would demand extra and unnecessary expenditure and you need to be very  careful here.  Ensure you exercise patience while interacting.  Healthwise, immune system needs some attention


  1. Capricorn (Makara Rasi) (14 January – 13 February)

For next fortnight, you must keep your focus on your family life, your relationship with closed ones  and your health.   Intimate relationship may grow through emotional bonding and mutual respect.  Domestic issues would need to be resolved with love and with morality based actions. If required, take help  from the wise  and elderly   in your family.  In career, a lot more opportunities may come for you to climb the ladder high, but domestic issues  need to be resolved first


  1. Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) (13 February – 14 March)

If married  then various shades of your personality may get manifested in your marital life.  Communication is the key and that seem to be lacking at this stage. Ensure you try and fill the gap to keep the harmony in the relationship with effective communication and mutual respect. Some issues seem to pop up involving  either  your friends, younger siblings or children.  Some issue at work cannot be ruled out either.   Refrain from getting into office politics, rather change your way of working and prove that you are best in your work.  Some transformation is on cards, may be within one month


  1. Pisces (Meena Rasi) (14 March – 14 April)

The next fortnight demands your attention in sorting out domestic and family issues. Career may take a good turn,  more opportunities may come your way and  you must  take full advantage this time.  If you are into Professional Writing then the forthcoming fortnight is indeed for you. You are soft person by nature, but  the present configuration of planets indicate the occasional arguments  at work, if not controlled,  may land you in trouble too.  Communication issues may pop up if you are in any business partnership.  Short term emotion  challenges in personal relationship cannot be overruled.  If single, you may get a love proposal soon



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