I have repeatedly written about the challenging time from from 8 Sep 2021 to 22 Nov 2021 in last few posts.   Now I have once   constructed the Lunation chart for the fortnight starting from ‘Amavasya’ 6 and 7 Oct 2021 for India and New Zealand.   Let me tell one thing clearly that I am still learning applications of Mundane Astrology.  Here I am putting down my Analysis and/or Predictions what I feel is important to highlight at this point of time. 


What may happen during this fortnight (6 Oct 2021 – 22 Oct 2021)?

Chart 1: 6 Oct 2021, 16:35 hours, IST, New Delhi, India

To be specific, the forthcoming fortnight indicate  events/issues  for India, related with the followings:

  • Dealing with Enemies

  • Pleasure and amusement resorts

  • Tourism

  • Bond of relationships amongst the masses and business establishments

  • Foreign affairs and agreements

  • International position of the country

  • International Trade

  • Foreign Affairs

  • Natural calamities (earthquakes, Tsunami, activities related with volcanoes, fire elements or under the Earth, etc)

  • Covid-19 and/or its variant spread further or any other Disease

  • Financial Challenges

  • Stock Market Crash like scenario and/or challenges

  • Political issues

  • Further set back to some political party and/or parties

In addition to the above listed  challenges, India primarily seems to focus on  Health of women, immorality, infant mortality, war related issues and its relations with other nations.  

Chart 2:  7 Oct 2021, 00:05 hours, NZDST, Auckland, New Zealand

To be specific, the forthcoming fortnight indicate  events/issues  related with the followings:

  • Extended Lockdown situation and/or some other Restrictions may cause further stress

  • Natural calamities (earthquakes, Tsunami, activities related with volcanoes, fire elements or under the Earth, etc)

  • Natural Resources (agriculture, mines, minerals, etc)

  • Landed properties

  • Housing and/or Real Estate

  • Financial setbacks and/or Financial challenges for the country

  • Education Institutions

  • Political stability

  • Living Conditions of the people

  • Communal harmony

  • Law and Order

  • Covid-19 and/or its variant spread further

In addition to above listed challenges, New Zealand primarily seems to focus on educational institutions, students, real estate, housing, general feeling of well- being and living conditions of people, trade and agriculture.

Chart 3: WORLD

In addition to the above (India and New Zealand), the forthcoming fortnight indicate events/issues for the entire the World, related with the followings:

  • Natural calamities (earthquakes, Tsunami, activities related with volcanoes, fire elements or under the Earth, etc)

  • Suicides

  • Accidents (Possible mode of transport with multiple wheels)

  • Dealing with Enemies

  • Terrorism and/or Terror attack or Shootings

  • Covid-19 and/or its variant spread further

  • Health Issues

  • Debt Management

  • Death of masses

  • Concern for women

  • Immorality, infant mortality, war, relations with other nations.

  • Death rate

  • state treasury

  • unexpected troubles

  • instability in the world

  • ‘Religious Fanatism’ would be reach at unbelievable and/or unthinkable  level

In addition to above listed challenges, the world leaders primarily seem to focus on State Loans, Debt, Stock Market, Finance, Diseases, Armed forces, and Terrorism

Please note, Sun, Moon and Mars, all three would be in Hasta Nakshatra on 6/7 Oct 2021.  This is the indication of  creating something or of making something happen.  Hast Nakshatra is ruled by Sun (Savitur), particularly the rising Sun. Let me  tell you that the ever vibrant  Gayatri Mantra is connected to Hasta;  which is traditionally  recited during sunrise facing the East direction, pouring water into one’s hand and onto the Earth, as one greets the new day and the illumination the Sun provides. This Mantra has the power of pulling over  the positive energy from the atmosphere onto one’s Intellect.


Ravinder Grover

Here is the EXTRACT from the earlier predictions made for the time frame 8 Sep 2021 to 22 Nov 2021:

“High Alert – Major challenges ahead for the entire World (8 Sep 2021 – 22 Nov 2021)”

I have already put on record in many of my previous posts, regarding this difficult period (8 Sep 2021  to 22 Nov 2021), that may be  One of the worst time for the entire world.   Traditionally the  configuration  and interaction between Jupiter and Saturn set up the Theme for the Year.  The forthcoming period, 8 Sep 2021 to 22 Nov 2021,  may be themed as  ‘Challenges in Ethics, Moral Values  and Economy’

The Astrological configuration of planets have already started to invoke the  Extreme Evil Forces  into Action  and  Churn the World  into Chaos anytime from  8 Sep 2021 to  22 Nov 2021.  There would be huge challenges in Ethics, Morale and EconomyThis is based on principles of Mundane Astrology given in various Vedic Scripters, Principles laid in modern  Mundane Astrology  and looking at the Synchroneity of  the Astrological Statistical data gathered for many challenging  events in the past.   


