4 April 2021

What is Chaitra Shukla Pratipada?  It is the first day during the waxing phase of Moon in Hindu/Vedic month of Chaitra., i.e. the following day after the Amavasya (New Moon) that occurs in the Zodiac sign Pisces. 

The popular term ‘Ugadi’ (Yuga + Adi) means ‘The Beginning of a New Age”.  In Sanskrit words ‘Yuga’, which means ‘Age’ and ‘Adi’ which means ‘Beginning’.  Ugadi marks the first day of the first Shukla Paksha (Waxing phase) of the Astrological New Year.  It is also said Lord Brahma created the Universe on this very day or the New Age started from this very day. It’s also said, Ugadi also signifies the start of ‘Kali Yuga’.


What is Samvatsara?  The term “Samvatsara” is a Sanskrit word for ‘year’ in the Vedic literature. It roughly means a period of one full sidereal year when the Sun enters the sign of Aries.  Some astrologers define it as the time in which planet Jupiter moves from one Zodiac sign to another.  There  are 12 Zodiac signs, hence there are twelve   ‘Samvatsaras’    Sometimes during its movement around the zodiac, Jupiter comes near the Earth and sometimes it goes  far away from the Earth.  

It is said, at the beginning of creation Jupiter and Saturn were at 0 degrees Aries.   Jupiter takes 12 years to go around the Zodiac of 360 degrees and  Saturn takes 30 years. Using simple arithmetic we can easily deduce that  L.C.M. (Lowest Common Multiple) of 12 and 30 is 60.  Therefore, at every 60 years both the planets reach the same point, i.e.,  at              0 degrees  Aries. During this journey the various angles/aspects  are formed between Jupiter and Saturn, influencing the Samvatsara with auspicious or inauspicious results. As a matter of fact no other relationship of the other Planets affects an individual, a place or a country as much as the mutual angular relationship of Saturn and Jupiter.   This is called 60 years cycle of  Jupiter and Saturn; hence various  60 names been given to each Samvatsara. Name of the Samvatsara starting April 2021 is PLAVA.  as per Vedic Astrology,The Vikaram Samvat of 2078 will begin on that day. If we look at the history, we had Plava Samvatsara during 1961-1962 and prior to that during 1901-1902.  We all know what happened in year 1961-1962.  India had war with China.

Now coming back to this year,  Chaitra Amavasya (New Moon) would take place on Monday 12 April 2021 at 8:01:30 hours, (IST), New Delhi, India.  The following day would be Chaitra Shula Pratipada on Tuesday, that is ruled by Mars. 

As per Mundane Astrology,  the King of the year 2021-2022 would be Mars.

Sun ingress Aries on Wednesday, 14 April 2021 at 2:33 hours, (IST), New Delhi, India. As per English Calendar the day is Wednesday but in Vedic Astrology day is taken from Sunrise to the following Sunrise, hence the Vedic Day would be Tuesday, ruled by Mars.  In Mundane astrology this is called Minister of the Year.  So we have Mars as the King as well as the Minister for the Year 2021-2022

As per few Astrological texts,  when Mars, the natural malefic, takes the portfolio of King and Minister, it becomes very inauspicious.  It is said when Mars is King of the Year, there are many events of loss of lives and wealth due to fires. People suffer due to thieves and robbers. The fear prevails in atmosphere due to wars triggered by rulers. The rains are insufficient at many places.  I DO NOT  tend to agree with this in Totality.  My interpretation would be, if the same person takes over two portfolios, he or she would have more work load onto him/her but more power to make decisions too.

I agree Mars is a natural aggressive planet, but not to forget Mars is also the planet of Courage and Boldness.  My interpretation would be, the Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi,  would be  holding two astrological portfolios  and that would make him more courageous to take Bold steps which others DARE NOT dreamt of doing this.  Some elements of  aggression and/or inauspiciousness cannot be ruled out


Now the question is what can Mars as the King of the Hindu New Year offer? 

I believe one cannot predict for sure  by just looking at the position of Mars only.   I believe in Mundane Astrology, one should analyse the final outcome based on many parameters, such as:

  1. Foundation chart of the country. India got independence on 15 Aug 1947, 00:01 hours (IST), New Delhi India
  2. Republic day Chart. India became Republic on 26 Jan 1950
  3. Natal Astrological Chart of the Prime Minister/King in power
  4. Hindu New Year Chart
  5. Chart of the swearing in ceremony if the Prime Minister and may be other Ministers
  6. Natal Charts of Sun ingresses Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn zodiac signs
  7. Lunation charts for 12 months
  8. Charts of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses  starting from past year to next year  
  9. Even I would take a New Year Chart, i.e., 1st of January 2021.
  10. Charts of the Major aspects of planets throughout the year
  11. Various Chakras (Sanghatta, Kota, Nakshatra chakras, etc)
  12. Many more parameters



Let me put the entire episode or say Sumamry  in the Laymans language first.   Brief  Analysis for  Astrology Aspirants is give after the Summary.

