23 March 2021

Please read my earlier predictions published on 3 March 2021,  under the title “ASTROLOGY NEWS:   POSSIBLE  AGGRESSIVE  INCIDENTS  ON  CARDS” (https://ravindergrover.com/astrology-news-possible-aggressive-incidents-on-cards/)  which came True and other predictions seem to be coming True too. 


As predicted, Earthquake came in New Zealand and  its surroundings on 5th  and 6th March 2021 and due to that, Tsunami warning was also issued.


Appreciation:  I am thankful to all those who rang me, wrote to me, or communicated to me to appreciate cum validate my predictions from time to time.


Important Note: My posts  are  NOT to Boast the correctness of my predictions  or inflate my Ego, but  to help the readers to understand that   Vedic Astrology can be used as Guidelines for Life by taking  appropriate precautions  especially during  the forewarns dates.      


Hereby, I re-iterate my old predictions with further updates and request readers to take appropriate precautions, especially between  25 March 2021-13 April 2021. Though the entire period is going to challenging,    but  the time frames    24-29 March 2021         and    2-7 April 2021 seem to be very Volatile and Enigmatic period  for the entire World


Event:  As Listed below

Direction of Event:  West and or Central areas of the Country/World

When:  25 March 2021 – 13 April 2021,   but  more Volatile and Enigmatic  time seems to be  between  24-29 March 2021  and              2-7 April 2021   for the entire World

You may expect one or more of the followings event to take place:


  1. Covid-19 Virus:  It may surge/spread further in a different manner, especially in Western and Central part of the country/World.  Chances of short term Lockdown in some places, (especially in Maharashtra and New Delhi, India)  cannot be ruled out
  2. Protest, Violence and Riots erupt would increase in many countries, especially in politically disturbed areas
  3. Political push for arguments and war like scenario may occur
  4. Anti-Social/Religious Fundamentalist elements in action
  5. Places & Resources which we value most, including family, community, wealth and national or personal assets may be affected
  6. Fire, Flames, Explosion or Aggression by masses and political parties may ‘Stand Still’ the daily routine of people . Protesters  would think just about their   Curfew like situation cannot be ruled out
  7. Terrorism in rise. Terror Attack, Suicide Bombing, Riots, Mass tragedies are on cards
  8. Blasts, Fires, Accident, Fire in Gas management centres, Malfunction of Machines, Use of or Accidently or  Mishandling of and/or Leakage of Atomic, Nuclear, Radioactive, Electrical surges, Power stations, Dams, Poisonous Gases   cannot be ruled out
  9. Some explosive disaster (e.g. Nuclear, Radioactivity, Power Stations, Dams etc) event may take place. This may have the potential to contaminate the atmosphere and Water resources
  10. Places of Entertainment, Religious gatherings,  Shopping Malls, Amusement, Prostitution, Schools, Financial & Economic Institutions, Dams, Power Stations,  Nuclear plants, Places of Education (including childhood centres),  Places of mass gatherings (religious, musical, cinema halls, etc), even Quarantine hotels/centres could be the Target  for any incident or Attack (if any)
  11. Drug Wars or handling Druggists. Say something to do with Drugs, Poisons, Gases and Fire cannot be ruled out
  12. Some explosive event may burst bubble of Fake money, market manipulation, Bitcoin affected or Economy may be Reset
  13. Blind use of use of Fire arms, bombs, weapons, etc
  14. Border clashes at few countries
  15. Natural/Unnatural Disasters/Calamities  (including Earthquake, Tsunami, Rain/Snow Storms, Landslides, Hurricanes, Floods, Volcano, Leakage of Atomic, Nuclear, Radioactive, Poisonous Gases,  Power Stations, Virus multiplying, etc)
  16. Luxurious destinations, apartments, hotels, resorts, clubs, etc , may be where people are quarantined, Entertainment centres/areas, Schools, Finance Centres may be affected severely . Terror attack or any explosion is indeed possible
  17. Shipping company and/or Ships may be in severe danger or may sink
  18. Finance/Stack Market shakes or rest to Financial market


Note: Please avoid  crowdy places; keep low profile and the best things would be to stay at home, especially during 24-29 March 2021 and 2-7 April 2021


This is just to make you aware  what may come in next few days. Please take precautions and look after yourself, your family and  your    neighbours

Further to my article published last week, I  would like to forewarn that the worst may not be over yet. Please note, the forthcoming planetary configuration indicates some natural Disasters  are possibly on its way. The strength of Natural Disaster  may vary from place to place.  The role of FIRE and WATER  ELEMENTS seem to be more AGGRESSIVELY ACTIVE


I will do continue doing further more calculations  and update my Blog.


Take care




Ravinder Grover