Astrologically,  we seem to be in a kind of World War 3. As per statistics,  this happens more or less every 40 years (war cycle).  This does not seem to end  before the first quarter of 2024 .  Purely  Astrologically speaking, Dharma (Right Conduct) seems to be on the verge of Declining and the onus is on all people to Follow the ‘Inner Voice’ and ‘Save the World’.  


In nutshell for the Layman, please read the following predictions:

  1. Covid-19: 3rd wave would rise. In fact, 3rd Wave of Covid-19 started subtly from 20 June 2021 but would pick up exponentially from 8 Sep 2021, and especially become worst from 15 Sep 2021 bringing further challenges till 22 Nov 2021.
  2. USA may become WORSTin times to come w.r.t Covid-19 or its variants
  3. Lockdown period to increase in affected countries
  4. Major Events in International Political are on sight
  5. Unexpected events, may be Sudden Blows due to rebellious and/or revolutionary actions’ may force to bring “Major Transformation in the World”
  6. Establishments would feel threatened, possible Suffering, Decay, Collapse of structure,
  7. People in general would become anxious about their security etc in the world, indicating  Things shall get worst from already bad
  8. Terror Attackswould be on increase
  9. ‘Religious Fanatism’ would be reach at unbelievable and/or unthinkable  level
  10. Natural Disasters such as Earthquakes, Fires, Floods, Tsunami, Landslide and/or Natural Calamities are on sight
  11. War like scenario for India, China, Pakistan and neighbouring countries cannot be ruled out
  12. 8 Sep 2021 – 20 Sep 2021:Violence and Destruction all Over
  13. From 14 Sep 2021, “Ethics, Values, Dharma, etc” would FALL DRASTICALLY in most areas, say in Humanity, Politics, Government, Religious places, Organisations, Companies and Governing bodies, etc.  A sense of false optimism would be created. It may  disconnect people from reality. People will make bad judgement
  14. Please note, even Places of Worship, Religious and Spiritual orientated related organisations would NOTbe spared. They may doom to practise Real understanding of Love and Humanity.
  15. Either Advisors, Spiritual & Religious people, ‘God Men’, Gurus, etc  would NOTbe able to help the society OR they would NOT  be respected or heard at all
  16. ‘Religious Fanatism’ would be reach at unbelievable and/or unthinkable  level
  17. Character assassination, Falsehood, Cheating, etc  would be on rise
  18. So called ‘Religious/Spiritual’ people would be EXPOSED with malpractices
  19. Medical issues with Fat, Thighs, Brain, Lungs, Liver, Pancreas, Diabetes, Kidneys, Memory, Tongue, Ears, Knees, Ankles, Lower leg and Spleen would be on rise.
  20. Financial market  may tumble or fluctuate and finally Reset
  21. This time frame is inclined to increase crime all over the world, crumble certain countries, may bring loss of human values and rulers becoming tyrannical
  22. Please note, trouble would increase manyfold in countries who are already in trouble, like Afghanistan, Pakistan Israel, Palestine, Taiwan, etc. War like scenario is on cards
  23. The rebellious urges tend to explode and burst forth seemingly out of nowhere. Sudden explosions or outbursts in collective rioting are possible.  
  24. New invention/discovery may come up, anytime between 16 Aug 2021 to mid Jan 2022
  25. 18 Jul. 2021- 18 Jan 2022: Fight for freedom would rise in many countries
  26. Unexpected fire-related disasters like volcanoes, forest fires are already happenings  and may increase more
  27. Countries that may be affected most: USA, Afghanistan,  Pakistan, Israel, India, China, 
  28. In other words, World Leaders may stoop below the lowest Ethics & Moral levels, Crime would increase, some  Government policies may fail, drastically,  widespread misery and illness in the general public is indicated,  hence resulting in ‘Chaos all over the World’.   



20 Nov 2020: Jupiter ingress Aquarius

  • From here we saw numerous new ideas and thoughts being introduced that influence the system. 


6 April 2021: Jupiter ingress Aquarius sign, Dhanishtha Nakshatra (ruled by Saturn and Mars) 

  • Aquarius signifies Social reformer
  • Numerous new ideas and thoughts were introduced that influenced the world with the signification of Jupiter as given above


20 May 2021: Jupiter ingress Satabhisha Nakshatra ruled by Rahu. 

  • This has causes further anxiety.