PrimeMinister of India(Mr Narinder Modi)/Home Minister/Defence Minister  of  INDIA shall take BOLD and/or  STRICT and possible very AGGRESSIVE  STEPSto run the affairs of the country, and other activities/events may include:

  • COVID surge may be witnessed exponentially and some states may go through full/partial Lock down process.
  • EMERGENCY like scenario cannot be ruled out
  • High profile Ministers and /or celebrities would suffer with Covid-19 or its variants
  • Government would have to make EXTRA EFFORTS to function properly
  • National Vaccination plan would bear fruitful results after much Effort and Education to the masses
  • Government would focus on the General condition of the country, would need to project the self-image,  National Objectives may be revised.    Extra focus on Public health cannot be ruled out
  • Prime Minister’s health may suffer too (as per his Natal Chart)
  • Assessing the condition of the Cabinet – possible reshuffling of Cabinet is on cards.
  • Government to take Strict & Aggressive steps and/or EMERGENCY like situation may arise. I will not be surprised if some sort of FINANCIAL EMERGENCY takes place
  • Drastic changes in LAW  and  REFORMS are on cards for Sure
  • Concern over Health and Well-being of Public and/or High Profile Minister(s). Some diseases (possible cancer like mysterious) may effect Head, Throat, and/or Face.
  • Some noted TV/Film/Media personality and/or important and popular persons and/or Minister  may  face severe health issues  and/or may expire. This may possibly lead to National Mourning
  • Worldwide Public protests would continue off and on,
  • Violence may increase many fold in some parts of the country
  • Foreign bodies would try to undermine the Government
  • International affairs may get into some unwanted disputes
  • All matters dealing with  others, death of secret enemies,  women’s health,  anti-social organisations that may try to disrupt the social structure,    Immorality, Infant mortality, War, Relations with other nations.
  • New projects will be launched to expand the economy of the Country
  • As the year progresses, economy  of the country would start recovering
  • Manufacturing would start recovering soon
  • More focus would be on the Banking Industry, Financial situation of the country, its revenue,  sources of Revenue, Nations budget, treasury,  budget, wealth, Banking industry,   Defence, National Resources including Armaments & Weapons,  GDP, Interest Rates,  Securities, etc.  
  • Some Spiritual help will be bestowed upon India
  • Prime Minister Mr Narinder Modi’s   GENEROUS CONTRIBUTION TO THE HUMANITY at large will be recognised
  • Some losses due to expenditure and/or due to secret enemies
  • 14 April 2021 – 20 July 2021:
    • A lot challenging events may take place 
    • Fire element would be active
    • Natural calamities, Fires, Explosives, volcanoes, etc are on cards.
    • Terror like activities in action.
    • Prime Minister adapts different strategy.
    • Financial market shakes
    • 14 APRIL 2021 – 2 JUNE 2021: A Very CHALLENGING AND CRITICAL  time for the country
    • Anti-Social/Religious Fundamentalist elements in actionFrom 2 June 2021: Covid-19 shall start diluting but its affects would be evident from 20 July 2021
  • From Early May 2021: India’s relations with neighbours, especially Pakistan and China  would become more tense. Natural Calamity in South India cannot be ruled out.
  • From 2 June 2021: Covid-19 virus would start diluting, but phycology some relief would be felt from end July 2021
  • 10 June 2021(may be sooner or later): It seems Death of National Ruler/Celebrity cannot be ruled out.  May not be on 10 June 2021 but anytime sooner or later.  This also indicates towards some sort of threat to people, may due to War, accident, natural disaster, epidemic, pandemic, famine, etc. I wish I am wrong in my analysis
  • By end of 2021, Economy would seem to be on recovery path
  • 14 Sep 2021 – 20 Sep 2021: Possible surge of Virus like situation


Strong opposition and/or Disruption/Obstruction caused by the activities related with :

  • Lockdown sort of scenario, Hospitals activities, places of confinements, Secret enemies, plots, secret crime, wars, losses, expenditure
  • Educational institutions, students, real estate, general feeling of well- being, trade, agriculture, vehicles/transport related issues
  • Spies, ambassadors and foreign relations, secret business deals, serious state of ill health
  • Interference from outside
  • From 15 June 2021, China and/or Pakistan may plan and/or attack Indian borders either or both sides   
  • TERROR like activities
  • NATURAL DISSTERS with FIRE elements in action


I will add on to this more in a few days time.


Note: Please avoid  crowd places; keep low profile and the best things would be to stay at home till end July 2021

This is just to make you aware  what may come in next few days. Please take precautions and look after yourself, your family and  your    neighbours

Further to my article published last week, I  would like to forewarn that the worst may not be over yet. Please note, the forthcoming planetary configuration indicates some natural Disasters  are possibly on its way. The strength of Natural Disaster  may vary from place to place.  The role of FIRE and WATER  ELEMENTS seem to be more AGGRESSIVELY ACTIVE



Brief  Analysis for  Astrology Aspirants

Please note, I am just basing my predictions based on a very few parameters, as it consumes a lot of time to go through each chart individually and for each country or city.  Due to lack of time to put everything in black and white and for the want of   space, I would just write a few combinations of my Analysis for the Astrology aspirants.

