Remember, Vedic Astrology chart indicates your inherent POTENTIAL in various aspects, but that need to be NURTURED properly to get the best possible results.  Just like a seed has the potential to become a fully developed fruit giving tree but if the seed is NOT nurtured then it would not give the best results. And also the seed cannot give more than its potential

Here I request you to take a few minutes and ponder upon the following:

What is the potential of the Stone?  It will remain stone for ages.

What is the potential of a seed of the apple?  It can sprout; become a plant, followed with becoming of a full blooming tree, loaded with the best quality of apples that may give more seeds.  The apple seed cannot give any other fruit other than apple as its potential is to give apples only (unless genetically modified). Despite of its potential the apple seed may not even sprout if not planted or NOT looked after or not nurtured properly.  On other hand, the seed has the capacity to become best of the apple tree if nurtured properly.

What is the potential of the animal? Say a calf?   It can become a healthy cow and give milk and other products like cow dung and urine, which have medicinal value. But the calf can never become a horse, as the potential of the calf is to become cow.  If brought up with proper care, it can become the best of the cows.  Take an example, what is the potential of the puppy? To become the best of the Dogs, we expect it to become a faithful Dog of course, but not more than this.

What is the potential of the human being? Human beings are equipped with          Atma (Soul), Buddhi (Intellect), Manas (Mind), Vasnaas (Intense urges), etc.  Human being has the choice to either spend the entire life in fulfilling Vaasnas – desires without using the Intellect or may be evolve to realize the ultimate truth that   he is Divya Swaroopa (Embodiment of Divinity). He can realize the Atmic Tatwa (True Self principle) through intense spiritual sadhana (practice) and Atma Vichaar (self enquiry).  So the potential of the human being is to Realize the Atma (True Soul), i.e., to become Liberated,  which is the Ultimate Goal of human existence

Ravinder Grover