Please note these critical Dates for the entire Globe w.r.t 

  • Pandemic
  • War like Scenarios
  • Natural Disasters
  • Financial Hiccup
  • Death of the celebrated/important person
  • 3rdWave in on its way


  1. 25 April 2021- 16 May 2021: Critical
  2. 25-28 April 2021: Most Critical, War like scenario, Natural Disasters
  3. 13-18 May 2021: Possible Peak of 2ndWave, War like scenario, natural disasters
  4. From 2 June 2021: Relief, life shall become Normal
  5. 1-10 July 2021: Critical, War like scenario, financial hiccups, natural disasters
  6. From 20 July 2021: Life becomes Normal
  7. 8-20 Sep 2021: Possible 3rdWave of Virus


I have written this earlier too and forewarning again to one and all that the forthcoming time from 25 April 2021 to 16 May 2021 seems to be very enigmatic and perplexing for the entire world.

Relax!   Please do not panic. Honestly, the above statement does not apply to every country and every individual of the world.  Yes, there are methods in Mundane Astrology to analyze the state of country’s affairs or fortune of the said country by doing extensive analysis of the Astrology Chart based on the country’s Foundation Day Chart and some other parameters.  Practically speaking it would take a long time for one to construct and analyze chart(s) for every country in the world and see its destiny.


In my last blog(s), I did make some predictions for India, New Zealand, UK and USA, but with more emphasis on India.  Here once again, I am focusing more on India, but this would remain equally valid for UK (and its neighboring countries) and USA.  It may be valid for many other countries too


The purpose of this prediction and/or warning is to help people to prepare for the challenging time.  As per my little knowledge of Mundane Astrology, the planetary configuration for the period 24 April 2021 – 16 May 2021 seems to be pregnant with some troublesome rays.

I am not a medical person, but in my limited understanding, I think one may with a little bit of common sense and intelligence come over these perplexing challenges.  May be firstly by being responsible person and then possibly by understanding how one can deal with Covid-19 and its Variant with calmness and patience by adapting certain common-sense methods such as by keeping Social distancing, use of Mask, taking first aid medicines as prescribed by doctors, by frequently drinking warm water, regular inhaling steam (like in cold & cough), etc.  Of course, Covid test is mandatory in case one feels that he is infected, and also one must get vaccinated ASAP too

In my Analysis, I have used India Foundation Chart of 15 Aug 1947, India Chaitra Pratipada chart of 12 Apr 2021, Chart of the World, Mars Ingress Rahu star, a few Chakra charts and a. various aspects of planets and cusps based on many different types of Astrology.

In addition to my previous Blog of 4 April 2021 (Extract is given below), I tried to breakdown to a few dates how the things may move now:

  • 14 April 2021- 20 July 2021: Mars ingress Gemini sign after meeting Rahu in the previous sign. In layman’s language it got loaded up with Rahu’s energy a few days ago (also known as Angaraka Yoga). After entering Gemini, it formed an evil configuration of planets and other parameters of Mundane Astrology also indicated a challenging time ahead

  • If I make a Timeline, then I would say the evil combination started from 14 April 2021 and would continue till 20 July 2021. But all days may not be as bad.

  • 25 April 2021 – 16 May 2021: Mars traverses Ardra Nakshatra. Ardra is known as ‘Teardrops’ in Astrology.  Looking at other parameters, this time frame is indeed MOST CRITICAL hence the effects

  • 10 May 2021: Ketu ingress Anuradha Nakshatra. Ketu is Virus. Either heading towards relief or something hidden Hidden, may be another variant but should be that bad what the world has gone through already

  • 2 June 2021: Mars enters Caner sign, where it gets Debilitated, i.e., its weakest point in the Zodiac and also by looking at other parameters I believe big RELEIF shall come from here.

  • But be mindful, this is WAR LIKE SCENARIO may it be with Pandemic or with another Country, especially between 25-28 April 2021, 13-18 May 2021 and 1-10 July 2021. These dates seem s to be EXTREME CRITICAL 

  • 8-20 Sep 2021: 3rd Wave of Virus.  OMG, I am sorry to say that, but it seems the third wave would come around this time frame. But not as bad as 2nd I will write more about this in time to come.


Extract from our Blog dated 4 April 2021



Let me put the entire episode or say Sumamry  in the Laymans language first.   Brief  Analysis for  Astrology Aspirants is give after the Summary.

