Effects of Solar Eclipse of  20 April 2023


The following are the topics that are discussed in this article:  

  1. Major movement of configuration of Planets

  2. Solar Eclipse Locations 

  3. Brief Analysis of the Solar Eclipse in Mundane and in your Astrology Chart

  4. Effects of Solar Eclipse at Individual Level

  5. Effects of Solar Eclipse at Mundane Level

  6. Spread of Virus/Variant or another Bacteria

  7. Effect of Solar Eclipse on India and Pakistan

  8. Affect of Solar Eclipse on various Signs



1. Major movement and configuration of Planets

  • 14 April 2023: Sun entered Aries Sign-Ashwini Nakshatra where Rahu is situated and at the same time Mercury and Uranus were in Aries sign Bharani Nakshatra

  • 20 April 2023:  Solar Eclipse will take place in axis of Aries (5-44 degrees)-Ashwini Nakshatra with Moon, Sun, Rahu, Mercury and  Uranus  all close to each other and Ketu in Libra (5-44 degrees)-Swati Nakshtra

  • 21 April 2023: Mercury will start its Retrograde motion in Aries-Bharani Nakshatra

  • 22 April 2023: Jupiter (Combust) will enter Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra where Sun and Rahu would be situated.  

  • 24 April 2023: Mercury would become combust from 24 April 2023 to 11 May 2023

  • 16 May 2023, Jupiter would transit Eclipse Point, I believe some significant event related with   signification of Jupiter could take place. Aries is a go ahead sign, courageous sign, new things can start here. I feel, at first, you’ll be inspired to take courageous and direct action on the topics represented by the Aries sign in your Astrology chart.  Nevertheless, limitations, frustrations, and delays will eventually wear you down.

  • 27 May 2023: Jupiter will Conjoin Rahu at Aries (8-17 degrees)-Ashwini Nakshatra causing “Guru-Chandal”  Yoga

  • 6 June 2023: Jupiter will move 3 degrees away from Rahu, some relief may start coming, but nor complete as Rahu cannot be trusted

  • 19 July 2023: Rahu transits Eclipse Point. I believe that some deceitful and/or big incident might take place somewhere in the globe, which would result in enormous harm and/or dissatisfaction.

2. Solar Eclipse Locations

“On April 20, 2023, the partial solar eclipse starts in the Indian Ocean, coming onshore on the west coast of Australia. Then the path of the eclipse passes over Australia and Indonesia plus some surrounding regions. Soon the central eclipse  starts as an annular eclipse along western Australia, Timor and Indonesia. As the eclipse continues along its narrow path, it becomes a total eclipse then turns in to an annular eclipse again. Finally, the eclipse ends over the Pacific Ocean as an annular eclipse near the Marshall Islands” (Ref: Earthsky.org).   In short, countries in the South Pacific Ocean, such as Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, will be able to see it.

3. Brief Analysis of the Solar Eclipse in Mundane and in your Astrology Chart

As mentioned above, the Solar Eclipse  would take place along the axis of Aries-Ashwini and Libra – Swati Nakshatra.   Putting in layman’s language, I would say to imagine Ashwini Nakshatra as a filter in Aries sign from where the  Solar Eclipse’s energy would  be sent through.  Ashwini Nakshatra is connected to Ketu and is presided over by the deities known as the Ashwini Kumar, and on the other end, Swati Nakshatra is connected to Rahu and is  governed by Marut.

Please note the following parameters. At the time of the Solar Eclipse,  

  • Sun, Moon, and Rahu would be located in the sign of Aries, the fire element, and in Ashwini Nakshatra, which is controlled by Ketu.

  • Mars in the Ardra Nakshatra , which is controlled by Rahu; Saturn in    Satabhisha Nakshatra, also ruled by Rahu; and Ketu in   Swati Nakshatra, also dominated by Rahu.  In addition, Mars, Ketu, and Saturn are all in the Air sign, and they are very close to forming a trine (just 120 degrees apart)

Please note, 6 planets would be either in Rahu or in Ketu Nakshatra which are associated with the Solar Eclipse axis

4. Effects of Solar Eclipse at Individual Level

  1. One may examine what these signs and Nakshatra mean for you in light of the fact that there will be big changes in your life that are connected to them in the days leading up to the eclipse

  2. During the fortnight before and after the eclipse, we will have the opportunity to experience the maximum effects of the Solar Eclipse. If there is a decrease in impulsiveness, everyone will take decisions thoughtfully and consider the long term consequences, behave in ways that will bring satisfaction later. There may be a sense of urgency and a desire to take action quickly. It’s completely normal to experience frustration at times.

