Chaitra Amavasya (New Moon) would take place on Monday 12 April 2021 at 3:31:13 hours, (GMT), London, England.  The following day would be Chaitra Shula Pratipada on Tuesday, that is ruled by Mars.  As per Mundane Astrology,  the King of the year 2021-2022 would be Mars.  Sun ingress Aries on Tuesday, 13 April 2021 at 22:20 hours, London, England. The Day Lord is Mars, hence Minister for 2021-2022 would be  Mars.  Hence we have Mars as the King as well as the Minister for the Year 2021-2022 for England

As per few Astrological texts,  it is said when Mars, the natural malefic, takes the portfolio of King and Minister, it becomes very inauspicious.  It is said when Mars is King of the Year, there are many events of loss of lives and wealth due to fires. People suffer due to thieves and robbers. The fear prevails in atmosphere due to wars triggered by rulers. The rains are insufficient at many places.

Without going further in Astrological jargon, I would like to furnish the following points in Layman’s language


GLIMPSES of activities/Events for UK  and its neighbouring countries  for next few months

  1. UK and most of the neighbouring countries will go through Restructuring its National agenda/activities with Reorganising tasks with some Restrictions and extreme precautions

  2. Though Government may try its best to improve and improve upon but yet some challenges with activities related with all forms of national pleasure, enjoyments, amusements, sports,   activities   speculations, gambling, racing would, etc  cannot be ruled out

  3. Focus of the Government would be on restoring Economy, Financial condition of the nation, Employment and improving and/or generating Financial revenue through neighbouring countries. Banking sector would become very active

  4. Activities related with Education and Children may suffer

  5. There seems to be Danger to the life of the Ruler and/or celebrity and that may lead to National Mourning

  6. Government would look for more funds.

  7. Some fishy activities related with Political funds are on cards

  8. New Retirement plans would be projected and/or implemented

  9. During 14 April 2021 to 20 July 2021, Government would face many challenges related with reorganising and restoring national spirit, national prestige and the day-to-day working

  10. Covid-19 or its variants would still keep on rising till 2 June 2021, but its hangover would still remain in public till 20 July 2021. It may start disappearing then but it may re-emerge between Sep 2021 to Nov 2021

  11. Financial and/or Stock market may dwindle and/or Economy Financial reverses are on cards especially more from 2 June 2021

  12. Some improvement in Transport systems, improvement in all means of communication and media, some agreements with neighbouring countries are on cards.  This would require an extreme this may backfire  between after June 2021


I will try to do further calculations  for further few months and update my Blog ASAP.

Take care


Ravinder Grover