20 Jun 2021: Jupiter becomes Retrograde, from 8-02 degrees Aquarius sign within Satabhisha Nakshatra.  

  • As soon it started Retrograde motion, it started asking us to Review how much  humanity has benefitted from the new ideas and approaches
  • During Retrogradation Jupiter (Dharma, Expansion, Growth, Ethics, Morality, Values, Fortune Prosperity, Truth, Wisdom, Belief System, Justice And Law) provides us an opportunity to look within for a new philosophical perspective
  • This is the time for Review, Reassess and Refocus what development has taken place and how much humanity has benefitted from the new ideas and approaches  since 6 April 2021
  • This is the time to internalise our own personal development with respect to Jupiter’s significance (Note: In individual’s’ customised chart it may signify different areas of growth)
  • Good time to refocus on priorities and setting up  realistic goals


20 Jul 2021: Jupiter ingress Dhanishtha Nakshatra, ruled by Mars.

  • Mars was in Gandanta. Moving from Water sign to Fire sign.
  • Aggressive events related with Water and Fire started taking shape.  Many countries were shaken either by Fire and/or Water elements, Fire in Forests and unprecedented Floods al over.  Please read my previous posts, I have mentioned in details  


14 Sep 2021: Jupiter ingress Capricorn ruled by Saturn, Dhanishtha Nakshatra ruled by Mars


This is important to understand.  In basic Vedic Astrology  whenever the Lords of angles and trine houses are placed together in an angle or trine house that would form ‘Raja Yoga’; this configuration has the potency to cancel  many negative results, if any

In Astrology chart of the World,  

  • Jupiter is the Lord of 9th (trine) house
  • Saturn is the Lord of  10th (angle) house
  • From 14 Sep 2021, Jupiter and Saturn would be located in the 10th (angle) house in Capricorn sign, supposedlyforming ‘Raja Yoga’.
  • Jupiter would be in ‘Retrogression motion’ in Capricorn till 18 Oct 2021
  • Jupiter would be visiting the ‘Previous’sign  and in ‘Debilitation’  (I call this ‘Drained’ State) till 22 Nov 2021.


Note: I call this the ‘State of Deep and Extreme Depression’ for Jupiter. Hence I would expect its above given significations would SUFFER a lot.  I offer my gratitude to some great astrologers*, some have termed Jupiter in the ‘Fallen’ State and I have learnt lot  from their writings.

  • Pluto-R is be already there in the same house Capricorn.  Please note Jupiter-R,   Saturn-R and Pluto-R, are in Retrograde motion.
  • Capricorn sign is aspected by Retrograde Uranus’s 4th challenging aspect. In fact Uranus has gone stationary/retrograde in Aries starting on 17 August 2021, and stays there until mid-January 2022. This combination would add fuel to the fire, resulting in  ‘Unexpected events, may be Sudden Blows due to rebellious  and/or revolutionary actions’  bringing  “Major Transformation in the World”
  • Rahu is already throwing its 5th aspect energy to Capricorn and all planets placed there causing more anxiety and paranoia
  • 6 Oct 2021: Pluto goes stationary/direct and this generally impact the world as per Mundane Astrology
  • 10 Oct 2021: Mercury conjunct Mars ending up creating further disputes.
  • 11 Oct 2021: Saturn would go stationary, and it’s said 5 days before it goes stationary, it becomes power powerful to inflict destruction.


Generally speaking Jupiter’s positive energy (expansion, prosperity, growth, etc) should influence Saturn with positiveness and encourage it to further improve its significance, such as, re-structuring, maintain law & order in society, etc.    But, due to Jupiter being in ‘State of Deep and Extreme Depression’,  Jupiter’s positive energy (ethics, morality, values, etc)  would  be malfunctioning by bringing its darker side such as False optimism, taking Extreme ethical stances etc may manifest and  result in enhancing Saturn’s darker side, that is may cause

  • ‘Establishments feel threatened, Suffering, Decay, Collapse of structure, people in general become anxious about their security etc in the world.  Things shall get worst from already bad’
  • ‘Unexpected events, may be Sudden Blows due to rebellious and/or revolutionary actions’  bringing  “Major Transformation in the World”.


   The above combination/configuration is pregnant to deliver ‘Havoc in the World’, possibly  till Jupiter returns to Aquarius on 22 November 2021




Ravinder Grover 

Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.  I offer my insight to Astrology solely based on my learnings of astrology principles and techniques,  some  of them learnt from the Sages of the highest order. These predictions are offered for guidance purpose only.   I offer absolute no guarantee on my calculations and analysis. These predictions are not intended to harm anyone by any means.  I expressly disclaim all warranties, implied or contingent, for making use of these predictions, for incurring any loss, loss of profit or in any manner. No notice or advice from anyone  will create any liability whatsoever