  3. To my knowledge, this the exchange of Nakshatras creates complicated and confusing energy, particularly around relationships. Rahu & Ketu in each other’s Nakshatra and involving Aries and Libra  are  presenting challenges in navigating karmic relationships, leaving the individual feeling uncertain about potential solutions.  

  4. In relationships, a short fuse may lead to anger outbursts, disputes that go nowhere, and selfish, self-centred conduct. Long-term relationships and commitments may become too restrictive, leading to a rise in the number of breakups and divorces.

  5. Due to lack of control on self, you may get into useless fights, be selfish or act in a self-centred manner, especially in relationships.    As long-term responsibilities and relationships would start to feel like chains, there is a chance that they will end.  Even it may become challenging to pick wisely between possibilities; you   may   find difficulty to make any proper decision.

  6. During the period from early 20 April 2023 to 31 Oct 2023, relationships are expected to undergo significant transformation, firstly due to the Solar Eclipse happening in Aris-Libra axis, and  secondly more due to Rahu in Ketu’s Nakshatra and Ketu in Rahu’s Nakshatra.  Simply because  Ketu desires renunciation of the material world, while Rahu seeks to acquire more of it.

  7.  I will not be surprised right from 22 April 2023, when Jupiter moves into Aries,   all those optimistic indications will be jolted down to Earth.  For some , this could  be an absolutely devastating impact.

  8. First of all, Jupiter (the planet of wisdom, expansion, good judgement, faith, dharma, optimism, and grace) is combust from 29 March 2023  to 28 April 2023, meaning it has given its most of the energy to Sun and got itself drained, possibly creating the false optimism, making it difficult for all to make proper judgements, and potentially harming all significations of Jupiter during the above mentioned time frame.   Jupiter may signify different things in a customised chart. Please consult your Vedic Astrologer to know what does Jupiter signifies in your chart.

  9. On 27 May 2023 (or on 2 June 2023, if True Rahu’s location at 9-15 degrees is considered), Jupiter will join Mean Rahu at 8-18 degrees Aries, generating ‘Guru Chandal’ Yoga and hiding Jupiter’s significations during this configuration. At an Individual level,  your life in every way may be impacted.  Please monitor any regions that may be affected. Your reputation and popularity may take a hit, your character may be questioned, your ethics and morals may be called into question, your health may deteriorate, your relationship or marriage may end, your family life, your relationship with your children and your parents may sour, your academic performance and quality of life as a student may decline, you may worry more about your career and financial security, you may feel your social standing has decreased, and your spiritual well-being may suffer. There will likely be spiritual, emotional, and bodily disruptions, legal concerns, fear, and conflicts, as well as the exposure of previously undisclosed past misdeeds and secrets. This particular period is ideal for cheating. It’s possible to deceive yourself into thinking that everything is OK. Confidence, recklessness, and arrogance may all backfire. Don’t use deception for your own benefit. Keep your distance from those who you may potentially exploit. Don’t delve into other people’s business until you’re specifically requested to aid out.

  10. On a personal level, now is the time for objective self-examination; you need to figure out which of your six main “inner enemies”—desire, anger, attachment, greed, ego (pride) and jealousy—is preventing you from letting go. For those seeking enlightenment, it may also mean losing one’s sense of self, being set free from pain, and discovering an inner sanctuary.  In other words this final leg of Jupiter’s transit through Pisces and ingress into Aries can inspire them to release the past and grow into your next stage of Truth.



5. Effects of Solar Eclipse at Mundane Level

As I have been emphasising from the beginning of the year 2020, Ketu is the significator of Virus. In my few previous posts, I said that it is probable that Covid would shut down by 31 October 2023, and that in the worst case scenario, the hangover from its closure may last until April 2024. Well,  let us re-visit the Solar Eclipse of 26 December 2019 and take another look at the Solar Eclipse Chart, which took place in the sign of Sagittarius and the Nakshatra of Mula, which is governed by Ketu. This event took place at 18:14 hours (NZDT) in Auckland, New Zealand.  To begin, Pluto, Saturn, Ketu, Jupiter, Moon, Sun, and Mercury were all located in Sagittarius at the same time, and Mula Nakshatra was occupied by Jupiter, Moon, Sun, and Mercury respectively.  According to my knowledge, this specific Eclipse spoke of huge amounts of impending pain for the planet, and as soon as Mars triggered this Eclipse Point in February 2020, the whole world was brought to its knees as a result.


