The Rare Gathering of Planets is going to take place from 5-12 Feb 2021.  The similar configuration of planets had taken place  almost 60 years ago on 3 Feb 1962. 


I find Vedic Astrology a very amazing science, say it is a bottomless ocean.  The more I dive into the Ocean to fetch the Pearls of Hidden Science, the more I get perplexed and feel I don’t know enough and get the urge to dive further deeper.   There seems to be no end to it.


In the first part I would like to put down the things in  as much as possible, in  a layman’s language  and the second part, if time & space permits,  I  would furnish the calculations and analysis for the astrology aspirants.


In a nutshell, every Planet is revolving round the Sun   with a different  speed and traverses through the Zodiac containing Signs, Nakshatras, Pada, etc . Earth goes around the Sun in 12 month, passing through 12 signs of the zodiac and 27 Nakshatra. But for convenience we say Sun is travelling through various signs.  Just like, we say Sun is Rising or Setting, in fact Sun is neither rising or setting, it’s the Earth which is revolving  on its axis in 24 hours, but we feel Sun is moving, rising and setting.


Earth goes through the 12 signs  in a year and it comes back to the starting point of Aries Sign and Ashwini Nakshatra every year on or about  14 April. But for convenience we say Sun is entering Aries on 14 April. This shows the cyclic movement of the Earth. Similarly all other planets also move around the Sun at their respective speed and are in a cyclic movement. For instance, Jupiter takes around 12 years to go around the Zodiac and Saturn takes around 30 years


Now coming to the current configuration of planets, Saturn has entered the Capricorn sign on 24 Jan 2020 for the period of almost 3 years, before it moves to Aquarius for further going ahead.  Saturn has come in  Capricorn after 30 years. Similarly Jupiter has  entered Capricorn on 20 Nov 2020 after 12 years.  With a little bit  of simple maths,   we can see  Saturn and Jupiter both have got together in Capricorn after 60 years, or you can say this is a 60 years cycle.


So what is so strange happening this MonthFrom 5 Feb 2021, all planets would be within the grip of Rahu-Ketu axis. Rahu and Ketu are situated always opposite to each other and if you draw a straight line between  Rahu and Ketu also find all other planets are aligned in either side of Rahu, in short, it’s called under the grip of Rahu-Ketu  or Ketu-Rahu axis. Well this happens quite often. Interesting thing is, at the same time 6 other planets, such as,  Pluto, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun and  Mercury all would be aligned in a Capricorn sign  and sooner Moon would join this gathering as well.  Only Mars would be firm in his own sign in Aries.


This type of gathering is taking place after 60 years. Last time it happened on 3 Feb 1962  and it is believed, as a consequence (subject to other parameters too) on 20 Oct 1962 China declared War on India.  Similar configuration is on its way  indicating some danger to India  from her neighbours, possibly sometime starting from early July 2021.


For Mundane Astrology, to understand the effects of all planets and to make any prediction, Astrologer needs to study the nature of the Planets, Sign, Degrees, Nakshatra, Padas , Dasa, Varga Charts, Various Chakra Charts, and much more.  Astrologer would also need to look at the chart of the World, Independence Day chart of the Country, Annual Chart of the country (Chaitra Pratipada), Republic Day Foundation Chart of the country, Varga Charts, Use of Chakras (Kota, Rasi Sanghatta, Nakshtra Sanghatta),  Charts of the Sun ingression in various signs for various locations, Chart of The Lunation, Transit of Planets, and much more.   It’s a tedious job to do all calculations and to understand the Inner meaningful  of the configuration planets and more tedious is to do the typesetting  for the Blog.  Also if can use the charts of the Head of the Governing body of the country that would further help in Analysis.


