There are unlimited applications of Astrology.  It may be applied almost in all spheres of life.  To me the essential application may be to start with the following steps

  1. Identify the Karmic Challenges,
  2. Identify the inherent Potential
  3. Devise the best possible Nurturing plan to get the fruitful results by means of rational, scientific and spiritual approach. 

But in mundane life, the Astrologer could be very handy to identify the innate potential of the person with respect to Education, Career, Business, Marriage, etc.   For example if the innate attitude and potential of the person is  very much Analytical & Mathematical, may be the astrologer after studying the some other factors in Astrology chart, may advise the person to go for career in Engineering industry.  In this way the person would be in harmony with his innate nature of work and would enjoy and prosper in career.   If the innate attitude and potential is Artistic and Poetic, then Art or Music industry would be better. All I am trying to say is, one must take the advantage of the Astrology to go along with the innate nature and improve and further evolve in it.  I may or may not be correct in my approach but these are just my few pennies in Astrology.

As I said, The Applications of Astrology are many folds, such as:

Innate Potential

  1. What is the innate potential of my chart

Past Life Regression

  1. What I could have done in my past life?
  2. What lessons I got to learn in this life time?

Identifying the strength and weakness in a child

  1. What are the strengths & weaknesses in my  child?

Health Management 

  1. The Astrological chart may indicate what areas of the body could get affected in this life time.
  2. Remedial measures are required to prevent health issues
  3. Recovery from this illness

Finance Management

  1. When will I be free from financial worry?
  2. When will be I free from debts?
  3. Entangled money
  4. Can I have overdraft facility approved by the bank?
  5. Will I be able to borrow money? When and from whom?
  6. Will I be able to clear off loan? When?
  7. When will I get back the amount lent?

Career/Business Management

  1. How to avoid making wrong choices in life?
  2. Good and Challenging times in career/business
  3. What sort of business would suit you?
  4. Is partnership healthy?
  5. What are the right timings to start a new venture?
  6. When will I get some job?
  7. Possibility of change in job?
  8. Will the change of occupation good for me?
  9. Will I leave the present job and take up business?
  10. Will my accounts show profit or loss in period A  – B
  11. Is journalism good for me?
  12. Can I expect a transfer? When?
  13. When will get promotion?
  14. Higher status any? When?
  15. When I will be reinstated in service?
  16. Any foreign assignment for me?
  17. When will I terminate service?
  18. When will I retire?
  19. Regaining lost position and retirement?
  20. Will politics suit me?
  21. Will I be selected as a minister?
  22. When can I have a new partner in business?
  23. Is this the right person for business partnership?
  24. When can I get rid of the present partner?


  1. Karmic potentiality in marriage
  2. Is he/she the right person for me as per my karmic pattern?
  3. When would be the right time to get married?
  4. Will my love affair materialise?
  5. When I will have reunion with my husband/wife?
  6. How will be my married life?
  7. Will my married life be happy?
  8. From which direction/locality my marriage partner will come from?
  9. Any delay and frustration in marriage?
  10. Will I marry a career girl/boy
  11. When will I marry?
  12. Is second marriage promised?


Pregnancy & Children

  1. Am I pregnant?
  2. Any child at all?
  3. When is the child delivery?
  4. Am I to adopt?


Education, Success in Exams

  1. What are of study would be good for me?
  2. Will I sit for competition examinations? What will be the result?
  3. Will I get admission in the college?
  4. Will I get scholarship?
  5. Any study overseas?



  1. Is there any imprisonment for me?
  2. When will I be released from jail?
  3. Will there be any raid in my house?


Property, Vehicle, etc

  1. When will I sell my property? Good price or not?
  2. Will I construct a building?
  3. When can I buy vehicle?
  4. When can I dispose vehicle?
  5. Any recovery of the lost property?
  6. When can I have the tenant for my house?
  7. When will I retrieve land from the tenant?
  8. When will I recover the stolen article?



  1. When will my son return?
  2. Absent person alive or dead?
  3. Appeal – Successful or Not?
  4. Shall I exchange my article profitably?
  5. Is the information true or false?
  6. Can I gain in lottery?

Astrology can help if used with a positive frame of mind, keeping an attitude of disciplined life coupled with hard work.  Please note, without Self Effort and Self Confidence, no problem could be overcome.  Astrologer can only guide to best of his ability but one has to be honest with his approach, efforts and work for it.


Ravinder Grover