As said above, on  20 April 2023, there would be a Solar Eclipse  in Aries (5-39 degrees, Ashwini Nakshatra). This area would be contaminated.  Further on 16 May 2023, Jupiter would transit Eclipse Point, I believe some significant event related with   signification of Jupiter could take place. Aries is a go ahead sign, courageous sign, new things can start here. I feel, at first, you’ll be inspired to take courageous and direct action on the topics represented by the Aries sign in your Astrology chart.  Nevertheless, limitations, frustrations, and delays will eventually wear you down.   Further, on 27 May 2023 (or on 2 June 2023, if True Rahu’s location at 9-15 degrees is considered), Jupiter will join Mean Rahu at 8-18 degrees Aries, generating ‘Guru Chandal’ Yoga and hiding Jupiter’s significations during this configuration. In Mundane astrology, this conjunction in Aries happened in 1929, right before the ‘Great Depression’.  When I combine astrological patterns with statistical research, I see the stock and currency markets bringing the economy to its knees again and time again. October 2023 seems to be parallel to 1929 depression, stock market is SET to crash.


From   16 April 2023 to 9 Aug 2023, Saturn though traversing in Aquarius (10-01 deg), it would be traversing the Capricorn sign in D9 chart. Interestingly Ketu would be in Libra (10-27 deg) in D1 chart, which is exact 120 degrees from Saturn, called in Trine, would also occupy Capricorn sign in D9 chart. Saturn would conjunct Kertu in Capricorn in D9 chart. I believe this combination would force the entire world once gain to focus on the Governing and Business Structures of the world by bringing certain and sudden changes. Business models of the Companies may go through overhauling, many may lose or change jobs. Financial market would go through a roller coaster ride.


6. Spread of Virus/Variant or another Bacteria

According to my little understanding of Mundane Astrology, Ketu is the significator of Virus, and the next Solar Eclipse on 20 April  2023 is suggestive of the spread of Virus Bacteria or some new virus, which may be problematic for the following few months.   In the event that a new virus or bacteria begins to spread, it is possible that it will originate in the nations that are controlled by the sign of Aries.   According to Mundane Astrology, the sign of Aries is claimed to have dominion over the countries of Germany, England, Japan, Poland, Denmark, Palestine, Burgundy, Syria, and Lebanon.  

Countries in the proximity of the Indian Ocean, the South Pacific Ocean, such as Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, would be affected by the  Eclipse

I also think that at the period of the Solar Eclipse, Jupiter, the healer, will be in the state of Combust in Gandanta. As a result, it will be unstable; but, in the future, when it has gained some strength, it will finally take control of the Virus.   It would seem that the components of water and air may play a significant role in the transmission of viruses.

Please be aware that the next solar eclipse will be seen mostly over the ocean (the element water)  than it would be over land. This means that the weather patterns that develop over these bodies of water will have far-reaching consequences. For the next few of months, normal weather patterns will be severely disrupted, bringing heavy rain, high winds, cyclones, and other adverse conditions.

I will not be surprised if this causes abrupt unseasonable showers, underwater earthquakes/activities thunderstorms, and the spread of bacterial infections soon after.  Events like an earthquake or wave could happen under the sea. In the near future, there could be small or big wars on these seas or oceans. I am just wondering, is this the indicative of Wars using war ships as well?   Accidents related to water and in water bodies cannot be ruled out.

On the other side, it is quite perplexing since Jupiter would meet Rahu, producing ‘Guru Chandal’ yoga, squeezed between Saturn and Rahu, and as a result, would stay weak potentially until May 2024, bringing troubles with Economics, Deception, and Aggression all over the Globe.    It is highly likely that civil unrest may occur in several nations as deep-seated societal tensions, such as those related to religion and racism, become increasingly apparent and manifest



7. Effect of Solar Eclipse on India and Pakistan

India:  Considering India’ foundation day Astrology chart based on 15 August 1947,  00:01 hours, IST, New Delhi, India.  Taurus is the rising sign of India Independence Day chart and sign Aries falls in house 12 where the Eclipse would occur.


The Solar Eclipse will  activate matters related with House 12, such       Investment,  Banking  and Financial matters,   Financial Scams,  Smuggling, Wars related, Foreign debt,  enemies, Terror activities, Plots, Secret crime, Hospitals, places of confinements,   losses and Deceptive matters’.   Please keep in Mind, Eclipse WILL NOT be visible in India, hence its effect would be minimum but yet some affects would be there

Pakistan:  Considering Pakistan’s foundation day Astrology chart based on 14 August 1947: 23:59 hours, Karachi, West Pakistan.   Aries  is the rising sign of Pakistan Independence Day chart and sign Aries falls in house 1 where the Eclipse would occur. 