 ‘Key Dates of February 2021’

 Note: All timings are in 24 hours (hh:mm) format and in Indian Standard Time (IST)

  1. 5 Feb 2021: Retrograde and Combust Mercury re-enters Capricorn and joins the gathering of  Sun, Jupiter-combust, Saturn-combust, Venus and Pluto who are already there
  2. 5 Feb 2021: Moon enters Scorpio where Ketu is placed
  3. 6 Feb 2021: Venus conjuncts Saturn-c in Shravana Nakshatra
  4. 7 Feb 2021: Moon conjuncts Ketu, from here on all planets are within the Rahu-Ketu axis, hence the formation of Kaal Sarpa Yoga takes place, Moon moves out of Rahu-Ketu axis or say Kaal Sarpa Yoga on 21 Feb 2021
  5. 7 Feb 2021- 21 Feb 2021: Kaal Sarpa Yoga in action
  6. 8 Feb 2021: Sun conjuncts Mercury-RC in Dhanishtha Nakshatra
  7. 9 Feb 2021: Moon enters Capricorn to join 6 other planets (Pluto, Saturn-c, Venus, Jupiter-c, Merc RC and Sun) already there
  8. 9 Feb 2021: Moon conjuncts Pluto (22:52 hours IST)
  9. 10 Feb 2021(02:06 hours): Saturn comes out of Combustion
  10. 10 Feb 2021 (20:50 hours): War between Venus and Jupiter begins. Here  Venus (17-12 deg) is just 1 degree  behind  Jupiter (18-12 deg)
  11. 11 Feb 2021 (18:26 hours): Venus conjuncts Jupiter-C (20:30 hours, IST) at 18-26 deg. Capricorn,  Shravan Nakshatra
  12. 12 Feb 2021 (20:20 hours): War between Venus and Jupiter Ends. Here  Venus (19-40 deg) is just 1 degree  ahead of  Jupiter  (18-40 deg)  
  13. 12 Feb 2021 (00:36 hours): Moon conjuncts Sun   (Amavasya/New Moon) in Capricorn, Dhanishtha nakshatra at 29-08 deg
  14. 12 Feb 2021 (02:10 hours): Moon leaves the gathering of planets in Capricorn and enters Aquarius, hence forming  ‘Sankhaya Nabhasa’  Yoga
  15. 13 Feb 2021: Sun enters Aquarius sign
  16. 13 Feb 2021: Merc-R conjuncts Venus at 2-33 deg in Capricorn, Saravana Nakshatra
  17. 15 Feb 2021: Merc -R conjuncts Jupiter at 19-12 deg Capricorn, Saravana Nakshatra
  18. 18 Feb 2021: Jupiter enters Cancer sign in D9, gets exalted in D9 but with Rahu
  19. 20 Feb 2021 – 25 Mar 2021: Saturn in Pushkara Bhaga (13 deg to 13-59 deg) Capricorn
  20. 21 Feb 2021 (06:06 hours): Moon conjuncts Rahu and ends ‘Kaal Sarpa’ yoga by moving ahead here from
  21. 21 Feb 2021: Venus enters Aquarius
  22. 21 Feb 2021: Mercury becomes Direct in Capricorn and remains in Capricorn till 11 March 2021
  23. 22 Feb 2021: Mars enters Taurus and joins Rahu there and would remain there till 14 April 2021
  24. 27 Feb 2021 (13:46 hours): Full Moon, in Leo at 14-48deg and Moon in Leo in D9 Chart


Here is the First Part – For the Layman showing the effects of the configuration of Planets for certain time frames


1)  22 Jan 2021 – 18 Feb 2022:  Saturn in Shravan Nakshtra

  1. It is going to be the tough time for Government officials, Officers with Authority, Leaders for Labour class, Religious Leaders and Priests.
  2. Some of them may be caught for misuse or abuse of power (including corruption, Bribery, Sex scandal, etc.) and abuse of people’s Trust
  3. North-East direction of India and/or World may get hit with Hurricanes, Floods, Heavy storms, Heavy Snowfalls, Cyclones and/or Natural Disasters but the role of the water, liquid and fluid would play the dominant role during next 1 year or so


2) 5-12 February 2021 (High Alert Level. But the trend would continue till  11 Mar 2021):

The configuration of  planets indicates that this period : 

  1. Would Create challenging energy and may imbalance the equilibrium of the country/world
  2. Demands Higher Authorities or Governing bodies TO TAKE CONCRETE STEPS to become responsible for its actions and do more serious work Ethically and Morally for the good of its citizens
  3. Advises, ‘ABC’ of Life is ‘Always be Careful’, hence, I would request you all, please ‘Be Cautious and Conscious of whatever you do during this period’.
  4. Suggest you all to keep low profile and avoid going into Deep Waters
  5. Requests that we all should ‘Look Within’ once again and analyse what have we learnt during Lockdown periodand pre-vaccine Covid-19 time


3) 5-21 Feb 2021: (High Alert Level. But the trend would continue till  11 March 2021).   