PrimeMinister of India(Mr Narinder Modi)/Home Minister/Defence Minister  of  INDIA shall take BOLD and/or  STRICT and possible very AGGRESSIVE  STEPSto run the affairs of the country, and other activities/events may include:

  • COVID surge may be witnessed exponentially and some states may go through full/partial Lock down process.
  • EMERGENCY like scenario cannot be ruled out
  • High profile Ministers and /or celebrities would suffer with Covid-19 or its variants
  • Government would have to make EXTRA EFFORTS to function properly
  • National Vaccination plan would bear fruitful results after much Effort and Education to the masses
  • Government would focus on the General condition of the country, would need to project the self-image,  National Objectives may be revised.    Extra focus on Public health cannot be ruled out
  • Prime Minister’s health may suffer too (as per his Natal Chart)
  • Assessing the condition of the Cabinet – possible reshuffling of Cabinet is on cards.
  • Government to take Strict & Aggressive steps and/or EMERGENCY like situation may arise. I will not be surprised if some sort of FINANCIAL EMERGENCY takes place
  • Drastic changes in LAW  and  REFORMS are on cards for Sure
  • Concern over Health and Well-being of Public and/or High Profile Minister(s). Some diseases (possible cancer like mysterious) may effect Head, Throat, and/or Face.
  • Some noted TV/Film/Media personality and/or important and popular persons and/or Minister  may  face severe health issues  and/or may expire. This may possibly lead to National Mourning
  • Worldwide Public protests would continue off and on,
  • Violence may increase many fold in some parts of the country
  • Foreign bodies would try to undermine the Government
  • International affairs may get into some unwanted disputes
  • All matters dealing with  others, death of secret enemies,  women’s health,  anti-social organisations that may try to disrupt the social structure,    Immorality, Infant mortality, War, Relations with other nations.
  • New projects will be launched to expand the economy of the Country
  • As the year progresses, economy  of the country would start recovering
  • Manufacturing would start recovering soon
  • More focus would be on the Banking Industry, Financial situation of the country, its revenue,  sources of Revenue, Nations budget, treasury,  budget, wealth, Banking industry,   Defence, National Resources including Armaments & Weapons,  GDP, Interest Rates,  Securities, etc.  
  • Some Spiritual help will be bestowed upon India
  • Prime Minister Mr Narinder Modi’s   GENEROUS CONTRIBUTION TO THE HUMANITY at large will be recognised
  • Some losses due to expenditure and/or due to secret enemies
  • 14 April 2021 – 20 July 2021:
    • A lot challenging events may take place 
    • Fire element would be active
    • Natural calamities, Fires, Explosives, volcanoes, etc are on cards.
    • Terror like activities in action.
    • Prime Minister adapts different strategy.
    • Financial market shakes
    • 14 APRIL 2021 – 2 JUNE 2021: A Very CHALLENGING AND CRITICAL  time for the country
    • Anti-Social/Religious Fundamentalist elements in actionFrom 2 June 2021: Covid-19 shall start diluting but its affects would be evident from 20 July 2021
  • From Early May 2021: India’s relations with neighbours, especially Pakistan and China  would become more tense. Natural Calamity in South India cannot be ruled out.
  • From 2 June 2021: Covid-19 virus would start diluting, but phycology some relief would be felt from end July 2021
  • 10 June 2021(may be sooner or later): It seems Death of National Ruler/Celebrity cannot be ruled out.  May not be on 10 June 2021 but anytime sooner or later.  This also indicates towards some sort of threat to people, may due to War, accident, natural disaster, epidemic, pandemic, famine, etc. I wish I am wrong in my analysis
  • By end of 2021, Economy would seem to be on recovery path
  • 14 Sep 2021 – 20 Sep 2021: Possible surge of Virus like situation


Strong opposition and/or Disruption/Obstruction caused by the activities related with :

  • Lockdown sort of scenario, Hospitals activities, places of confinements, Secret enemies, plots, secret crime, wars, losses, expenditure
  • Educational institutions, students, real estate, general feeling of well- being, trade, agriculture, vehicles/transport related issues
  • Spies, ambassadors and foreign relations, secret business deals, serious state of ill health
  • Interference from outside
  • From 15 June 2021, China and/or Pakistan may plan and/or attack Indian borders either or both sides   
  • TERROR like activities
  • NATURAL DISSTERS with FIRE elements in action


I will add on to this more in a few days time.


Note: Please avoid  crowd places; keep low profile and the best things would be to stay at home till end July 2021

This is just to make you aware  what may come in next few days. Please take precautions and look after yourself, your family and  your    neighbours

Further to my article published last week, I  would like to forewarn that the worst may not be over yet. Please note, the forthcoming planetary configuration indicates some natural Disasters  are possibly on its way. The strength of Natural Disaster  may vary from place to place.  The role of FIRE and WATER  ELEMENTS seem to be more AGGRESSIVELY ACTIVE


I will do continue doing further more calculations  and updating my Blog.


Take care




Ravinder Grover