3 March 2021


This is just to make you aware  what may come in next few days. Please take precautions and look after yourself, your family and  your    neighbours

Further to my article published last week, I  would like to forewarn that the worst may not be over yet. Please note, the forthcoming planetary configuration indicates some natural Disasters  are possibly on its way. The strength of Natural Disaster  may vary from place to place.  The role of FIRE and WATER  ELEMENTS seem to be more AGGRESSIVELY ACTIVE


Event: Natural Disasters (Storms, Snowfalls, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tremors, Tsunami, Avalanches, Cloud Bursts,  Floods, Volcanic Eruptions, Wild Fires)

Direction of Event: North West Direction of the country/world

When: Anytime between  4-30 March 2021


Though the entire period of almost one month  is prone to bring Disaster like scenarios but  the following dates seem to be more prone to cause damage:


4-7 March 2021 and  20-24 March 2021:

  1. Coastal Areas would be severely affected either by Heavy Rain, Storms, Hurricanes, Natural Disasters (including landslides, heavy snow storm, Tsunami, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Fire balls, etc)
  2. Shipping company and/or Ships may be in severe danger or may sink
  3. Finance/Stack Market shakes
  4. Terrorism in rise



One or more of the following cannot be ruled out

  1. Covid-19 Virus may spread further in different manner
  2. Police or Defence forces in action
  3. Possible Riots in disturbed area
  4. Anti-social elements in action
  5. Something to do with Drugs, Poisons, Gases and Fire cannot be ruled out
  6. Religious Fundamentalist in action
  7. Blasts, Fires, Accident, Volcanoes, Fire in Gas management centres, Malfunction of Machines
  8. Blind use of use of Fire arms, bombs, weapons, etc
  9. Terrorism in action
  10. Natural Disasters (as above)
  11. Luxurious destinations, apartments, hotels, resorts, clubs, etc , may be where people are quarantined, Entertainment centres/areas, Schools, Finance Centres may be affected severely . Terror attack or any explosion is indeed possible. 
  12. Finance/Stack Market shakes



I will do more calculations  and update my Blog in the due time.  Take care




Ravinder Grover