Astrology, is one of the oldest sciences that attracted man dating back to the dawn of human race.  It is ‘The Divine Romance’ of celestial bodies amongst Zodiac Signs, Constellations, Planets, etc continuously taking place on the backdrop of Time and Space.

It is believed that our ancient Star Scientists, the great Sages and Seers, were expert at synthesis. I call them Saintists (Saint + Scientist, Note: there no such English word), who with their spiritual practices, intense research and intuition powers decoded the hidden mysteries of the perplexing universe. Subsequently they offered this knowledge to humanity, not just to know what lies ahead in future, but to guide humanity to understand the Law of Karma, Purpose of Life and ultimately lead them in evolvement to Liberation.

Basic Principles of Astrology: ‘As Above – So Below’

The Basic Principle upon which the Science of Astrology rests is as follows:

  1.  The whole Universe is a Unity
  2. We are NOT separate from the Universe but are part of it
  3. The Law which is found in manifestation in one part of the Universe must also be equally operative throughout the whole of the Universe.
  4. The Law of ‘Macrocosm & Microcosm‘. The Macrocosm is the Universe and The Microcosm is the Man. The same law that guides the Macrocosm (Universe) also guides Microcosm (Man)
  5.  ‘As Above – So Below’. The same law that operates ‘Above’ also applies ‘Below’. One does not cause the other; they are synchronous, and mirror of each other. By understanding the Above (Macrocosm – Universe) we can understand the Below (Microcosm -Man).
  6. By studying of the motions and relative positions of the planets, the operations of these laws may be observed, measured and determined.

In summary, all beings on Earth are the Microscopic (Miniatures) editions of the Macroscopic (Zodiacal) Universe. Each person is a little world exactly representing the Universe. Though all seem quite without, but there is an active world within. Hence every being should posses all the qualities conceivable or inconceivable, possessed by the zodiacal universe.   In other words, the universal is reflected in the specific. It should therefore be possible to draw conclusions regarding earthly events from planetary constellations.  This is the concept of synchronicity.  It refers to an individual and his relationship with his direct environment.

In fact, it sees everything in the universe as being interconnected in a meaningful way.  Such a world is visible through Inner Sight and Intense spiritual practices. Those laws that are operative amongst the planetary bodies are also in force amongst the human beings. In short; whatever is happening anywhere in the universe also affects man.