Please Note this time frame,  5 -12 Feb 2021   would be very puzzling, disturbing, difficult and mysterious.  

In addition to above (5-12 Feb 2021 Time Period), the configuration of planets may give the following adverse effects:

  1. Very disturbing time causing a lot of issues including Virus related, may continue SPREADING or some SIDE EFFECTS may pop up till 11 Mar 2021 . It seems Disease Related issues and Spread of Virus especially between 5-12 February would be intense and Finance/Stock market could tumble too
  2. Means of Communication (that includes Postal Services, Media (Media houses and its higher staff, like Editors in chief, News Readers, etc), Radio & TV,   Communication related devices and services (Internet, Computers, Mobile devices),   Means of Publications (Newspapers, Flyers, Magazines)  and  Scientific or Intellectual  world
  3. Major disturbance in big cities and war like scenario
  4. Any Agreements, Treaties, Legal documents or Intellectual properties
  5. Review of Legal documents  
  6. Clash with Neighbouring countries
  7. Political negotiation/war
  8. Financial and Stock Market shakes
  9. Defence forces in action and/or disturbed
  10. Health Ministry/Department/Workers
  11. Labour and Working Class
  12. Daily routine of common man may be disrupted
  13. Trade & Commerce
  14. Dispute over Forgery
  15. Government secrets may be made public
  16. Secretaries/Authorities of the labour class and Government officials at War
  17. Educational institutions & Literary world Intellectual world including students, youngsters and teaching & education support staff
  18. Foreign affairs
  19. Relations with other countries (commercial or political)
  20. Possible landslides, earthquakes, sudden weather changes
  21. Litigation related matters would be discussed at length
  22. 9-12 Feb 2021:  This time is prone to Violence, bloodshed and Wars like scenarios
  23. From 21 Feb 2021: As per my previous articles,   This date seems to be of prime importance and extremely puzzling and also affecting the signification of Scorpio sign.  I wish I am wrong, it seems this combination may ignite Terror Attack, Natural Disaster, Volcanoes,  Violence, Bloodshed, Tsunami, Major accident involving Railways, Road, Sea, Air routes and a WAR like scenario including  hitting the Financial/Stock Market Globally is on cards anytime between  5-22 Feb 2021 and may be after 6 months from this date as well
  24. ‘Stock and the Financial’ Markets  continue to fluctuate till 2 June 2021 but prone to change of  its Direction between 5-7 Feb 2021
  25. 17-27 Feb 2021: Labour class workers, on in that matter so called protesting Farmers in India, may be be get some Relief


5) 22 Feb 2021 – 14 Apr 2021:

  1. Finance Market would fluctuate till 14 Apr 2021
  2. Significant impact on Financial Market around 30 Mar 2021 cannot be ruled out
  3. 16-24 Mar 2021: Possible  accidents, unexpected  events, such as violence, angry outbursts, protests, etc.



6) 14 Apr 2021 – 2 June 2021: Mars travers  Gemini

  1. Aggressive combination – War like situation for India  and Aggression   worldwide
  2. 25 Apr 2021- 16 May 2021: Mars in Ardra.   Extremely Aggressive & Tearful time for the entire world.  India may get its Defence forces active and ready for any war at borders.
  3. 12 May 2021- 19 May 2021: Extremely challenging, aggressive time indicating War planning, explosions, etc