In a nutshell and in high level of Analysis without going into much details of each chart as mentioned above,  Considering India Foundation Chart, Chaitra Pratipada  2021 chart, Lunar and Solar Eclipse chart,  etc I observe the followings:

  • Chaitra New Year, has Lagna-Ascendant as Taurus and so is the India Foundation Chart
  • In Chaitra New Year chart, Mars and Rahu are placed together in Taurus Lagna-Ascendant
  • King and Minister of the year 2021-2022 is Mars
    • that is the Lord of houses 7 and 12 and is in the Nakshatra Mrigashira, that is also ruled by Mars.
    • Hence Mars plays the important and vital role this year. 
    • Mars signifies the first house very strongly, hence making the King/Prime Minister Mr Narinder Modi extremely courageous and aggressive and He  will NOT hesitate to take BOLD steps in 2021-2022.  He would indeed have to make extra efforts to achieve his projected goals for 2021-2022


  • Mars stands for Defence, Aggression, Land, Violence, Manufacturing and Industries, Accidents, Rebellious attacks, Farmers, Miners, Political fanatics, National Intelligence Agencies, Ammunition, Applied Energy of the whole nation, Drastic changes in law and reforms, Emergency sort of scenario
  • Taurus sign indicates the Banking Industry, Financial situation of the country, its revenue, sources of Revenue, Nations budget, treasury,  budget, wealth, Banking industry,   Defence,  National Resources including Armaments & Weapons,  GDP, Interest Rates,  Securities, etc. Basically these are the sure areas where focus of the Government would be
  • Mars is aspected by Rahu, which signifies War like scenario, Political/Foreign conspiracy is on cards too. But Mars is moving ahead of Rahu day by day, hence the problems shall dilute in time to come
  • Sun and Moon are the very important Luminaires in Pisces between Jupiter and Venus. Many may disagree but to me this is a  sign  of blessings. Some Spiritual help will be bestowed to India indeed but may emerge again after a few months
  • Jupiter is placed in Zenith, that is in House 10, would give Glory to the Prime Minister Mr Narinder Modi for his generous contribution to the humanity at large  
  • Mars and Venus have exchanged each other signs too, but involvement of the 12th house may give some loss to the country.
  • 14 April 2021 – 2 June 2021: Mars will be in Gemini for this period and would aspect Capricorn, Saturn and Pluto with its 8th  25 April 2021- 16 May 2021:  Mars would  be in Ardra Nakshatra, controlled by Rahu.  As I said earlier, Mars and Rahu are together in Taurus at the time of Chaitra Pratipada chart  too.   15 May 2021: Mars would 100%  aspect Saturn by its 8th aspect. This is going to be  a very critical period. 
  • 2 June 2021- 20 Jul 2021: Mars will be in Cancer aspecting Saturn by its 7th Mars would be Debilitated here too.   Remember Mars is the King  and Minister of the year 2021-2022.  This does not mean Prime Minister is in sleep mode or getting weaker to act,  but  I would interpret it differently, Prime Minister would adapt a different or non-aggressive strategy  Terror like activity is on cards
  • Ketu will also move to Anuradha Nakshatra on 2 June 2021, this should start giving some Relief with Virus Covid-19 and its Variants
  • I believe this is going to be very enter Ardra Nakshatra controlled by Rahu and Mars would aspect Saturn by its 8th aspect and exact aspect on 16 May 2021, so I would say this is going to be a very Challenging time for the country.
  • 26 May 2021:  Lunar Eclipse would  be visible in some parts of  I believe this would make India’s relations with neighbours, especially Pakistan and China  would become more tense.
  • 10 June 2021: Solar Eclipse will take place in Mrigashira Nakshatra in House 1 in Taurus Sign in the Lagna chart of the India Foundation Day chart as well in Chaitra Pratipada chart.  At the time of Solar Eclipse, Libra sign would in Lagna, hence Eclipse would take place in House 8 at New Delhi, India.  This is the matter of  God save India, I just checked that this Solar Eclipse will NOT be visible in India. Hence effects could be much less.  Yet to me it seems  Death of National Ruler/Celebrity cannot be ruled out  May not be on 10 June 2021 but anytime sooner or later.  This also indicates towards some sort of threat to people, may due to War, accident, natural disaster, epidemic, pandemic, famine, etc
  • By end of 2021, Economy would seem to be on recovery path
  • 14 Sep 2021: Jupiter moves back to Capricorn in its house of Some people call is a ‘Fallen State’ when it returns to the previous house after retrogression. Possible surge of Covid-19 or its variants. Jupiter is also considered Dhanvantari but without much power.


In fact I am writing  as I am going through the Charts an its becoming exhaustive. .


I will do continue doing further more calculations  and updating my Blog.


Take care




Ravinder Grover