Without delving into too many specifics and computations, the first house represents the overall status of the nation, the state of law and order, the people and their general view, public health, governance, reputation, bravery, and the country’s standing in the world.  Close afflictions to the first house or its ruler, or weak planets in the first house, suggest setbacks for national identity.   As a result, Pakistan’s situation would deteriorate to one of the worst possible levels. The foundation already set to partition Pakistan into a few parts would start sprouting out and in time to come this would be evident.



8. Affect of Solar Eclipse on various Signs

As the Solar Eclipse would happen in Aries-Libra axis, I think, people who have an Ascendant, Moon or Sun in Aries or Libra sign may be significantly affected.  Here are general predictions for all zodiac signs:

  1. Aries: You may face some challenges, but you  have the strength to overcome them and come out even stronger. Taking care of personal health is important and can be improved with effort. You will have a lot of exciting opportunities and experiences that will keep you busy and fulfilled. It’s a great time to focus on stability and making the most of your current situation. Hold off on making any major life changes for now and enjoy the present moment. 

  1. Taurus: You have potential to manage your anxiety and workload.  You can work despite tiredness.  There is no ‘Evil eye’ casted upon you, have faith and confidence in your Inner Self.  problems are avoided. Managing chronic conditions may improve your health.  The mantra to better living is  to take rest and avoid overthinking 

  1. Gemini: You are at the verge of hitting a phase of good energy after a lengthy dry spell. It is likely that your efforts   from the past may pay off in the form of favourable outcomes. The chance to reconnect with old friends  & family members  and partake in pleasurable pursuits makes for a positive experience. 

  1. Cancer: The most unpredictable environments will be in the social, elder siblings, professional and income related domains. Some sudden activity and/or changes in these  area  cannot be ruled out.   Any unjustified disputes or risks you take will have consequences that you must deal with. 

  1. Leo: One may receive unforeseen assistance from individuals who were not initially anticipated to provide support. Take a note of this Mantra, use their help  to your upliftment and never ever  argue with them. After double-checking, you may start new projects. Lady luck may mile on you  sooner than you expect 

  1. Virgo: Professional and personal progress awaits. It pays to have good medical treatment and support, even when it may be .  Sudden  Surgery/Medical treatment  cannot be ruled out. Remember, you have potential to  overcome any health concerns with good care.   Use of heavy machinery, fire elements  and driving must be done with extreme care. Stay optimistic and look for possibilities to improve your life. Challenges are learning opportunities 

  1. Libra: You are master of your own mental and physical health.    Conquer any negativity that is bestowed upon you by others. You know what, more rest and self-care may help you feel more energetic and active. Agreed, your spouse may create some problems and but you have to become strong and learn to deal with these conditions. 

  1. Scorpio: Your professional/business development is possible, even if sluggish. Additionally, although there may be some turbulence in family life, there are potential for good transformation and progress. Keep going and you’ll notice results. Your adversaries will not speak, thus you are safe. Maintain your projects! Your good deeds  will pay you off soon.  Maintain home tranquilly. 

  1. Sagittarius:  You will be able to put your intellect to good use and get the projects, work positions, test results, and other opportunities of your dreams. Avoid cheating someone otherwise you may invite problems. Family disputes may persist for a while 

  1. Capricorn: Although you may face some challenges at domestic front but there are still some bright spots that can bring positivity and hope. It’s normal to reflect on past decisions and have some worries about the future, but remember that you have the power to make positive changes and create a bright future for yourself. Keep up the good work! Your situation shall improve gradually. 

  1. Aquarius: Your investments may underperform, causing financial stress. Past judgements and blunders may haunt you throughout this time. Avoid Stock market speculation and trading.  Siblings/close relatives  may pose problems. You may have to take an unnecessary journey. 

  1. Pisces: It is possible that you may see shifts in your financial situation, which should begin to stabilise somewhere during the next month or two. Until then, it is recommended that you refrain from spending money on things that are not required.  Chances of acquiring desired property are strong.



 Ravinder Grover 

Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.  I offer my insight to Astrology solely based on my learnings of astrology principles and techniques,  some  of them learnt from the Sages of the highest order. These predictions are offered for guidance purpose only.   I offer absolute no guarantee on my calculations and analysis. These predictions are not intended to harm anyone by any means.  I expressly disclaim all warranties, implied or contingent, for making use of these predictions, for incurring any loss, loss of profit or in any manner. No notice or advice from anyone  will create any liability whatsoever