7) 22 Jan 2021 – 15 April 2021: GLOBAL  WATCH-OUT  TIME    

  1. War like scenarios
  2. Virus spread or further issues with Virus
  3. Terror Attacks
  4. Blood Sheds
  5. Political uncertainties
  6. Governing bodies under deep pressure to do the right thing
  7. Accidents (Land, Sea, Air)
  8. Natural Calamities (Earthquakes, Floods, Volcanoes, Tsunami,  Heavy   Storms (Role of  snow, water, fluids or liquid would be dominant)
  9. Economy and Financial market SHAKES


8) Regarding Virus/COVID-19

  1. 5-12 Feb 2021: Disease related issues/Virus Spreading  may raise intense concern.   It seems like Disease would start getting out of control  for a few countries, especially UK and USA. I have not constructed the chart for other countries, but this may be the case  too.  
  2. 12 Feb 2021 – 11 Mar 2021: Basically Virus WOULD be there  but magnitude may vary. This time period seems to be very disturbing and causing a real concern  
  1. From 3 June 2021:  Virus shall start DILUTING, STOPS spreading further or Spreads in much lesser magnitude  from this date ,  I believe some relief from Virus would start reflecting from 3 June 2021, or Possibly most of the Elders may get vaccinated and may be protected from COVID-19, or maybe the Virus may not effect Elders that severely


9) 27 Jan 2021 – 20 Sep 2021: Rahu in Rohini Nakshatra   

Rahu traverses Rohini Nakshatra, ruled by Moon. As per KP Astrology, Moon would be pregnant with Rahu energy.  At times, Rahu may also act like Moon, which is going to be in worst scenario between 5-12 Feb 2021, totally gripped in Rahu-Ketu axis and with many other planets.

  1. This going to be a very challenging and enigmatic time especially  between 5-12 Feb 2021
  2. Further in whatever house Moon transits during this period, it would make an difficult impact on that house
  3. Communal Riots and Huge protests are on cards
  4. Any changes in Muslim Law would end up in heavy Disputes and Protests



  • 9 Feb 20021 to 13 Feb 2021: 
  1. In Addition To whatever written above, this time is VERY CHALLENGING for the Country . It seems the SEED of War may be sown around this time and become more active anytime  
  2. Some sort of challenging activity and/or event to do with  Financial/Stock market (possible Stock Bearish activity),  Media Houses, Publishing, Neighbouring countries, Violence, Transport  System (land, sea, air), Railways, Communication Systems (including Internet security, Mobiles, Satellites, etc), Heavy protests, War like scenario,    and/or Violence  may erupt in India
  3. Politician would do everything and anything, will stoop extremely low  to take advantage of the current situation and gain more Power  
  4. Possible Bloodshed, Violence and War like scenario could erupt. 
  5. On 5 Feb 1962, 5:40 hours IST, 8 out of the 9 plants were together in Capricorn, especially Saturn, Sun and Moon were in Shravana Nakshatra. As per my previous predictions, Mars would activate the Solar Eclipse point on 21 Feb 2021 too, and I am afraid, that may ignite WAR like scenario including, hitting the Financial/Stock Market Globally


  •   4 Apr 2021 – 2 June 2021: Mars traverses  Gemini
  1. Aggressive combination – War like situation for India  and the  world 
  2. 25 Apr 2021- 16 May 2021: Mars in Ardra.   Extremely Aggressive & Tearful time for the entire world.  India may get its Defence forces active and ready for any war at borders.
  3. 12 May 2021- 19 May 2021: Extremely challenging, aggressive time indicating War planning, explosions, etc


  •   July 2021:
  1. Some effects of the combination and configuration of planets may come as a consequence around First   week of July 2021. Again its War like sceario.


11) New Zealand – From 5 Feb 2021:

  1. Some sort of challenging  activity and/or event to do with  confinement, jails, intelligence department, financial/stock market, hospitals, lockdown, overseas, underground activities, assasination, investments, terror attack, loan of the country, violence, natural disaster, heavy loss or heavy expenses may take place in New Zealand, possibly in Auckland.
  2. Some unforeseen issues seem to be popping up
  3. I am concerned that nothing goes wrong in Hospitals and Prisons. It could be spreading of Virus there. Hope NOT.


It has already become very exhaustive.  IF time permits I will put down my Astrology Analysis later


Ravinder Grover