Note:  The Vedic Sun Sign describes your Public Self, the Moon Sign (Janma Rashi) describes your Emotional Personality (the way you interact with others, not necessarily how you are inside) and the Rising Sign (Lagna) describes your true Inner Self (how you are inside and how you face the world unconsciously)


Why read Regular Horoscopes?

If you have an idea what dreadful can unfold, you would be more careful or mindful about it. Similarly, regular horoscope may throw light on some possible future happenings and that could be useful for protecting self.  But please do not get blinded with this instead use your intellect at all times.   Regard the tips & guidance provided,  and always remember that your life is in your hands.


1. Aries (Mesha Rasi) (14 April – 15 May)

This month highlights your need for security through resources and wealth. At present you seem to have a strong urge to live a luxurious life style, be alert, do not get trapped in Greed which may end in disaster later on. Avoid pretending to manage things well, rather pay attention to your values and learn how to manage your resources in proper manner.  There is a need to remind yourself of your spiritual essence;  while life’s pleasures are just fleeting away.  In career front, you may need to find solutions for new challenges, may be adopt a new strategy.    From 11 March 2021,  your communication and agreements may be accepted 


2. Taurus (Vrishabha Rasi) (15 May – 15 June)

This month seem to shake things up, possibly in  a big way and  that may impact your relationship with a significant other(s).  At present you seem to have a some difficulties in sleeping and/or with dreams. It’s about time to start meditating and doing some breathing exercises to settle the mind. Avoid  projecting all kinds of false personae but try to discover your True Self.   Some chances of misunderstandings and disagreements with your spouse are on cards. Avoid any arguments, be calm  and try to solve the issues with Love and understanding, otherwise,  God knows what may happen. From 11 March 2021,  your communication would carry some weight.


3. Gemini (Mithun Rasi) (15 June – 16 July)

At present you seem to have a some difficulties with insomnia, investment and/or unnecessary expenditure. You may also be seeking some secret  adventures. Make sure you do not get trapped in any illegal and/or unethical activities. Time to get rid of any harmful addiction/habit habits  you may have so. Just be mindful of your expenses spiralling.  If single,  take as much time as necessary to choose whether you are in the correct relationship  Likewise, you are encouraged not to utilize any forceful language that can influence the relationship. From 11 March 2021, self-confidence would start restoring.


4. Cancer (Karakata Rasi) (16 July – 17 August)

This is the high time to review your association with people and/or groups who could be very deceptive in nature. There is no need to remove their masks but it’s important for you to get away from them ASAP.  You  also seem to be not sure what do you wish to achieve in a long term  and what you can offer to the society. Take care of your marriage and/or relationships as it may go through roller coaster ride from 6 April 2021 for six months or so. Some changes in career may take place by end of this month


5. Leo (Simha Rasi) (17 August – 17 September)

You may be a charismatic leader, your impression  at career may be at peak, but you know very well that any false reputation (if any), will not last long. Review your ways of working and try to bring transformation  based on truth and values, and at the same time make sure you do not neglect your home and family.   Must get work-life balance right. A piece of advice, refrain from risking your money in order to get short term gains. From 11 March 2021, some improvement in your income cannot be ruled out


6. Virgo (Kanya Rasi) (17 September- 17 October)

Religion is meant to help people to realise the Self. Fortune is not based on what faith you follow but on how hard you work with sincerity and purity.  Your intentions play a very important role here.  Follow the faith with utmost confidence and sincerity, you may discover a new path  that would help you prosper in life.  Self-expression with confidence may open many doors for success.  In relationship, this period may carry some sentimental and exciting minutes to appreciate. Keep working on stabilising the relationship,  and  gradually, there may be  a positive change and you may be able to strike some balance in the matters of the heart


7. Libra (Tula Rasi) (17 October -16 November)

This month would bring many challenges, unconscious fears and phobias may give you  insecurity resulting in  sleepless nights. You may start depending on other’s resources and may get back to your addictions.  This is the time to work on your confidence level. Read motivation  materials and also spend some time searching within, what exactly you are supposed to do to come out of this.   You may have to depend upon on other’s wealth for a very short while but many unexpected and exciting things are on your way. By end of the month, some challenges in relationship may go out of proportion if not controlled early. Keep your eyes wide open, and do whatever is need to be done to harmonise the relationship


8. Scoprio (Vrischik Rasi) (16 November – 16 December)

This month may bring challenges in relationships and partnerships.  First thing is to avoid any   relationship/partnerships  that may be based upon false perceptions and motives.  Avoid, avoid and avoid extra marital relationships otherwise you would be responsible for the unforeseen consequences and then it  may be too late to repair. This is time to review how you see yourself  and bring appropriate changes in your attitude and personality. By end of the month, relationship with spouse and/or partner may explode like a volcano. Consult a elders in the family talk this over to your preceptor who shall be able to resolve this issue with wisdom


9. Sagittarius (Dhanu Rasi) (16 December – 14 January)

This month may bring challenges with  health issues and competition at work, effecting material prosperity. Don’t live in fear as there may not be any serious issue with health, that could be just a  false alarm or an  anxiety attack. Work on it;  just a point, better health practices and routines, as well as rest are a big part of the equation.  There are chances that some old issues may pop up; avoid arguments and , try to deal with them with love, patience and understanding. From 11 March 2011, some good news in career may elate you


10. Capricorn (Makara Rasi) (14 January – 13 February)

This month  may bring extreme challenges with your children, if any.  Keep an eagle eye on what they are up to.  If heading towards Romance, for God’s sake, do not ever project what you are not. False impression is just like a dew drop, that may dry out within no time. Your current motivation may change your long term goals too. Keep an eagle eye on your children, they may come up with something fishy be end of the month.  Avoid investing any further money in share market as chances of loss are high


11. Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi) (13 February – 14 March)

This month may make you very emotional. In fact emotions would surge like electric shocks and you may find hard to express your feeling; but if you review your Inner self, the feeling may not be as genuine as you thought of.  Here your mind  may play games with your own emotions.  If still single, there  are good chances of meeting someone charismatic.  Any false commitment may lead you into financial loss and break in friendship.  You may make  some changes at home, hoping that may give you more happiness, but in fact, there seems to be a  need of  purity and synchroneity in head, heart and hands, that is, Thoughts, Feelings and Action


12. Pisces (Meena Rasi) (14 March – 14 April)

This month you may feel intellectually restless; may not feel smart enough to solve your own problems.  Meditation would help you to cleanse the garbage that may be blocking your flow of intellectual thoughts.  Avoid making any major decisions related to land and property during this month. Some disputes with friends and siblings cannot be ruled out . Financial is indicated and if you have something g to do with long distance sales and purchase, then be careful, something seems to be fishy in the transaction or by otherwise too. From 11 march 2021, communication in relationship shall improve




Ravinder Grover

Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.  I offer my insight to Astrology solely based on my learnings of astrology principles and techniques,  some  of them learnt from the Sages of the highest order. These predictions are offered for guidance purpose only.   I offer absolute no guarantee on my calculations and analysis. These predictions are not intended to harm anyone by any means.  I expressly disclaim all warranties, implied or contingent, for making use of these predictions, for incurring any loss, loss of profit or in any manner. No notice or advice from anyone  will create any liability whatsoever