VENUS IN CRISIS  (23 July 2023 – 6 Oct 2023)

Alert:   From 23 July 2023  to 6 Oct 2023,  Avoid   all Venus related celebrations especially  Marriage, Relationship, Partnership, Financial investments  and  signing of Agreement


As a result of its retrograde motion, the planet that governs relationships, love and romance, partnerships, finances, and harmony, among other things, is in a state of crisis, and it has entered an even worse scenario, known as the “Fallen State,” on August 7, 2023.   I have put my thoughts together for you to Review your Life in relation to the significations of Venus today, even if it is somewhat late. 

Before we dive into an analysis of how the retrograde motion of Venus might effect things, let’s take a look at some of the more general meanings of Venus, which are as follows:

  1. Love, Romance, Sex, Relationships and Marriage

  2. Women’s rights, Sexual activities/abuse, Sex scandals    

  3. Family assets, Family history, Lineage, Values, Finance, Economy and Storage

  4. Eyes, Eye sight, Face, Throat, Kidneys, Genital organs, Gall bladder, Water in body, Naval and Back

  5. Diplomacy, Agreements, Partnerships

  6. Comfort

  7. Celebrities, Cinema, TV, Music

  8. Luxury, Vehicles,  Diamonds, Perfumes, Cosmetics

  9. Pleasure of senses

Note: From 1 July  2023, the planet of Romance, Love, Relationship, etc  has  entered the point called Gandnata at Cancer-Lep conduction point (Water-Fire sign conjunction) and since then it is going through a roller coaster ride.  On top of that it stared its Retrograde motion from 23 July 20923 gradually got into the worst scenario by being in the ‘Fallen State’ from 7 August 2023.   The retrograde motion would continue till 6 Sep 2023 hence demanding  you to review your Life. w.r.t Venus significations (as given above). From 6 Sep 2023 it would become progressive but yet weak till 6 Oct 2023.


 Key Takeaways

  1. The Cancer-Leo Gandanta is the point at which the soul brings a stop to its search and now, at long last, makes the transition towards its complete involvement in material life.

  2. Generally, during Venus transiting the point of Gandanta, insecurity will surround relationships and marriage.

  3. One would feel this transit of Venus more strongly if one has either Ascendant , Moon or Sun between at Gandanta between Cancer (26-40 degrees) to Leo  (3-20 degrees) in his Natal chart

  4. Those individuals whose Ascendant, Moon, or Sun are in the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, or Aquarius are particularly well served by benefice retrograde planets like Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury. This is especially true for those individuals.

  1. 23 Jul 2023 – 4 Sep 2023: When Venus is in retrograde, I have noticed that disagreements and re-evaluations of romantic partnerships might arise out of the blue. Sometimes, the traditional notions of marriage and relationships may be questioned too.   Please note, Venus retrograde themes are evident when it moves from Leo to Cancer on 7 Aug 2023, from Magha, the “powerful one,” a sign that represents spirits, to Ashlesha, a coiled serpent symbolising spirituality and healing. During these periods, Be aware of  False healers.  Sexual abuse  may go up worldwide

  1. 1-15 July 2023, 30 Jul 2023 – 17 Aug 2023 and 27 Sep 2023 – 6 Oct 2023:  This is the time when Venus traverses Gandanta of Cancer-Leo signs. Especially during these periods   all significations of Venus  (as given above) would struggle.  This is also the period to sort out your complicated feelings and Karmic obligations and remember to do the ‘Right & Moral thing’.   Please  note from  30 July 2023 to 4 Sep 2023 this is more volatile though some of its  adverse effects shall remain till  6 Oct 2023

  1. 7-17 Aug 2023: In addition to the above , during this time Venus is in its combustion phase (since it is so close to the Sun). This could lead people to make poor financial and economic decisions, have superficial relationships, and waste time.

  1. After 17 Aug 2023, as soon Venus comes out of Combustion and getting some purification from its association with Sun

    • World leaders may make some long term decisions that may have a strong effect on world Finance & Economic conditions.  

    • News regarding ex scandals, money laundering, misuse of money, etc may come out in media

    • Possible the bubble that market has bult up is due to be burst If not now  then after Rahu-Ketu would change signs in Oct-Nov 2023

  1. Venus is a symbol of tenderness, which is most often seen in women (but not always). When Venus is retrograde, there are often problems with women’s rights. Also there are indications of sexual abuse, sex scandals cases may go up during this period.

  1. Please note, Venus retrogression is the time to purify the time to purify your values and relationships.



Astrology Analysis (only for Astrology enthusiastic)

Let us look at the following parameters during the Transit of Venus  

  1. 1 July 2023 – 15 July 2023: Venus in Gandanta in Cancer-Leo signs and becomes highly unstable and volatile

    • 1 July 2023: Venus in Cancer (26-40 degrees), at Gandanta  and becomes unstable

    • 7 July 2023: Venus in Leo 3 degrees away from Mars

    • 15 July 2023: Venus in Leo (3-20 degrees) leaves the point of Gandanta

Transiting Saturn in Aquarius aspects Aries, Leo and Scorpio. Thus, he challenges planets placed in these signs. At present we have Jupiter and Rahu in Aries, Mars and  Mercury in Leo.  Venus was in Leo till 7 Aug 2023,  and the Sun will ingress in Leo  on 17 Aug 2023


  1. 22-23 July 2023: Venus slows down and becomes stationary on 22 July 2023 and starts its Retro motion from 23 July 2023


  1. 30 July 2023 – 17 Aug 2023: Venus in Gandanta, in ‘Fallen State’ (from 7 Aug 2023)  and in highly unstable and  in Volatile condition

    • 30 July 2023: Venus in Leo (3-20 degrees), at Gandanta, and becomes unstable again. Review process begins with respect to  its significations, signs Cancer  & Leo  in your customised charts  

    • 7 Aug 2023: Venus in Cancer (29-29-deg), at Gandanta, in ‘Fallen State’ and Highly volatile and Unstable

    • 13 Aug 2023: Venus in Leo (26-40 degrees), moving out of Gandanta but in ‘Fallen state’ yet

    • 7-17 August 2023: Venus would be combust (very close to Sun). This might cause people to be irresponsible with their money, have shallow relationships, and waste time.


  1. 30 July 2023 – 4 Sep 2023: Venus would be Retrograde and in ‘Fallen State’. Highly Volatile state. Significations of Venus would suffer.

    • 3 Sep 2023: Venus in Leo (18-01 degrees), in ‘Fallen State’ and becomes stationary

    • 4 Sep 2023: Venus in Leo (18-01 degrees), becomes Direct and comes out of ‘Fallen state’


  1. 27 Sep 2023 – 6 Oct 2023: Venus in Gandanta and in unstable state

    • 27 Sep 2023: Venus in Cancer (26-40 degrees), at Gandanta hence becomes unstable again.  Highly Volatile state

    • 2 Oct 2023: Venus in Leo, still in Gandanta and unstable but progressive

    • 6 Oct 2023: Venus in Leo, moves out of Gandanta state


  1. 7 Oct 2023: Venus crosses the point (Leo 4-26 degrees) from where it started Retro motion



Ravinder Grover 

Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.  I offer my insight to Astrology solely based on my learnings of astrology principles and techniques,  some  of them learnt from the Sages of the highest order. These predictions are offered for guidance purpose only.   I offer absolute no guarantee on my calculations and analysis. These predictions are not intended to harm anyone by any means.  I expressly disclaim all warranties, implied or contingent, for making use of these predictions, for incurring any loss, loss of profit or in any manner. No notice or advice from anyone  will create any liability whatsoever