Turbulent Time Ahead

As I have already mentioned in my previous posts that we are heading towards a Turbulent period from 20 April 2023 onwards as some planets seem to get unsettled with their movement and configuration they establish amongst themselves.


First of all, Jupiter (the planet of wisdom, expansion, good judgement, faith, dharma, optimism, and grace) is combust from 29 March 2023  to 28 April 2023, meaning it has given its most of the energy to Sun and got itself drained, possibly creating the false optimism, making it difficult for all to make proper judgements, and potentially harming all significations of Jupiter during the above mentioned time frame.   Jupiter may signify different things in a customised chart. Please consult your Vedic Astrologer to know what does Jupiter signifies in your chart.


From 7 April 2023 to 6 May 2023, Jupiter will pass directly over Gandanta point, ushering into the zodiacal sign of Aries on 22 April 2023.  Aries is the first house of the Zodiac ruled by Mars,   therefore it is responsible for assertiveness, initiative, bravery, aggressive competitiveness, and the desire to live.  Please take a special note, Jupiter  would pass through “Intense  Gandanta’ point  particularly from 19 April 2023 to 26 April 2023.  Jupiter’s agitation at Pisces’s end suggests closure and the start of something new in the material world.  In my numerous previous posts, I warned that when Jupiter transits this “Intense  Gandanta” point, also known as the “Knotted Karmic Point” you might feel stuck and unable to move forward. This alone suggests that there is some significant karma to be resolved, which may lead to “turbulence in life  Depending on the specifics of your horoscope, you may feel the need to uproot your life and start fresh somewhere else in order to ease your anxiety. It’s not too much of a stretch to suggest that “you might be there” already prepared to deal with the difficulties. If you are facing such issues, please consult your Vedic Astrologer for further Guidance.


I have also  noticed whenever Jupiter traverses through Gandanta all plans would be inherently unstable and subject to change during these times.   As  Jupiter also rules over the digestive system, it’s possible that issues with people’s health on a global scale may increase. Those who already struggle with liver or pancreatic issues will feel the strain much more acutely.


In addition, Aries and any planets located there would be hit by Saturn’s (the planet of delay, frustration, restriction, construction, and discipline) third aspect. As mentioned in previous posts Jupiter (the Expansion, Optimism, and Grace planet) will remain in Aries until May 2024, and will be influenced by Rahu (the Rule breaker, Shadow, Illusion, Deception, and Desire planet) until 31 October 2023 in Mean Rahu system (31 Nov 2023 if we consider True Rahu position) . In this case Jupiter would be depleted, squeezed, and restricted by Saturn’s aspect, while also being deceived by Rahu’s association. It would appear that Jupiter would be stingy with its blessings, or at least would only grant them under certain conditions. Please note, here Jupiter would finish its 12-year cycle from Aries to Pisces, and begin a new cycle after ingression into Aries, perhaps indicating new directions for the world and paving the way for a new start, albeit with delay, confusion, and frustrations.


On a personal level, now is the time for objective self-examination; you need to figure out which of your six main “inner enemies”—desire, anger, attachment, greed, ego (pride) and jealousy—is preventing you from letting go. For those seeking enlightenment, it may also mean losing one’s sense of self, being set free from pain, and discovering an inner sanctuary.  In other words this final leg of Jupiter’s transit through Pisces and ingress into Aries can inspire them to release the past and grow into your next stage of Truth.


Saturn entered  Aquarius sign on 17 January 2023 and traverse in this sign till 30 March 2025.  Saturn would retrograde from 18 June 2023 to 4 November 2023 and from 30 June 2024 to 16 November 2024 before finally entering into Pisces sign on 30 March 2025.  Retrogression of Saturn may force you to Review your karma.  Please note, strength of the planet can also be determined by looking its position in Navamsa (D9) chart.    From   16 April 2023 to 9 Aug 2023, Saturn though traversing in Aquarius (10-01 deg), it would be traversing the Capricorn sign in D9 chart. Interestingly Ketu would be in Libra (10-27 deg) in D1 chart, which is exact 120 degrees from Saturn, called in Trine, would also occupy Capricorn sign in D9 chart. Saturn would conjunct Kertu in Capricorn in D9 chart. I believe this combination would force the entire world once gain to focus on the Governing and Business Structures of the world by bringing certain and sudden changes. Business models of the Companies may go through overhauling, many may lose or change jobs. Financial market would go through a roller coaster ride.


On 20 April 2023, there would be a Solar Eclipse  in Aries (5-39 degrees, Ashwini Nakshatra). This area would be contaminated.  Further on 16 May 2023, Jupiter would transit Eclipse Point, I believe some significant event related with   signification of Jupiter could take place. Aries is a go ahead sign, courageous sign, new things can start here. I feel, at first, you’ll be inspired to take courageous and direct action on the topics represented by the Aries sign in your Astrology chart.  Nevertheless, limitations, frustrations, and delays will eventually wear you down.


I will not be surprised right from 22 April 2023, when Jupiter moves into Aries,   all those optimistic indications will be jolted down to Earth.  For some , this could  be an absolutely devastating impact.


On 27 May 2023 (or on 2 June 2023, if True Rahu’s location at 9-15 degrees is considered), Jupiter will join Mean Rahu at 8-18 degrees Aries, generating ‘Guru Chandal’ Yoga and hiding Jupiter’s significations during this configuration.

At an Individual level,  your life in every way may be impacted.  Please monitor any regions that may be affected. Your reputation and popularity may take a hit, your character may be questioned, your ethics and morals may be called into question, your health may deteriorate, your relationship or marriage may end, your family life, your relationship with your children and your parents may sour, your academic performance and quality of life as a student may decline, you may worry more about your career and financial security, you may feel your social standing has decreased, and your spiritual well-being may suffer. There will likely be spiritual, emotional, and bodily disruptions, legal concerns, fear, and conflicts, as well as the exposure of previously undisclosed past misdeeds and secrets. This particular period is ideal for cheating. It’s possible to deceive yourself into thinking that everything is OK. Confidence, recklessness, and arrogance may all backfire. Don’t use deception for your own benefit. Keep your distance from those who you may potentially exploit. Don’t delve into other people’s business until you’re specifically requested to aid out.


In Mundane astrology, this conjunction in Aries happened in 1929, right before the ‘Great Depression’.  When I combine astrological patterns with statistical research, I see the stock and currency markets bringing the economy to its knees again and time again.

 Ravinder Grover 


Disclaimer: ‘Without Prejudice’.  I offer my insight to Astrology solely based on my learnings of astrology principles and techniques,  some  of them learnt from the Sages of the highest order. These predictions are offered for guidance purpose only.   I offer absolute no guarantee on my calculations and analysis. These predictions are not intended to harm anyone by any means.  I expressly disclaim all warranties, implied or contingent, for making use of these predictions, for incurring any loss, loss of profit or in any manner. No notice or advice from anyone  will create any liability whatsoever