Subsequent to my previous post where I indicated the followings:

  1. The peak of Covid-19 would be on or around  15th May 2021 at 21:00 hours IST, then gradually the Graph of Covid-19 cases shall start Declining

  2. Though  23 May 2021 (+ 2 days)  seems to be extremely enigmatic again, not necessarily due to Covid-19, that  could be due some Natural Disaster, War like Scenario or something else.

  3. To my further research  if I fine tune further deeply, I find that the Covid-19 cases started  RISING  from  24 April 2021  and became  ALARMING  from 30 April 2021 13:00 house and may continue till  6 May 2021.  

  4. Then from  6 May 2021, 00:45 hours IST, some RELIEF at SUBTLE LEVEL  shall start becoming evident  and number of cases shall start Declining there on

  5. I feel confident that from 2 June 2021, Covid-19 graph shall start Declining  further, though some off and on cases cannot be ruled out

I noticed that the forthcoming planetary configuration between  10-18 May 2021 would setup  rare aspects amongst themselves, and these exceptional parameters may result in intensifying The Enormous Emotional Reaction worldwide.


I have also mentioned earlier in my previous posts that Covid-19 is NOT going to fade away in totality before February-March 2023.  Let me put in record again that Covid-19 and its variants  WILL NOT  go in Totality, but the number of cases would reduce significantly from February-March 2023 and that may be due to vaccination and other new medical aids,  that would be provide control over this situation. 


Let me peep through next  few days first.  To me it seems The Huge Emotional Eruption is on the way, especially between 10 and 18 May 2021.  It seems to me, in next few days a lot may happen in the World along the following lines:

  1. More Obscure and Darker energies of anxiety, fretfulness, cold-bloodedness, uneasiness, deterred development, stagnation and shrewdness would be on Rise. This would increase Depression and Fear of the future in people’s mind

  2. Government would get Fearless to take Bold steps and certain Risks.  At the same time, some impulsive actions taken by the higher authorities cannot be ruled out

  3. ‘Debt Management’ would be back on discussion table for most countries

  4. The world will have a huge Emotional Reaction. It would wonder how to get to the bottom of the mystery that is going on since last year.  Astrologically it seems the background noise concerning Covid crisis and about the future of the world would continue till March 2022

  5. There would be confusion about the Truth of what really is circumventing the world with Covid variations, mutations, immunizations, vaccinations, lock downs, and even in understanding the Covid variants. Even the genuine number of deaths  all throughout the planet would be in everybody’s mind

  6. ‘Insecurity of Health’ issues may baffle the World and the World Leaders would discuss this at common platform repeatedly

  7. After watching TV News for last few weeks, it seems to me that many media houses are more interested to create the web of confusion. May be they are deceiving people to some extent for selfish motive by giving manipulated and controlled information.  Honestly, I think Media Houses should have played more positive role  by  Helping people to fight this crisis with proper advice apart from just reporting the worst scenarios. This would have given Media Houses more milage, respect  and good reputation

  8. Though Bharat (India) herself is going through a suffering and a challenging time, Bharat (India) would Rise to provide ‘Calming  Effects’ to the world through her Spiritual Heritage and Spiritual Resources.  This is  inevitable and it is sure to happen in near future

  9. From 10 May 2021: Covid-19 or its variants may spread further in South West direction of India

  10. 16 May 2021 (+ 2 days) or 23 May 2021 (+ 2 days) 

    • “The Huge Emotional Eruption” is expected during 12-18 May 2021

    • The Peak of Corona-19/Variant (especially at New Delhi, India)

    • Some sort of Natural Disaster or War like Scenario is expected. Fire, Earth, Air and Water elements are strong during this period . Hence it could be Earthquake, Storm Cyclone, Tornado, Tsunami, etc where these elements are primary active

  11. The  planetary configuration  for the 16-23  May 2021 indicates the following activities for India and New Zealand.


    •  Affected Direction within/or of the country  seems  to be – Moving from East of India to South-East, From South East to South, From South to South West and From South West to West of India. Basically all places which fall from East India to West of India.  (Note: I am just trying a formula to Astro-Locate  the affected direction. I am not pinpointing any particular city here)

    • Who would be most affected?: Homeless people, Displaced people, Secret enemies at work, Hospitals, Military hospitals,  Prisons, Labour Camps,  Plot against someone, Unseen and Unexpected trouble, Secret business deals may be revealed, foreign countries or departments, etc

        NEW ZEALAND:     SOME activity would be along the following lines: 

    • International – Trade, Dispute, Affairs, Treaty, Foreign Policies

    • Opposition Party and/or anti-social organisations would be very active

    • Government secrets may be questioned or revealed

    • Some activities to do with Airline Industry, Shipping, Railways, Roadways or Transport are on card




  • 12 – 30 Apr 2021: 2nd Wave Started

  • From 24 April 2021: Wave becomes Alarming

  • 1-10 May 2021: Extremely Enigmatic, but  Relief at Subtle Level started from 6 May 2021

  • 10 -16 May 202: Decline/Ease in number of Covid-19

  • 16 May ( + 2 days): Astrological Peak of Wave 2 of Covid-19/Variant. Say  better control of the situation

  • 16 May 2021 – 2 June 2021: Further Decline/Ease in number of cases is on cards with some obstruction for a week or so

  • Though  23 May 2021 (+ 2 days)  seems to be extremely enigmatic again, NOT necessarily due to Covid-19, that  could be due some Natural Disaster, War like Scenario or something else.

  •  2 June 2021 – 20 July 2021: Land mark Improvement but  some off and on cases cannot be ruled out

  • From 20 July 2021: Seems all OK

  • Sep-Nov 2021: Third wave may erupt



FROM 28 MAY 2021 (+ 2 DAYS) – 22 JUNE 2021

  • War Like Scenario

  • Political upset and/or shuffling in India    




  • Fear  is more worst than the actual pandemic! So kindly don’t be deadened with fear.

  • Avoid potential risk. Carelessness and negligence  are even more worst than fear.  Don’t be careless.  

  • First thing is to keep yourself SAFE by staying at home.  Play it safe and stay safe!

  • Follow the Rules/Law  of the country – Wear mask, keep social distancing, etc

  • Motivate Self and Others with Hope & Positiveness that “ALL WILL BE WELL SOON”

  • Serve others Selflessly as much as in you can capacity without risking your life

  • Keep yourselves in spiritual environment.

  • Read (Watch)  positive  and motivational books (programs)

  • Remember “Life is a Challenge” and One has to Meet It.  This can ONLY  be done if you  have Faith in your INNER SELF.  Hence Meditate daily and Draw courage and  positiveness from within to overcome such situation.



I will update further soon



Ravinder Grover